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  1. For you Sweetie. Deermark ROFLMAO! Good one, Mark! Change of subject: WTG Team J&K!! Yippee!! Whoo hoo!!!! Nice job!!!!
  2. Certainly! Feel free to ask any questions and I'll be happy to help if I can.
  3. Just a stupid question... (Don't feel offended, I ask stupid questions all the time! LOL) Have you tried using GSAK (or another program) to send waypoints to the 60? Even though you've got that error message? I only ask this because when my 60CSX is connected, I cannot access it through "My Computer". BUT, everything loads on it just fine. It does not show up in the list of USB devices connected. I attach my 60CSX to my computer, then turn it on. I hear the bong that Windows makes when you connect a USB device. I send my waypoints over using GSAK, I check to make sure they are on the unit, and then power off the receiver. I hear the bong (Windows telling me a USB device has been disconnected) and all is well. When you plug in your GPSr, do you see a little plug in the upper left hand corner of the GPSr? (Meaning it's plugged in.)
  4. Yep to what Motorcycle Mama said. (She took the words right outta my mouth!) I do load them to my sd card. My sd card is only 512 MB and I've not yet run out of space. If you load multiple databases, it will be Where to? > Extras > Cutoms POIs > *database name(s)* If you activate the proximity alarm, it will "bong" if you're within the preset distance of a cache. I set mine at 500'. Sometimes it's handy, it will go off and you didn't even realize you were practically driving over one.
  5. How did you load the caches? What software did you use? Did you load them as Favorites or as Custom POIs? Did you load them to the unit or to an SD card? I use POI Loader to load them (free download from Garmin) I don't see the option of "where to load them". I run POI Loader and put them on the card. I've loaded as many as 800 caches this way. I always load them to the sd card. (Easier to wipe off using POI Loader) I only have a 512 MB card! Sometimes I will have multiple databases on my Nuvi. One for my home caches and another (or more) for towns I may be visiting. Even though all the caches don't readily show up when you're scrolling through the list, they're there. Nuvi will only display the closest 50 caches. If you do a search and spell out the GC number, you'll see that the farther ones are loaded.
  6. I thought Trail Mix 10 was wonderful. I agree, perfect weather and great people. Deermark, you certainly earned the "dear" in your name for placing all those caches. You're a "dear" for placing them. Thanks! We appreciate it!
  7. Well talk about a small world. I attended North East Elementary School. My parents lived in the neighborhood until their deaths in 2005. Yes, there are quite a number of caches in the area and I think there are 3 within easy walking distance of North East. But don't sweat the move. Greenwood is not that far and there are cool caches south of Franklin, too. I was caching in Edinburgh and Amity today!
  8. Silly Deermark! It's obvious that you've never opened a package of really stale poptarts. If you had, you'd know that really stale poptarts crumble into a bazillion pieces. No saw necessary. How do I know that? Maybe I'm a connoisseur of stale poptarts. Or maybe, I've had a package in my car that I forgot about once.
  9. Welcome Joah! I just started caching 10 months ago, so I'm still kind of new to the hobby. I don't live too far from you, I'm in Greenwood. I've cached in Franklin and probably know most of the caches down there. It's awesome that you found one without a GPSr. Like The Herd said, I know of people who cache without a GPSr, it's just a heck of a lot easier WITH one! They way that they did it was the exact same way you did. I found out about geocaching quite similarly. A friend had just heard about it, had found a few caches and was describing it. She didn't have time to take me out, so I just went to the local sporting goods store and bought a receiver and set off on the journey. I didn't find anything about the first 20 tries, but I really didn't know what I was looking for yet. Once I found that first one, the effort paid off. Like Lord Elwood said, watch for Events. They are an awesome way to meet other cachers in our area and you can learn so much from them. Right now, the two upcoming events near you (that I am aware of) are Trail Mix 10 - at Muscatatuck Park (near Seymour). The Trail Mix is this coming Saturday. Don't worry if you don't have a GPSr, everyone else will have one and you walk the trail in groups. Think of like a guided tour. Another event is a dinner on the west side of Indy. It's at the Noble Romans on 10th Street on Sunday. Both of these events can be found on the event page/calendar. I'm attending the Trail Mix and also Hangin' Around the Campfire later. You're welcome to join us!
  10. Hey! I found that cache! But, my reward was not nearly as great as your's! Thanks for a very touching story that warmed my heart.
  11. I just wanted to add my adorations towards a 60CSX. It is a VERY cool unit. I had wanted one for a very long time and am not disappointed in it. The calibration seems weird if you are/were a Magellan owner, but it doesn't take long to get used to it. Yes, you have to do it when you change batteries and (as stated above) it's helpful to do it when the compass starts acting kind of strange. It doesn't happen very often, but if you're having some problems with it spinning, it's an easy fix. Also, you can turn off the magnetic compass' message of "hold level" (which is extremely annoying), by holding down the page button. It is an incredible machine and very comfortable to hold in your hand.
  12. I had a great time too and am anxious to get back to the region and finish caching there. The gravel (and I am using that term loosely) roads were interesting and my car has a date with the car wash today! A lot of really nice people and a really great time. Thanks for inviting us over! CYBret, I love my mood ring and will treasure it forever! (My first geo bling!) Good food, good friends, good caches! What's better than that?!
  13. I have a 60CSX with City Navigator and still use my Nuvi! If it's a cache that's close to me, (and I'm in a hurry), I'll just use the 60CSX. But, if I'm caching in an unfamiliar area, Nuvi is firmly planted in her spot in the car! Generally, I'm caching alone and don't have the benefit of someone else (who isn't driving) trying to read the little screen. The Nuvi is easier to read, imho. The 60CSX does have great mapping abilities, but it's just easier to use the Nuvi. I've posted this before and I think it's still true (at least for me!): The price of a Nuvi is cheaper than the higher insurance premiums that I'd have to pay if I wreck the car while caching!
  14. I have a Nuvi 200. I paid more than $200 for it, but you can shop and do better. It has clear voice instructions (but doesn't pronounce street names), can accept coordinates, has a great database of restaurants & other points of interest (including hospitals - that I had to use once!). It's VERY easy to use. I started using it right out of the box without benefit of instructions. In fact, it's so easy to use that instructions aren't even included, just a quick start guide. You don't have to ever hook it up to a computer (unless you want to - you do have the option). Everything is preloaded for North America.
  15. Nonsense, Cpt.Blackbeard! All you need do is buddy up with some fellow geocacher who possesses all you need! Save the ink!
  16. Menard's also sells camo duct tape, as do the Army/Navy surplus stores. It's cheaper at Menard's though.
  17. I, too, have the Nuvi 200 and love it to bits. But, I don't use in outside the car. I agree with above poster that it's not waterproof and it's internal battery life is limited. Also, any electronic with a touch screen isn't very durable. Can it be used outside of the car? Yes. Is it silly? Not if that's what you're happy doing. Would I do it? No. If my 60CSX gets caught in a rainstorm I don't have to worry. If water would get inside it and mess it up, Garmin will take care of it. (This happened to someone I know and Garmin took care of it.) If any of this happens to my Nuvi, Garmin is going to say "Sorry!" If I fall down a ravine (which has happened), the Nuvi is a lot more fragile than a handheld.
  18. If you're trying to use the "Send to GPS" option on a cache page, that won't work on a Magellan unit. If you're trying to use "Send to GPS" in GSAK, it won't work either. In GSAK, you have to use "Export to Explorist/SD card". The only way that I know of to load these on the Explorist is to open each .gpx file, or UNzipped PQ in Magellan's Geocache Manager; or, using the "Export" option mentioned above in GSAK.
  19. Remember the old rack stereo systems? Remember how fast they came and went? It was because one part would go out (usually something simple) and we'd (or me at least) had to replace the whole thing. Now, they're sold as components for that reason. Someone already mentioned the Nuvi, which is what I was going to offer. I have one and found that it can reroute VERY quickly. No, it doesn't let you amend the maps, but is is really easy to use. Depending on your desires, you can get a very simple unit with little or no frills all the way up to one that displays pictures, videos and plays MP3s. By using Garmin's POI Loader, you can load up all the caches and if they're LPCs, you don't even need your handheld. (But I still use my handheld outside of the car.)
  20. Ditto to what FamilyDNA said and the Explorist 210 can only handle 200 caches in a file. If you had more than 200, it's going to drop some off. You can have multiple files, but they can only handle 200 each. And whatever 'list' you are working on has to be made active, just like FamilyDNA said.
  21. Beautiful picture! (No less would be expected though, you're an awesome photographer!) I read your log - very funny - and have to agree. That shot is worth the battle scars! I guess I'll wait until after the first frost/freeze to go back out get those DNFs!
  22. If you have the money, can comfortably afford it, by all means pick up the 76CSX or 60CSX - you won't be disappointed. It's a great unit. If it was me, and I couldn't comfortably afford the extra money involved for 60CSX or 76CSX, then I'd keep my in-car navigation and purchase a lesser handheld. Yes, the handheld would be convenient for the occasional use. I use my 60CSX's routing capabilities when I'm dashing out for a last minute cache (or trying to be first to find). Good luck & let me know what you decide!
  23. I have the Explorist 210 and a 60CSX so I can fairly judge them both. Yes, the 60CSX is a beauty and love it to pieces. But, I've not got rid of my 210 either. It was such a sweet little unit that I can't bear to part with it. Why did I get a 60CSX? "cuz it's COOL! Is it more accurate than the 210? No. The main benefit is the mapping properties. (Although if I'd purchased the mapping software for the 210 maybe I wouldn't have wanted the 60CSX.) The best thing about the 60CSX is that you can change the caches to "found" in it and I couldn't in the 210. After the cache is "found" in the 60CSX, I can then choose for it to find the next closest cache and just continue on that way on my caching trek. I don't know the price of the XL and how it compares to the 60CSX. If they're the same price, yes, I'd probably choose the 60CSX, because there's so much that little baby can do. If it's a matter of money and the XL is cheaper, I think it'll make a fine unit for you. (And you can always upgrade later.) Regarding the file types: Yes, the .gpx file contains a LOT more information than a .loc file. As an example: If you load a .loc file into Magellan's Geocache Manager, you're only going to get the name, GC#, owner and coordinates. But, if you load a .gpx file into Magellan's Geocache Manager, you'll get all of the above AND terrain, difficulty, date placed, last date found, and BEST OF ALL...the hint! Now, why is GSAK better than Magellan's Geocache Manager? If you load a .gpx file, or pocket query, into GSAK you can get all the above and tweak it to show you other stuff. Like the last four logs. You can use GSAK to export to a palm and you can read the cache pages on a small device while you're out at the cache site (including the last four logs - handy to know if others hadn't been able to find it either). If you're not going to go paperless, Magellan's Geocache Manager can probably fulfill your needs. If you're going paperless, you're going to need GSAK, more than likely. I hope I answered the questions for you.
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