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  1. I have seen the Garmin Dakota 20 and read a few professional reviews but I was just wondering if anyone had used one and what they thought. Cheers in advance Yorkie30
  2. Well done on finding caches without a GPS, I have enough problems finding the cache with the GPS never mind just using a compass and map. It does state the following in GC guidelines: "GPS usage is an essential element of geocaching. Therefore, although it is possible to find a cache without a GPS, the option of using accurate GPS coordinates as an integral part of the cache hunt must be demonstrated for all physical cache submissions." I may give it ago without the GPS one day and see how I get on. Yorkie30
  3. I am old fashioned and still use internet explorer. I use this website to help me use HTML code. Just tick the HTML box when submitting or editing your cache page. May take longer but it works for me. http://www.web-source.net/html_codes_chart.htm Yorkie30
  4. Welcome to them both. Its good news for the UK hobby/sport. Yorkie30.
  5. Goodluck with the reset, touch wood my Vista HCX is still working fine after 11months. I do a Pocket Query on GC, save it to my computer from the email, open in easy GPS, select all the Geocaches and send to GPS. All very easy, I can't beleive I used to enter them all by hand in the past. Some people use other programs that are better like GSAK but because Easygps works for me I haven't changed yet and it was free to download from here: http://www.easygps.com/ Goodluck Yorkie30
  6. I agree entirely and the problem is both ways. Isn't it annoying when people don't photograph TBs completing their mission or even read what is the mission of the TB they have picked up. Part of the problem is with the web site which does not demand a log entry when you deposit a TB. Agree with both views. I would like to see more information in a log when it is dropped off but I am guilty of it too. To easy to drop it without a proper log.
  7. You need permission from whoever owns the land for any cache. If its a nature reserve then the reviewer with normally ask for information regarding who you gained permission from and the nature of the permission. If in doubt contact your local reviewer via email with the location details and see if they can offer any advice or start by looking on the geocaching UK Website: http://www.follow-the-arrow.co.uk/resources/permish.html I managed to get permission from the local ranger by approaching him in person and explaining what I wanted to do and where. This I have heard works better then approaching the head offices or cold calling organizations. Goodluck. Yorkie30
  8. I suffer with dyslexia but I try not to use it has an excuse. I do use a spell checker and I also ask wifey to read my cache pages before I send them for review. Just remember, I may get all the right letters but not always in the right order. I think its funny that people who use a computer to gain information to do the hobby they enjoy are complaining about spelling and gramer on a website forum when I feel its the computer that has killed the art of spelling and grammer by people relying on spell checkers and no longer using pen and paper. I am a gardener for gods sake and I have to use a comptuer every day and when I send emails they are all spell checked first. I have a dictionary somewhere in the house but I can't tell you the last time I used it. I don't have any A levels or a degree but I can use a GPS and a map. I can even use a compass!!! P.S Wife checked this before posting.
  9. I can send waypoints using Memory map, easy GPS and also from GC.com direct to my old yellow etrex.
  10. I have a Vista Hcx which is very good. If you want maps then a colour screen is better to see the icons on. A colour legend is also good at just over £100. http://www.handtec.co.uk/product.php/705/g...trex-legend-hcx There are lots about for just over £100 but below that you are looking at the Etrex H which is very good but can be limiting after a while. I am sure everyone will have their favorites but I think any of the H etrex series are very good and if you can afford the colour screen it will be better in the long run. There is lots of information already on the forums giving advice.
  11. The first link is to a sat nav. This is no good for guiding you off-road. The Garmin eTrex (second link) was replaced a couple of years ago by the eTrex H series. I would say that the H series is the minimum entry level device these days, certainly if you don't want to be upgrading after 5 minutes. Try searching the forums as there are loads of threads on this subject which will help you chose. You can compare device features at Garmin.com. I agree you need the Etrex H as a starter. Its a much better signal and can be used in wooded areas too. It does not have a map and you may bet bored with it if you get into the sport. Etrex H : http://www.handtec.co.uk/product.php/739/garmin-etrex-h Also consider: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Garmin-eTrex-Legen...9887&sr=8-2 The legend is worth the money because if you get into the hobby you will not get frustrated with it after 5 minutes. Goodluck and happy geocaching Yorkie30.
  12. Sounds a very good idea and hopefully it will be there a few years if it is well hidden. Have you thought about having some geocoins made for your pack so they can keep them for a souviner or place them in the cache and have a cache race, to a big girlguiding event somewhere else. Saw this coin http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?ID=1911228 Goodluck.
  13. Hi this a a basic translation of the cache page. It maybe worth sending the owner an email to ask if he/she can move your cache on for you. Kempener Old Town The original Kempener Altstadtcache was laid in November, 2003 and twice gemuggelt. But because a visit Kempens is worthwhile always, I have decided to sketch a new distance with new tasks and a new Cacheversteck. The way to the Cache leads through the historical center of the town Kempen from the Lower Rhine, is approx. 2.0 kms long all together and suited for baby carriage. The Cache is suitable for families with children very much and also excellently with public means of transportation to reach. The best starting point for the Old Town guidance is the free parking lot N 51 ° 21,710 - E 006 ° 25.055 ATTENTION: The journey leads about the Kempener inside ring. This is a one-way street!!! The coordinates of the Caches are, well obviously, at a height of approx. 2 meter on metal. In the CACHE: The local residents are informed everything, but respects please to Muggels which to itself on the sidewalks or in cars consider if you open the container. The container during the log gene please close. PLEASE, TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION: Indeed, this is no Themencache, but it would be nice, if to itself in the Cache predominantly things fond of children befindenwürden. The Cache is not especially big and very breakable. The Cacheversteck against it is extremely robust and is not on the private property behind the wall.
  14. Yes it is serial but you join it to the usb connector via a serial port to a USB convertor cable. Sorry I don't have a spare.
  15. I don't have big numbers, only 623 caches and 44.9% are micros. But I haven't been to Wiltshire caching yet. Yorkie30
  16. Blimey they're pricey! I've never paid more than £6 for an ammo can and that was a 50 litre one! Never purchased one so I don't know the going rate. Ebay were selling them at £10 upwards when I was considering one a while back.
  17. Saw some while on holiday 2 weeks ago in the new forest. Here: http://www.newforestarmyandnavy.co.uk/comb...camouflage.html
  18. Try here. http://www.secaching.co.uk/forum/
  19. Yes they would be much better then the broken pencil sharper, a out of date train ticket, half of pencil and the top half of a toy car I found in a cache today. Had a decent log book and good containner so I can only think people put tat in and took goodies out. Either do a decent swap or TNLN.
  20. Stick to http://www.ukgeocachers.co.uk and you will not go wrong. Excellent service and great stamps. I have had 3 over the last 2 years, lost etc but not broken.
  21. This one was placed on the general area of the Beaulieu Aerodrome (RAF Beaulieu) Deci Hi Deci, This sounds like it maybe the one, it was fully exposed and matches the description above. We have done the whos knocking on ovens door and its not that one and all the others in the area seem miles away. It can't be a puzzle cache can it? Not many puzzles in this area though. My father in law is happy to collect it and remove it the next time he is out and about if no one comes forward soon. We don't want to leave rubbish in the forest after all the hard work people have done to get the permissions we need to place caches in the forest. Thanks for your help. Yorkie30.
  22. Hi Folks, My father inlaw has seen a gecocache container with a sticker on at Beaulieu areodrome in the new forest. The contents was empty except for a peice of paper inside and the lid was off and it was full of water. He emptied it out and put the lid back on and rehide the item where he thought it should be. I am unable to see any caches at this location on the maps and dont have the co ords. Any ideas??? Yorkie30.
  23. I had an etrex H which is great vavlue for the money and is very accurate. I have a Vista HCx now and it is great too but I still find the old Etrex H will lock on the cache quicker, and it will sometimes be more accurate. My wife loves it, plus its bright yellow so its harder to lose.
  24. The interview went ok, no mention of Geocaching or the Cache in question. I didn't get the time to head off and find it but I could see the general location and it seemed in a out of bounds location to me. Also I didn't get the job so I will try again somewhere else. Have a great weekend caching, I am working. Yorkie30.
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