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  1. I think a good question for the OP would be to ask: "Do you already own a Palm?" If you have the Palm and are already accustomed to doing it that way, the Oregon or Colorado are a bit redundant and you're wasting a perfectly good Palm. If you don't have a Palm now, then the OR and CO are going to look more appealing. I agree with a lot of the compliments towards the 60CSX. I don't know of any cacher who regrets purchasing a 60CSX. They are reliable and well performing.
  2. Don't forget about Garmin's 60CSX. Yes, you have to buy maps but I don't know of any cacher who regrets purchasing it. I consider it the standard GPSr of Geocachers. Much loved, well used and well tested. It's proven to be a great GPSr for me.
  3. I have a 60CSX and love it to pieces. My former GPSr was an eXplorist 210. The 60CSX puts it to shame. Caching became a lot easier once I switched. I do not know of anyone who has been disappointed with a 60CSX. You'll love it! (It's probably the most used GPSr that I see being used in the field.)
  4. georooks - I know this is too late to help you, but maybe it will help you in the future. I have a Nuvi 200 (not wide). My Nuvi did NOT come with any type of owner's manual. Just the quick start guide. You won't find documentation on loading Geocaches into the Nuvi. You can download a program called "POI Loader" from Garmin's site. (It's free.) You can use that program to load up your Nuvi. POI Loader uses an exported GSAK file. There is also a macro out there that will run in GSAK and export cache information into the Nuvi (using POI Loader). I'm not too experienced with that macro so I can't say a lot about it. (But, from what I've seen, it's pretty cool.) I've posted step by step instuctions online. If you need instructions, just let me know!
  5. I've seen pictures, and I've heard stories, about t-birds bonfires. I better have Mr. Schmeni build me longer twinkie-roasting-sticks! (Unless I have a desire to lose my eyebrows!)
  6. mntdewgoof06, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I cached in & around the IU area last fall and it wasn't very great. Many caches were missing and many more were not maintained. Just check the DNFs on your PQ before you waste your time. That's not to say that there wasn't any good caches in the area, I'm just saying to take the time to read through some of the logs before going after them! Good Luck!!!!
  7. Greetings! Welcome to Geocaching and to the forums! I have sent an email to a Geocaching friend who is a teacher. Her students are active in the sport, also. I'm sure she'll be contacting you soon. Again, WELCOME!
  8. This past weekend, I tried something new. Roasting twinkies on a campfire. Apparently this is something that a lot of people know about. I wasn't one of those people. You want me to bring twinkies?!?!?!?
  9. Whimppeys - When I first read this message, I had no idea what you were talking about. HOWEVER, I just downloaded a macro to convert the files for reading in Nuvi. (Similar to Cachemate in the Palm). NOW, I understand what you mean. What we were talking about was something different than what you are experiencing. This Tour Guide.gpx is something unique to that macro. I don't really know enough about that macro to offer any words of guidance. I will say this though: When I used that macro, I got the same message. But, the POIs were on the Nuvi anyway. Have you checked to make sure that the POIs are not loaded?
  10. GeekBoy, I got the canned response of it must be conflict with another program. So, you're probably right about your answer from Garmin! I have a Palm T|X. I had googled a workaround using bluetooth. It's from a thread about 2-3 years ago, but it worked at first. It's no longer working so I am cutting and pasting my .pdb file manually onto the SD card and then inserting the SD card into the Palm. Within Cachemate, I can tell it to rescan the card and then it will pick it up. Like I said, it works, but I can't use my Palm for appointments or anything else other than Cachemate. The error I get with the Palm is that the com port is busy. I have repeatedly deleted these (so they can't be busy), but still keep getting that darned message. Any assistance you can provide would be GREATLY appreciated! P.S. Yes, I've already done the "run as administrator" thing!
  11. I emailed Garmin informing them of the problem and the solution. (Giving full credit to GeekBoy.from.Illinois!) I also let them know that the link for POI Loader wasn't working. Hopefully they whip up a fix and we can continue making up our little waypoints for our miscellaneous points of interest! Thanks again! P.S. Hey GeekBoy.from.Illinois: I don't suppose you can get my Palm to sync with my Vista 64 bit laptop? I tried the bluetooth workaround and it worked about 3 times and won't work anymore. (I have another workaround by just slapping the cachemate file on the sd card and then inserting the card in the Palm, but I'd love to use my Palm for more than cachemate!
  12. All of the sudden POI Loader crashed for me too! I copied and pasted the error to send to Garmin (as per the instructions on the error screen). It crashed on the 60CSX, it crashed on the Nuvi. I had just used it without incident three days ago. I didn't have time to wait for Garmin's answer as I needed the electronics ready NOW. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling POI Loader - no luck. (Sidebar note: Garmin's links for POI Loader don't seem to be working right now. If you click on download, it takes you to Mapsource downloads. Luckily, I still had the original download in a folder on my computer!) Turned to the forums because they've usually succeeded when everything else fails. I, too, saw Geekboy.from.Illinois' answer. He was right and I had put one silly fake POI (for a restaurant) into the database. I took that out and it worked great! Thanks for saving the day GeekBoy!!!!!!!
  13. Yay! I can't wait. I am TOTALLY gonna dress up and go trick or treating. Candy, candy candy!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Please allow me the opportunity to publicly express my gratitude to the entire Fall Picnic planning committee. The 2008 Fall Picnic was the best bash of all. I thought the 2007 couldn't be beat. I was wrong! GREAT job! If you missed the picnic, you missed out on a lot of fun. xoxoxo to the planning committee!!!!!
  15. Well, I have a hunch our paths aren't exactly going to cross. I googled your hometown and it appears that you are near St. Louis. I will be coming to the Terre Haute/Moonshine/Marshall area from Indianapolis. I should (if all goes as planned) be camping in Fowler (Terre Haute area). The furtherest west that I will be traveling will be Moonshine. (And probably most others.) But if that does fall into your path, then let's work something out!!!
  16. Is there any chance that you'd be going to the Moonshine event in a little over a week? I will be going to the Moonshine event. A week later, I will be attending the Indiana Fall Picnic in southern Indiana. I can easily pass the coin off to someone in Kentucky. (Many of them will be in attendance at the Fall Picnic.) Some KY cachers may be at Moonshine too!
  17. They also have awesome root beer! (In case they'd run out of grape.)
  18. You know Mark, I was thinking. If you had a nice, small camper, you wouldn't misplace it. Also, you could store a tent in a camper. Maybe a little pop up camper?
  19. I sat down and talked to you inside the merchant's building! But I think you didn't realize it was me. Or remembered me from Moonshine and Boat Drinks. That's cool though. Usually people remember me for all the WRONG reasons! LOL
  20. I haven't forgot about this.. Was planning on using the nearby Friday's room, but just learned they are closed. I'm looking into alternative options. (and/or hosts.)
  21. Okay, here I go being all dangerous....(I know enough to be dangerous)... My son was able to set up Palm syncing for a couple of friends using Vista.... The main issue seemed to be having to go in and then run the Palm program(s) as administrator. (Right click on the desktop icon, properties, and then run as administrator.) I think on one of the Vista computers, he had to use the same process and also tell it to run as XP. BTW...according to same son, this fixes a lot issues of programs refusing to run on Vista. Secondly, I had Palm issues (not Vista) and I emailed Palm Support. Admittedly, they were slow to respond, but they did respond with a detailed step-by-step fix for my issue. Since you live a bit far, and darling-son has a summer job, he could probably help you via email if you'd be interested (and the above step didn't help). Good Luck!!!!
  22. I'll look into some RCA dome walking-distance places that would be suitable. More info to follow soon!
  23. If no event happens to be scheduled, I'd be willing to host a "Meet & Greet" for our northern neighbors. Could we set up some type of TB exchange? Would you be willing to take some (maybe even quite a few) Travel Bugs home with you? (I'm sure there are a number of people who have TBs that would LOVE for them to get that far!) We had a cacher come over from the UK and Doobies set up a similar arrangement. Just be warned though: It'd be a no-frills event. That's less than a week after I get back from Mexico!
  24. Or...even better yet.... Don't eat any mushrooms unless they have an USDA label on the top of the styrofoam container. That's what I do!!!!
  25. Well, for pete's sake! Is it just me or is it weird that these campgrounds don't take reservations? What if I was driving in from say North Dakota. With a big 'ol 5th wheel behind me? What if I keep trying all the campgrounds and they'll all full? Maybe I don't wish to stay in a WalMart parking lot!!! BUT...thanks for the info. It's not YOUR fault! LOL I'll figure something out. (And quickly hopefully!) P.S. Great to see you again WW!!!!
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