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  1. I used the Whereyougo app on my Droid Eris with a cartridge in Veterans Park in Louisville KY, first three stages all worked well, including me providing input at one of the stages. Everything seemed to work fine right up until my battery died! I'll be back in Louisville next week and plan on finishing the cartridge.
  2. The easiest solution has already been mentioned but not fully explained: Groundspeak creates a new Attribute - Power Trail All Power Trail caches are required to have this attribute or they won't get approved - those already in existence that don't update get disabled until they do. Now the new attribute can be either included or excluded when creating pocket queries - everybody's happy. Personally, I seriously doubt I would ever do a Power Trail as I am more of a quality over quantity type of cacher (as is evident from my less than 500 finds in nearly 9 years of Geocaching), but I completely respect the wishes of those who do.
  3. What we want: Wherigo to work on our Palm OS Smartphones and our BlueTooth GPSs. What we know: Wherigo cartridges use Lua - www.lua.org/ Lua is available for Palm OS - http://sourceforge.net/projects/luapalmos/ or http://luaforge.net/projects/luapalmos/ This is all way over my head so I appeal to the masses for help! Thanks in advance.
  4. Any plans on adding the pocket queries feature to Waymarking? I can see this feature giving me great flexibility to see what interesting places are nearby when traveling. I have to admit I am a bit of a pocket query geek, I run 9 queries for my home coordinates just so I can quickly see the different types of Geocaches that are nearby. Everthing is color coded and sorted by difficulty, cache size, and whether or not a TB is inside. The software I run on my Treo 650 makes it all possible (Geoniche from www.raydarllc.com). Thanks, Greg of TheAdventurers
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