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  1. Thankyou to all you have replied, I am sure I am worrying over nothing but you never know what maybe asked at these things. The advice seems very sensible and has been reasuring. Thanks again and I will let you know how I get on next week. Kind Regards Yorkie30
  2. "The archiving of a cache by the owner is supposed to be a permanent status. That is why only the site administrators and volunteers have the capability to unarchive it. This is done only in rare circumstances. However, if you accidentally archived it, please contact the reviewer who originally published your cache with the waypoint name (GCXXXXX) and the explanation for unarchiving it. You'll find a link to the reviewer's profile at the bottom of your cache page. You may also send a message to contact@geocaching.com in cases where you are unable to reach the correct reviewer. For any cache to be unarchived, it must first meet the current cache listing guidelines which are listed here: http://www.geocaching.com/about/guidelines.aspx" Taken from Geocaching.com I see the reviewer who published your cache is now retired so you could contact deceangi via his profile: http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=15...5c-7460b9ba4d15 Sorry I cant do the linky thing so try copy and paste. Hope this helps. Yorkie30.
  3. Hi, I am having a interview with the National Trust early next week and there is a cache within the grounds the property I am been interviewed at. Some of the logs have mentioned that it is not obvious that permission was given for this cache from the NT. I put that I am into geocaching, trying to fill in the hobbies/interests bit on the application form. If the question arises about the cache in question at the interview and it not having permission, (remote I know) what would be the best reply? Any advice welcome. Many Thanks in advance Yorkie30.
  4. I can vouch for the fact that they don't like water. Last September, when caching with Mr Dewdrop on the South Downs, I answered a call of nature and proved, beyond doubt, that the adder which quickly took evasion action did not enjoy that particularly watery experience! Grass snakes like water, one swam between my legs when I was in a ditch once. I saw it coming but could not get out of the way in time so I just spread my legs and let it swim past. Changed my underwear afterwards, bit too close. I hate snakes.
  5. Yep - I use one I used one to until I upgraded to the Vista. Go into the main menu, select "settings" and then "units", select "default". Enter the co ords from the Web Page and off you go. If you have a serial port cable you can download directly from the webpage via the Send to GPS button. Very good signal, easy to use and great battery life. Welcome to geocaching. Yorkie30
  6. Not very techy myself but I do it this way, sure others can offer more advice. Open cache page, click on "GPX Exchange File" or "LOC FILE" and save to "My Documents". You can change the name here from GC???? to Church Mirco 565 for example. Open EasyGPS and then click on the "open" tab. Select the Cache File you want from the list and click open. In EASYGPS then click the "send to GPS" tab at the top of the page. Cache is then sent to the GPS. You can also set up a pocket query if you are a premium member, open the file sent to you via email in EASYGPS and then send the co ords to your GPS, much quicker. You can send about 500 caches in just a few minutes. Using the Etrex H basic, (Yellow One) it does not use the full cache name, GC???? so it can overwrite some co ords if you are downloading lots of caches so be warned. I.e. GCAHHEE will be overwritten by GCAHHE1. Hope this makes a bit of sense. Yorkie30.
  7. Guilty of IE. Am just a avergae Joe, sorry never thought of changing to another program when the one that came already programmed onto my laptop does the job.
  8. Went out caching today to do a small walk and to collect 14 caches or so we hoped. The 1st one we just couldn't find. The 2nd one we spent ages looking, saw what we thought was the clue. (Cut hand too!!) The 3rd once again we think we had the right place but no cache. The cache owner v.quickly checked the caches and replaced them so we wont been completely useless. It was nice to knew they had been muggled. (Thanks) Whats the worst record of DNF's you have on one trip?
  9. So you loose the car keys, Mr or Mrs joyrider picks up the keys on your GPS keyring and follows the route right back to the car???? Sounds Great!! [] Can I put the house keys on too?
  10. Sorry he was just awful. Didn't even try. I think I can do better even carrying my pda, gps, pen and camera and still talk myself out of a paperbag better then this guy. Mr Bond has no fears of been replaced just yet.
  11. I have memory map on my laptop so I downloaded the pocket map to my pda and then installed cachemate to view the cache page information and hints. I can download the pocket queries information now which is great. I also have easygps on my laptop to help view pocket queries, log finds and view cache information while offline. I have looked at GSAK but didn't really get into it, but it does seem very popular with other people so I would sugguest you look at all that is available and see what suits your needs.
  12. Have a look at "EasyGPS" a program which you can download for free. You can then build a pocket query and send 500 geocaches to your Gps unit, makes it very easy. On easygps you can also view the hints etc on the laptop. If you want to go paperless you need a pda and you can download all the information instead of writing it down. Search the forums, lots of advice on here, also read the resouces section on geocaching.com. I have recently gone paperless with a reconditioned pda from ebay for £50 and I run memorymap on it, works like a dream. Welcome to the forums, lots of useful stuff on here.
  13. when you do a post quickly, it goes wrong. Just like now.
  14. If you find a micro with a pencil inside, the leads broken.
  15. I log DNF's and I like other people to log any of mine as a DNF so I know wheather I need to check if they are still there for the next cacher. I did log a DNF on an easy micro the other day, I looked really hard but not hard enough. Looked again yesterday and there it was staring me in the face.
  16. How can you go out and miss the best eurovision we have had for years???? I am sure someone will be out hunting soon.
  17. I still have a couple to do then.
  18. I currently have caches based near war memorials in Surrey, one an offset the other near the memorial. They are both at places where people normally drive past and don't always notice the memorial is there. If it makes people more aware all the better. GC1H3EN and GC1DBBB and none are micros!!! Don't agree with people sticking nanos or micros on them though.
  19. Blacks the outdoor shop normally have more then millets, even though they are owned by the same people, also field and trek normally have a good selection.
  20. I also prefer the etrex vista HCx. When I was looking to upgrade I was put off by the size and feel of the 60cx but thats just personal choice. The vista is great in woodland and cities. Its a good step up from the etrex H (Yellow One) and is easy to use. The battery life is also very good and I have a handlebar clip for mine, great when out caching on pedal power. You can also download the free maps to the Vista which are very useful and did I say, FREE.
  21. Thankyou Lakeuk, I have had a look and its looks very useful. I am just looking for a cheap 2nd hand unit now.
  22. Hi, I know paperless has been covered many times before but I have searched and can't find out what I need to know, so sorry for repeating it yet again. Is a Palm Z22 Handheld PDA any good for paperless geocaching, can I download the geocache log page information onto it so I don't have to keep writing the info down in my notebook? I have a Garmin Vista GPS so I am not really interested in downloading memory map. I am just getting into the technical bit of this hobby. Thanks for your help in advance Yorkie30.
  23. Which etrex is it? I had the Etrex H and the only problem I had were when the batteries were low, it would lead me astray sometimes. I now have the etrex vista and this once had a complete flip out and pointed all over the place until I removed the batteries and put them back in. And you will know how to set the compass ok on the Vista. The only other problem I had when I 1st got it was by moving the waypoint on the gps map by playing with the joystick on my Vista and I didn't realise. This led me 100ft away from the cache meaning Wife found it using my old Etrex H. I only figured it out when I got home and checked the co ords and realised my mistake, I was all for sending the Vista back to Garmin.
  24. Rather then a dispoable camera try your local charity shop for a 2nd hand 35mm camera. A friend of mine said he got a working one for £2 last weekend.(No one wants them anymore Maybe more resistant to the damp then a disposable and should work out about the same price.
  25. Most people now have a digtial camera or a camera on their phone. Simply ask them to post a pic with their log and so you can see who is who and you don't have to worry about the camera getting damaged. Not all people will do this but maybe the same amount of people who would use the disposable one. I like taking pics, but don't like to be in them.
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