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  1. This has been two great days :D

    Yesterday, for my 30th birthday, my wife had secretly talked to friends and family and collected money for me to make my first personal coin ;) and today I recieved a GSA V2 in my mailbox :D


    The first Norwegian agent is ready for service!

    Thank you GSA!!!

  2. Congrats to the winners!


    I am also stunned that Smort couldn't even be bothered displaying his coins in that gorgeous cabinet! For shame! :rolleyes:


    Yes, it's a shame having an empty cabinet...

    I still got plenty of space in it, but it's getting better now :rolleyes:



  3. 1. Are you a Geocoin Metal Collector?

    Yes I am, but I guess that has to stop soon. It gets very expencive...


    2. Do you think it is Selfish to seek all of the Metals of your Favorites?

    No, I don't...


    3. What is your Favorite Metal Type? (Mine is Polished Silver)

    It depends on the coin, but I tend to like the copper ones.

    (and I just love two-tones)

  4. :lol:


    Am I the only one who puts the "keeper" geocoins/wooden nickels/sig items on display in the living room?


    In a cabinet?


    You are not the only one, but I have just gotten the cabinet and haven't started putting the coins in yet...




  5. Even if my wife thinks I'm crazy I convinced her to come to the soccer field nearby to take a picture of me and my co-agent (my daughter).

    I kept my distance so I would not compromise my security. (They may look small, but they can be dangerous :lol: )


    Hope it's ok I used todays date...


    Edit for typo...

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