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  1. Golden Horns? Who made them & where are they sold? CF30 Made in Denmark. Silver Gold
  2. Recieved the coin yesterday - will find a nice cache for it soon...
  3. A good mailboxday yesterday Tengwar polished copper and shiny 24k gold Blue earthturtles in gold and silver Golden horns in gold and silver
  4. I have also recived mine And a lovely blue pin - thank you!
  5. Here are extras: http://www.geocoin.se/order.html
  6. This has been two great days Yesterday, for my 30th birthday, my wife had secretly talked to friends and family and collected money for me to make my first personal coin and today I recieved a GSA V2 in my mailbox The first Norwegian agent is ready for service! Thank you GSA!!!
  7. Smort78


    WOW - this was a tread from the old days!
  8. I found it, but I'm to far away to be able to use the info... Great looking coin - glad I bought both the gold and the chrome
  9. Today I recieved a set of Geogems, Nidaros in antique copper, whitebear geoguitar and a redtailfalconer coin
  10. Congrats to the winners! Yes, it's a shame having an empty cabinet... I still got plenty of space in it, but it's getting better now
  11. When I returned from my vacation in Denmark yesterday there was an envelope sent from Netherland addressed to and from me. Inside was a beautiful Geocoin angel (#217) Thank you, thank you, thank you
  12. Got mine Great work!!!
  13. 1. Are you a Geocoin Metal Collector? Yes I am, but I guess that has to stop soon. It gets very expencive... 2. Do you think it is Selfish to seek all of the Metals of your Favorites? No, I don't... 3. What is your Favorite Metal Type? (Mine is Polished Silver) It depends on the coin, but I tend to like the copper ones. (and I just love two-tones)
  14. Congrats on a great coin LadyBee4T. Very nice of you Glenn
  15. You are not the only one, but I have just gotten the cabinet and haven't started putting the coins in yet...
  16. Even if my wife thinks I'm crazy I convinced her to come to the soccer field nearby to take a picture of me and my co-agent (my daughter). I kept my distance so I would not compromise my security. (They may look small, but they can be dangerous ) Hope it's ok I used todays date... Edit for typo...
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