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  1. I have a Nuvi 200 and love, love, love it. But I love, love, love it in the car. Yes, it can take in the 'bush', but I wouldn't recommend it. As stated, it's not waterproof. It also has a touch screen and touch screens are not usually known to be very durable. I agree that a handheld out of the car is a much better idea. And, as above mentioned, there have been a lot of posts recently about the Nuvi and you won't have to scan very far into the next pages to find them.
  2. I have a Palm TX running cachemate. I use GSAK on my laptop. (Like most.) I don't have issues seeing the Palm TX's screen in broad daylight, but I adjusted the colors out in the sun to which combination showed up the best for me. Maybe it is overkill, but it does a lot of other things for me besides geocaching. As an above cacher said, I used the Florida Geocaching site to coordinate it all (and figure it all out). If you search, you'll find a lot of helpful information on how to get it all to work. (And figure out what's the best method for you.) I will recommend that when you're experimenting you back up databases on a removable USB drive so if you mess up something, you can get it back. (But I recommend this for a lot of things!)
  3. I used to print out the pages too. For each cache we found, I'd photograph it. When I got home later, I'd print out the picture and attach it to the papers. I still have that stack of pages, but have gone paperless. I went to an event that involved about a 7 mile hike through some pretty intense hills. I had painstakingly printed out papers and had them all in a 3-ring binder. When I showed up at event (with only about 50 finds under my belt) with my enormous 3-ring binder in tow, I felt like a laughingstock. Sometimes I do miss the paper and the ability to write out notes. But, when I pull out my palm (1/10th of the size) and jot down the notes, I realize it was the best option for me. It's not to say that it's the best option for you. Continue to do it the way that you do. If, and when, you're ready for a change you'll seek out ways to do it. That's the greatest aspect of this game. It can be played in so many ways that suit each individual preference.
  4. My first unit was a 210 and I can give it glowing remarks. Here are my opinions (good and bad): Accuracy is very good and it gets very good reception if the woods. It's easy to use It's easy to load up the cache info through either GSAK or Magellan's Geocache Manager. It hooks up to your computer via USB. (Lower end Garmins use serial. To get USB on a Garmin, you're going to have to spend more money.) Some don't mind using serial hook-ups, but it'd drive me batty to have to turn off my computer every time I wanted to hook it up. It can only hold 200 waypoints per database. But, you can load multiple databases. (I found that way to be easier than the unlimited waypoints on other units - again, just my opinion.) It's battery friendly. If you're not using the backlight, the batteries last a looong time. (But using the backlight eats them up pretty fast.) All in all, I loved the little unit and it still gets used by my daughter. I confess that I upgraded to Garmin's 60CSX and I love that one even more. (And wouldn't switch back.) For the money, though, I think it's a terrific value. I was lucky that the 210 was my first unit and I never encountered the pains of manually having to enter coordinates for all the caches I wanted to visit. I felt like I hit a home run on my first purchase. If it's your first unit, it's not a bad unit at all. Start out with it, see if you like the hobby and plan on sticking with it. Later on, you can upgrade after you've had a chance to see what you'll want, or what you don't need, without having spent a fortune. Good Luck! Edited to add: I looked at the link again. The display on MY 210 doesn't look like the one in the ad. The one in the ad looks more like a photo pasted on it. My display looks more like a traditional b&w LCD display.
  5. I don't have an XL, but I have experience with the Explorist 210. If you're not wanting to use GSAK (it's hard to imagine why, I love it), you can use Magellan's Geocache Manager. I'm under the impression that it comes with all the Magellans. I used Geocache Manager for a long time (happily, I may add). Geocache Manager can even handle PQs (if first unzipped), .loc files, and .gpx files. The send to GPS through GC.com is only for Garmins, but imo, you're not missing much. The send to GPS option only sends the .loc file and you're really better off with a .gpx file anyway. In addition to my 210, I also have a Garmin 60CSX and I still don't use the send to GPS function at GC.com. The above poster's opinion about using PQs (as a premium member) and GSAK is good advice, albeit a little harsh.
  6. I have an Explorist 210 and didn't respond to the other thread you posted for the same reason. I'd love to help you out, I really would. But, you're asking me to crack open my 210 to do it. This would immediately void any warranty that I have with Magellan. It would also make me risk having the same thing happen to my 210 that has happened to your 210. I think you need to contact Magellan, explain what has happened and pay them to repair the unit. I doubt you're going to find too many people willing to risk destroying their unit to find out how the wires are connected. I hope I'm wrong, but not a lot of people are going to want to do it.
  7. Oooohkay. If that's what I gotta do. BTW...As I understand it and movie have depicted, Pirates view rules as "more of a guideline". Anabel & Brazilindy and I have posted our RSVPs for the event. We're needing to firm up our camping reservations. Do you, Cpt.Blackbeard, or anyone else lurking in the post, have any first hand knowledge of the three different campgrounds? Any preferences? We're leaning toward the Hickory Holler one, only because it's closer and looks nicer in the pictures. We really need to be making reservations pretty quick. I also think Go-Purdue is coming along!
  8. And the proper geocaching greeting is???? "Oh holy, finder of all caches, I plead with you to answer my query?" Or is there a secret handshake I need to learn?! LOL
  9. I use the rechargeable batteries from Eveready (the 15 min. charge ones). I think that they end up lasting longer than regular akalines. My charging unit can plug into the DC adapter in the car so they can charge while I'm out caching, if need be. I've purchased City Navigator too. I haven't yet purchased the shield zone protectors yet, but I do have a Write Right on it to protect the screen. (I use these for other things so I had them on hand.) I have a lanyard hooked on it, but I had already got that for free. ;/
  10. It'd be very nice, and I'd appreciate learning local lore of the region. As soon as I saw that you were from Kansas, I knew I had to attend. I have a couple of REALLY old books about the early pioneers of the region. I'll try to remember to bring it along, you'd probably enjoy seeing it. (It's fun to read how they 'hunkered down' in the fort to defend themselves against Indian invaders.) I'm going to post my RSVP right after I post this. Nongeo hubby is coming along. (Let's convert him, shall we?) I have a running email with Anabel & Brazilindy and Go-Purdue. It's starting to look like we're all coming & all planning on camping. I saw the three campgrounds you mentioned on the event page. Out of the 3, do you have a recommendation? I'm leaning towards Hickory Holler, but probably only because it's closer. You'd probably know them better than I. I'm supposed to report back to 'the gang' and let them know my opinions (errr your opinion) on a campground. Thanks!
  11. Hi CYBret! I'm sorry that we didn't meet at the Fall Picnic, but I heard about this event from Anabel. (Who wants to try to make it too.) How far is this from your home town? And if I attend, could I have a few minutes of your time to make inquiries about your town? (I have been doing ancestry research which leads to it.) I'm checking out your campground info.
  12. OH! VERY good point! I had forgot about the 200 limit! Very nice to add that! You do what I used to do, too. I'd only load 190 so if any had child waypoints, I'd be fine. I also used multiple databases in my 210. I have a 60CSX and that's the thing I miss the most! (Although I've been following an interesting thread on how to do it in the 60CSX.) And your descriptions was better than mine.
  13. If she wants/needs both units, couldn't she go with a Nuvi and a cheaper GPSr? If she has a Nuvi, she's probably not going to need the mapping software on the GPSr. (Because Nuvi is preloaded with the maps and it can tell her how to drive there.) I have an Explorist 210 (abt. $150). That makes the price of the Nuvi (abt $350) and the 210 come to about $500. She can use the Nuvi to guide her to where she needs to park. Then, break out the handheld and use it to guide her to the cache. (It's how I do it now with my 60CSX and it's how I did it when I had the Explorist 210 - without mapping software.) Then, she'd really have the best of both worlds! Of course, I understand that many will scoff at a Magellan, but there are cheaper Garmins, too. For $500, I really do think she can have her cake and eat it too!
  14. PQs are very easy to add to the Explorist 210. You can use Magellan's Geocache Manager to do it. The only difference is that the file must be unzipped first. Use Windows to unzip the PQ file (and make a careful note of the number - if you're like me and forget once all those numbers start looking alike). In Magellan's Geocache Manager, click "File", "Open", locate the now unzipped PQ file and Magellan's Geocache Manager will open it up and then the PQ can be put on the 210. ALSO, though......GSAK can load it on the 210. (I found this out AFTER I had bought my 60CSX!) In GSAK, click "File", "Export", "Magellan Explorist and sd card". That will bring up a dialog box (not that much different than if you're exporting for cachemate or whatever). Name the file whatever you want to name it and GSAK will send it to the Explorist 210. My first GPSr was an Explorist 210, and it still gets used by the kids. It's a great unit. Hope this helps!
  15. Nice suggestion on the Quest 2. I went to Garmin's site and looked into it. (Because I thought, "Why hadn't I thought of that?!" You're right, the Quest 2 is waterproof and does speak directions (not street names - but neither does the Nuvi 200.) But, the main drawback I see is that the Quest 2 has a MSRP of $750.00. I bought both my 60CSX and my Nuvi 200 for that amount! (Because the 60CSX has a $50 rebate right now.)
  16. I've been answering this question a lot lately and I've been getting smacked pretty hard. So, PLEASE don't smack me for offering my opinions! I have a Nuvi 200 and an 60CSX. I really, really like them both and IMHO they both have their purposes. I LOVE the Nuvi in the car. I LOVE the 60CSX out the car. That being said, the Nuvi CAN be used out of the car, but here is what she will want to think about: the Nuvi is not waterproof. (I don't think it's even a little rain proof.) The Nuvi has a touch screen. Touch screens are notorious for not being very...uh...durable. Yes, the Nuvi does have an internal battery, but it's pretty short (I'm thinking like 5-6 hours maybe - but you can check to be sure.) Thu Nuvi is a square that doesn't really fit in ones hand nicely & comfortably. The Nuvi can be changed to "off road" (which is what she will have to do once she parks the car.) Once she is off road, shes not going to have the compass with feet remaining (like many of us use). She'll have to watch the feet decrease in the bottom corner. It may be harder for her to figure out which way to go with the Nuvi. I know it's unrealistic to have both devices. I choose to do it this way because, more often than not, I am caching alone. It's just too hard for me to try and follow the routing on my 60CSX. I have no issues using the 60CSX in, and around, my hometown. But, when I'm in an unfamiliar town, I find it difficult to only use the 60CSX. Here's what I've said before, and I'll say it again: A Nuvi is cheaper than the higher insurance premium I will pay if I wreck the car trying to read the little screen! (Or, it's about the same as my deductible!) Now, again....THESE ARE ONLY MY OPINIONS!!!
  17. I guess I must apologize then. I thought I did answer his question and offered him a fair analysis. Since I own the 60CSX (the sister unit to the 76CSX), I felt that I had some personal experience to using the unit. I offered up my opinion that #1 It COULD be done, just wasn't all that easy and #2 An in-car navigation was a better alternative. I took the question as asking for the practicality of using the 76CSX. I assumed the OP already had discovered that it COULD be done, just was curious as to the ease of use. Again, I apologize for my reply. (Edited to remove a smiley that I didn't put in there)
  18. Hey! I found that out the hard way on my 210 too!!!!!! And just to clarify....I DID read my owner's manual. I also read the entire PDF file that I downloaded from Magellan. It's not mentioned in there, but also it's not the way that the MFG recommends. (And just like you, sometimes it works, sometimes not. But, you're always close.) On my 60CSX, it seems to work okay that way, though.
  19. Hey! I found that out the hard way on my 210 too!!!!!! And just to clarify....I DID read my owner's manual. I also read the entire PDF file that I downloaded from Magellan. It's not mentioned in there, but also it's not the way that the MFG recommends. (And just like you, sometimes it works, sometimes not. But, you're always close.) On my 60CSX, it seems to work okay that way, though.
  20. Role model!!! You may want to consult professional help. The last time anyone looked up to me I was on the roof yelling for help because the ladder fell. Deermark OMG! Something quite similar actually happened to me in REAL life!
  21. Allow me to toss in my congrats to 501_Gang too! WTG! It's nice that it happened over the picnic. I can't think of a better weekend to hit a milestone.
  22. I have a Nuvi 200 and a 60CSX with City Navigator loaded. This means that I've used both options for in-car navigation. Yes, one can only use the 60CSX for in-car navigation. As posted above, the 60CSX with CN will zoom in when it's time for the turn (so it's easier to see). Yes, the 60CSX will beep to let you know that you're going to need to do something in a short while (turn). Depending on your speed is how much warning you will get. (The beep is kind of cute, imo. Kind of like the 60CSX is saying "Excuse me!") IMHO, the Nuvi is a much better beast for in car navigation. Since they're both Garmin units, they're both basically running the same mapping software and 99 out of a hundred times they're going to give you the exact same route. That being said, one needs to give some thought to how one is going to use the units IN the car. Most often, I am caching alone. I don't have the benefit of someone else keeping an eye of the 60CSX to see what it wants. Yes, I can see it when I need to turn, but yes it is more difficult than the Nuvi. I believe this is true even if the 60CSX is mounted on the dash. The Nuvi's screen format is more conducive for quick visualization. The Nuvi will speak, giving voice guided directions so you look at it less. The Nuvi's screen is larger and easier to see. And, most important to me, it's easier to input information. The Nuvi has a touchscreen. It's VERY easy to input the information. On the 60CSX, with mapping software, you're going to have to use the buttons and the directional arrow. This is a lot more difficult to do if you're driving. (Think how hard it is to text message and drive. It's really quite the same.) Again, I think it depends if you're alone or have the benefit of a copilot. I know I'm spoiled and have the best of both worlds. But my husband believes that the cost of the Nuvi is ultimately cheaper than the insurance premiums if I wreck the car! (And probably quite true.)
  23. Oh my goodness! What an absolutely awesome time! Just let me toss in my heartfelt gratitude to all the really really really hard work that went into the event. Tater, WC Nut, Daggy, Deermark, Bad Majec: ya'll ROCK! I know I'm forgetting some, and if I have, I am so sorry. It was a terrific picnic and a great time was had by all. If you came and didn't have fun - there's something wrong with you! Thanks for hosting a great shindig.
  24. Ahem! This deserves a bump! Attention! May I have your attention? Has ANYONE besides me noticed that Deermark completed the Matrix? (GC12FK) Doesn't anyone else have this on their watchlist? I've been wondering? Maybe it's not such a good idea to have a role model like this! WTG Mark!!!!
  25. Oh! I would be so ticked off at that! Gas is just too expensive to go out and hunt for something you don't even want to be looking for in the first place! (Did that make sense?!) There is a very simple solution to that ...... DONT HUNT THEM if you dont like em ... not every cache has something that you are going to like , not every location will you like ... some you can look at the cache page and just say no to ... No place is it written that one has to find every cache placed ... Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh I just don't understand why people feel they have to degrade put down or *insert 4 letter word here* about something they can simply avoid if they choose to . Star Ouch! Pardon me! I realize that I won't like every cache. There are lots that I read and don't go after for whatever reasons I may have. There are lots that I drive to and don't attempt for reasons that are important to me. I rarely insert certain 4 letter words into my logs. I never expect to find every cache placed, nor have I obsessed over trying to accomplish that. I take the time to post a log that contains more than TNLNSLTYFTH. I was just offering up a little support to a fellow cacher that had encountered something that would have ticked me off. I didn't realize that I should have donned armor prior to posting. I'll keep my hands to myself lest they get bit.
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