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  1. YEAH! I've really enjoyed this series - can't wait to get these in my hands!
  2. I know this coin is an older one but I just have to say that everywhere I go that I take this one - I always get compliments. People just "owww" and "ahhh" over it and Rascal certainly enjoys being discovered! Thanks CinemaBoxer for such a unique idea!
  3. Well, I am sure you are all surprised that I still don't have these coins yet, and we're back to SoCalGeoCoins ignoring my emails. Was anyone else foolish enough to order them or was it just me?
  4. What was the ship date going to be on these?
  5. I lurk often, post occasionally but I was fascinated to read this thread. Someone cited the "Miss Manners rules" of gifts, but as a Dear Abby reader it has come up many times in her column that once you receive a gift it is yours to do with as you please, so it would seem even the advice columnists can't agree on this topic! However with that said - I have somewhere between 70-80 coins and only two of those were "gifts" - one was a coin I won in a cointest here and the other is a Team Bamboozle coin that was given to me at an event by Bamboozle himself. I was so honored to receive both of those coins that its hard to imagine a time that I would need money badly enough to sell them. In a perfect world, we would have to part with something cherished due to financial hardship. Of course none of us live in a perfect world, and if a gift I made to a friend made the difference between financially going under or staying afloat - what kind of friend would I be to begrudge them that? (Maybe that's easy to say because I haven't actually minted any coins...)
  6. Moop, thanks for letting me wallow...*sigh* I just got blinded by the pretty dragon, I will definitely pay closer attention next time. I saw the coin preview on another site, but if I knew then what I know now... In the meantime I'm just crossing my fingers that this story has a happy ending.
  7. Well, it's been four months from when I prepaid which seems excessive to me. I guess I've been spoiled - I ordered a set of Dragonflies and there were problems at the mint because of the resin wings but there were all kinds of email updates to keep me, well, updated. I guess I expect people who are operating a business to conduct themselves in a professional manner - if you made a purchase from Amazon.Com or Circuit City and the product didn't show up for FOUR MONTHS and no one would even do you the courtesy of telling you when they were expected - would that be okay? I guess the other question would have to be - what's your definition of "too worked up about it"? I've brought this to the forum twice with two months between the original post and then today, desperately looking for answers or to share information with anyone else who is waiting on these coins because while the money is not going to break my I certainly can't afford to throw money away either.
  8. I emailed SoCalGeocoins last Friday and hadn't heard anything, so today in addition to posting here - I emailed again and filed a claim with PayPal and so I got an answer... When I emailed in August I got an email back saying there was a problem at the mint and the coins were expected in at the beginning of September and this time there was a "hold up" at the mint and they are expected within the next two weeks. I'm disappointed but I said that I expect the coins in hand or my money back by the end of this month. I don't know what else to do. Frankly what I find the most frustrating is that I have to email them constantly and ask what's going on - shouldn't the vendor update the customers? I guess I'm really just ranting at this point, but somehow I suspect there are others here who feel my pain. Thanks for listening/reading!
  9. UGH! I hate to bring this up, again, but I paid for these coins in June and I'm still waiting and now SoCalGeocoins isn't even responding to my emails when I ask for an update. Anyone know anything about these coins? Or how to actually get in touch with SoCalGeocoins?
  10. Got my Dragon Myst yesterday - I love these things!! I'm going to have to start saving now for more next round! Thanks for all the hard work Jim & DD, and others who pulled this project together.
  11. WOW! These are really cool!! Fabulous Job TAR! Can't wait for the event!
  12. oh no...between the "good luck" and the - I think that must mean that I'm in trouble.
  13. I pre-purchased some of these coins several weeks ago, back when they were micros, then got an email that they were going to be full sized coins, and it seems like I had an email saying that these should be coming out soon. Anyone have an update?
  14. One got into my office today and ate a mini-pack of oreos I'd hidden in my desk. I was just lucky I didn't have more chocolate on hand I guess!
  15. I got my set last week - I love them, they are beautiful! They are also tougher than I realized, because I left my "extra dragon" in my purse for several days and it survived the beating it got there without so much as a scratch!
  16. Rascal and I are thrilled!! Thanks Tank Hound.
  17. I just had to say...I love this thread. I'm also really impressed by the wide variety of dogs (and hogs) that we cache with! I know people are always surprised to see my Italian Greyhound on the trail - I can't imagine coming across the cache hog or the great dane on the trail!
  18. I'm so sorry about your loss - that just stinks.
  19. I did a quick scroll and saw the red text and I was heart broken! Can't wait for July
  20. Rascal, my partner in crime... He's not much of a pointer, more of a sitter really. Finally, swag that Rascal can sink his teeth in! Cached out!
  21. I tried to post a picture and I got an error message that the image tag isn't allowed - did I break something
  22. I didn't miss these did I?
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