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  1. From my postcode near Woking in Surrey I have 500 caches within 7.7miles. From my parnets postcode in West Yorkshire I have 500 caches within 11.1miles. I have noticed there are far more active geocachers around Surrey then Yorkshire, so you need to encourage more friends and family up north to take up the hobby and hence you will soon have many more caches to find.
  2. Has this just started again around the school holidays? Could it be bored kids who misunderstand the sport and think it's fun to ruin things? Also do Groundspeak block their email address from opening a new account once one is closed, I know it is easy to open email accounts but it may slow them down abit.
  3. Don't worry Yorkie30 - WW's found it first of course! But they are always so nice about it.
  4. Like this evening when a new cache was published just just 2miles from home in a place I know well but I have cold, the wife is out in the car and I have to wait in to take the bread out of the oven in 20mins. It happened the other day when a cache only .7miles from home waiting for a FTF and my internet was playing up Or when walked 1.5miles to a cache in the middle of nowhere and my batteries went dead 450ft away from the GZ and of course the spare ones were in the car!!!
  5. They are around the Dorest area, near Bournemouth. Some people just need to get a life. Can it be clased as theft?
  6. Actually without being pedantic its a magpie!! Glad you enjoyed the fun! Sorry TT my mistake, great fun though all the same.
  7. The caches could be made available to premium members only or a smaller charge to join the site could be made, this may stop people just signing up for mischeif and spoiling the hobby although this may put off genuine newcomers..... not a easy one to sovle.
  8. I have done a few of these walks and really enjoyed them but the ones I have done are mainly a mix of micros and small or regular size containers. Some of the micros have been very well hidden and even turned into fun items, I did one that was stuck inside a plastic pigeon and hung in a tree. I also have to admit that I have done a small series of 6 mircos to find a regular size bonus cache but all the caches are hidden around a small village so hiding bigger caches would have been difficult. Micros are ok if they are done well, but lets not get carried away with another micro hidden in an ivy covered tree in the middle of nowhere. I am archiving the 1st cache I placed out because I have realised it is not a great hide and I can do much better now I have more experience. Yorkie30. P.S Wife hates micros and wears the badge to prove it.
  9. I used to download the waypoints to my Etrex H without been a premium member for over a year, unless they have changed this recently??? Glad you can down download the waypoints, it saves alot of time entering them manually. Happy Caching.....
  10. Hi, I use an etrexH on my laptop via a usb to serial connector. I have never had to download a driver for it but I also have memory map and can change the GPS setting to serial port and it worked just fine. If you don't have memory map maybe try the changing the GPS settings via Google Earth. Otherwise try it in all your usb ports, I found it wouldn't work on one of mine no matter what I did. Goodluck.
  11. "So in summary, in some cases the OSM maps are better than Topo, in others they are not as good. The OSM maps are currently not routable. If that is an issue for you then use Topo GB instead. I'm sure that other people that have tried the maps I compile from the OSM data can give you their feedback, and cover the pros and cons they have found?" Talkytoaster I use the OSM maps on my Etrex Vista and find them good in this area, surrey. I also have TOPO on SD card which is useful when the OSM map does not cover the area I am in. If I had known about OSM before I brought the TOPO then I would not have brought it..... I went for the Vista over the legend just for the electronic compass but find it is a good GPS and I find having the map on the GPS is better then my old Etrex H which just had a grey screen. Like you have been told before, go for the HCX not the CX, you will get fed up of losing signal under trees.
  12. The best cache I have completed so far is down at Milford on Sea in Hampshire on the south coast. Its called "Pips patch and a naughty Monkey" GCZ832 and the reward at the end is well worth the walk. Also the SNOW WHITE and the SEVEN DWARFS series at Box Hill is a great walk with stunning views. GoodLuck.
  13. You can get a data cable from Maplins on the high street if you need one. My Etrex H found my 1st 350 caches and now my wife uses it. Welcome to Geocaching, its great fun and remember it is not just about how many you find, its about enjoying the places it takes you.
  14. If using on a mountain bike the etrex is smaller and I have a handlebar bracket that works well for my etrex hcx vista. Geocache friendly means it will show the chests, more you onto the next closest cache when you have found one, log it in the calendar with the date and time when you have found it etc, useful but I wouldn't buy a GPS just for that feature personally. From what I have read in the past both units are good, the etrex venture HC should keep its signal in woods, not sure if the GPS60 as the high sensitive receiver. This question has been asked before in these forums so its worth looking through the topic boxes. Hope this helps.
  15. Its said to be the fastest growing sport currently in this country so in a few years they will be all doing it. Saying that I do get strange looks when my wife explains to people I enjoy looking for plastic boxs hidden at the base of trees or film canisters stuck to the back of road signs in all weathers.
  16. After seeing that, is anything safe???
  17. WHIPEEE!!! I dont know what I did but I have downloaded it and its working on my Garmin Vista HCx Thanks for your help and for making it available to all of us. Yorkie30
  18. Which GPSr do you have? You should be able to connect your GPSr as a USB storage device, once that is done just create a directory/folder on the card as if it was a USB thumb drive. e.g. If your GPSr is connected via USB and in USB mass-storage mode as drive I: then you would simply open the drive and create the folder as usual on any other drive. Hope this helps? Regards, Martin I have a etrex Vista HCX. I have a scandisk mirco sdcard. I used the USB mass storage, opened file, un zipped it and changed the name and uploaded to the mirco card using the GPS usb cable. When I go to map settings there is no map listed on the gps. I opened the device and made a folder called GARMIN to put it in. I have also tryed to upload it using the sd card adapter but the GPS unit does not recongise or let me open the map even though it is unzipped and rightly named in a GARMIN folder on the sd card. I will try again and see what hapens? Thanks for the help. Paul.
  19. Hi, Sorry I am not great on the IT front. How do I create a Garmin Directory on my Micro sd card?
  20. I think the DNF and filling in the logs with details of possible problems are a good idea and helpful for both the owner and future people searching. Also feedback to the owner on a new cache personally I find very useful. If a maintenace needed log is made, it needs to be removed by the cache owner and I have found a few recently that state they need maintenace but are in a good condition but the owner has forgotten to state they have been maintained.
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