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  1. My company is going to send me to Delaware for a while. I was wondering if there were any geocachers that I could go along with if I get some free time. I'll be in Dover, but can't tell much more than that cause I've never been there before. I'll be at Century Engineering's office in Dover if that helps any.
  2. I have a cache that is a year round easter egg hunt. So far the people who found it liked it.
  3. I'd definetly like to come to the event. I know of another new geocacher in Elkins who would be interested too. I'll have to check on the free weekends. I'm in Baltimore right now, but I'll be able to check next week. I would not be able to make it on a Sunday that I have my boy because I have to have him to his mommy in Elkins at 6:00PM. I get him every other weekend.
  4. WVDan


    I use the search by zip code. This gives all caches near where you want to go and leaves out all the locationless junk. When you are looking at a cache page, there is also a link to view a state map with all the caches plotted on it. You can then click on the one your interested in.
  5. Just be sure to fallow the right pointer.
  6. The turn out was one couple, but that's better than I was expecting. Great to meet you masterwizard. There were about 8 others who let me know that they wanted to come but because of other reasons could not make it. Maybe we can get something together again later when the weather clears.
  7. This past weekend I was serching out some geocaches near Charleston. When I got home and heard the news, there was a small plane crashed nearby where I was at. One person was killed. I remembered seeing a plane like the one shown on the news flying over too.
  8. I've been reading about women in geocaching and I think it'd be a cool idea to have a forum for getting together on dates with single geocachers of the opposite sex.
  9. I've been having the same problem. I'm using Windows NT and Explorer 6
  10. I'd like to meet a woman who likes to geocache. No joke. I'd be very interested. It'd be something fun we could do together. :-)
  11. Hello everyone, I understand there is not much interest on this side of the state, but I have noticed that there are several active geocachers here in the area. Every one is welcome. Hope to meet new friends. The event is set for March 1 at 12 noon. I'll be happy if even one person shows.
  12. I had the same feelings about one located in front of our State police headquarters here in town. I just went in and asked if it would be ok with them since it was on their property. I also told them I didn't want anyone to freak out if they looked out the window and seen some guy with a gps and camera around their building. They were ok with it. I was still nervous looking for it and didn't find it. There was a pile of snow 3 ft deep on top of it.
  13. Hey don't let being heavy stop you. I'm close to 340 and I have a good pair of snow shoes. They are military. Magnesium frames with aircraft aluminum wire mesh and Nylon straps. I got mine from sportsmans guide about 10 years ago for around $20. They hold me great. It is a good workout too. Also be sure to have a good ski pole, you'll need it to get up with if you fall. Make sure it has a large cup or what ever you call the thing on close to the end. Some are small.
  14. The description says that the mark is 2 feet from a metal witness post. Did you find it as well and are you sure this is not the post? The Survey disk that I've seen that were not yet set had a solid stem and this looks hallow like a pipe. I'll email you a picture of the disk that my supervisor has.
  15. Hey WVAK47, I have 106 acres of land in Jackson Co. near Woodrums lake. I was wondering if we could get an event together there sometime. I can check with some neighbors too and see if we could use their land as well.
  16. When you up load your pictures from the camera to your computer, if you just resize the picture from 24 by what ever to 6 by 4, that should reduce the size to a more resonable number.
  17. Thanks for the info. I think I figured it out. Just need to find something I like now.
  18. I've noticed a lot of people have a picture with their name. Some look like custom logos. How do I get one of those on here?
  19. Hello all. I'm new to this geocaching. I seen where WVAK47 put together a meeting in Charleston and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in one in the Elkins area? I'm thinking about February 15, or March 1. Let me know what you all think.
  20. Have you put fresh batteries in your GPS unit? I have a watch that when the battery gets week, it dose the same thing when the backlight is turned on.
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