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  1. Yes a Little Egret. There are quite a few down at the salt marshes at Keyheaven but its the 1st time we have seen one in a tree. He/she did not seem bothered by us so Wife was able to get quite close.
  2. A picture taken by Wife while doing the Moses Dock Cache. GC1Z0AN. Makes a change from a Robin.
  3. Lets remember not all dogs are snarling, biting beasts. Just about 1% and thats mainly the owners fault.
  4. Ouch..... I hope you have reported the incident so it can be looked into. Think if it was a child playing in the playing field. I was told when I used to help on a farm to make yourself has big as possible and make a lot of noise to scare cows and geese away from you. Never get between 2 cows. With dogs stand still, and hopefully they will not wee against your legs. With horses they are normally just been nosey and stroking them or leading them away with the bridle works. Always make slow movements and show them your hand before moving it slowly towards the horses head but well away from their mouth.
  5. From Network rail website "You probably don’t know this, but we’re one of the country’s largest property owners. We boast a portfolio that is as substantial as it is unique. There are over 20,000 buildings, 2,500 stations and 9,000 railway arches, not to mention offices, shops, leisure and industrial units. You’re not likely to find a career in commercial property that is as exciting and varied as ours." (Bold is mine)
  6. I think that Mypex is capillary matting which is used to water pot plants which are just stood on it. It is designed to hold water which is the last thing you want for a camo bag. I've always known the weed control cloth as 'Landscape Fabric' and it normally comes by the meter off a big roll in garden centers Mypex is the European brand leader - a long lasting, U.V. stabilized, extremely tough woven geomembrane fabric which allows moisture to pass through up to 6 litres per sq. metre per second, but with less than 1% light transmission it resists weed growth. Widely used in the horticultural trade in glasshouses as a plant through mulching film, for standing out areas and also suitable for landscaping. As a base for ornamental areas and paths being covered by bark chips, pebbles, gravel etc. Reduces the need to use chemical weedkillers. Lower moisture evaporation from soil in long dry spells. Slight increase in soil temperature - promoting plant growth. LANDSCAPE FABRIC is a very tough, non fray, spin bonded fibrous sheeting with a high porosity, which offers a viable alternative to our traditional Mypex groundcover. We recommend a minimum 2" covering of bark chips or similar be used to ensure the best appearance. This material with its non fray structure, is especially suited for landscaped areas, banks etc. where a lot of planting through will be undertaken. Manufactured in extra strong 70 gram per sq metre material with U.V. stabilisers to ensure a long life. Which ever one it is I would use camo tape or black gaffa tape. Certainly dont use Capillary matting
  7. I think I know what you are on about . It would be weed control fabric as used ( you guessed correctly) for preventing weeds from growing up through bark,decorative gravel etc. Modejaal caches are (I bet ) where you saw them . Available from all good garden centres . You just need to cut and sew them together to make the shape and size you need. Its often called Mypex and is sold in garden centres etc. Normaly it has square grids on in white lines so that nursery man lay they plants out in nice rows. It will hold mositure in so be careful your cache does not become damp. I use the commerial stuff at work which is much thicker then the stuff sold in small roles at the garden centre.
  8. Yesterday and today I have had several caches happily adopted by other local caches before I move from the area. Today I ran a PQ and on the top of the list of unfound caches are 3 of the ones adopted. Surely I can't log them has found but why then are they flagged up has unfound? How do others feel, do I visit and log or not? Wife says no way its cheating but I wanted to see what others thought. Cheers Yorkie30
  9. Forgive me for been a bit slow and thick but I think the real topic on here should be more like this. If I had permission for a sidetracked cache to be on a railway station fence given to me by the station master, (yes some smaller stations still have them) but not from Network Rail head office then it would need to be removed if head office in London said so and they proved to own the bit of fence it was hanging from, if they are told it is there. Again the same with a Wildlife Trust, the Duchy of Cornwall and also an American investment bank who all own land I have a geocache on but have the permission from the local tenant or manager who has worked the land for years. So to place a geocache we need to approach every large land owner in the UK to ask for permission because the common sense of local managers, land stewards etc are no longer good enough. (I realise GAGB have already done great work on this matter already.) Well that's one way to cut down on the reviewers work because they would publish about 2 caches a year. So the real issue here is how we can gain permission and from whom, not getting trying to get a mob together in Kew. (Which is a very nice place and of course a great garden)
  10. Sorry HH but the way in which he posted his OP and what he has openly said on this forum in the past does not put him across as a very likeable person, even if he is. I think people are feeling very upset about the little information he has posted and so I can understand why they are venting their views in a negative way even if I agree with them or not. Yorkie30.
  11. I think a picture competition would be good fun. If I can get to upload the picture I want. Not worked yet. Yorkie30
  12. Also found this forum. May help a little? http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...&hl=geomate
  13. Hi, I have had a quick look on the website and it seems based on the US covering over 50 states. Also new caches are added daily and also some are sadly lost each day so it will only be up to date on the day it was programmed. Why not look at a basic etrex and then download the ones in your local area which would be up to date and also close to home? Just my ten pennies worth. Yorkie30
  14. Hi, I still use your bookmark list and find it very useful. Can I promote my own circluar walk of 5miles roughly taking in 20 caches? Wisley Wander 20 http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...c9-d5a584fbda4b Thanks and happy caching Yorkie30.
  15. We also use in (often only in our personal notes); rhs, lhs, mtt, bot, dsw and rtb. Bonus points if you can decode them..! rhs = Royal Horticultural Society. Thats what I thought when came across it last year for the clue of a cache. Right Hand Side makes much more sense.
  16. Ummm... has anyone been imprisoned without trial here? I'm not in favour of what seems like heavy-handedness, but the police arrest people all the time, pretty much by definition before they have been tried. It's just kind of... the way they work. "Innocent until proven guilty" applies to the court system. How long can a person be held without trial under the terrorism act? Getting bit off topic and getting a bit deep for this forum. I find myself agreeing with Jeremy Clarkson more and more. I must remember don't beleive everything I read in the press. A friend of mine was in a national paper at the weekend and they got his surname wrong, age wrong and his job title wrong. Apart from that it was a good articile. And no he didn't have a camera.
  17. Does this mean that London and all big cities will be removed from Google Earth? Also remember not to take any photos near parks, schools, of buses or train stations, motorways or busy roads, any building where people meet....................... What happened to innocent until proved guilty?
  18. I thought this hobby, game or sport was fun and about getting out looking for caches and enjoying the area that they are placed. I have been reading this forum with interest and I am sorry but I think Kewfriend needs to get out and enjoy what the hobby, game or sport is about. While I feel very sorry for anyone with a cache in the Royal London Parks and for Kewfriend with one cache which has taken so much work and time to put together but its even more depressing to keep reading the infighting and muck throwing that is on this forum which just continues to put geocaching in a bad light to any new person who may take up the hobby, game or sport that logs onto the forums to seek help or advice and reads these logs. Can we not move on, put out some new interesting caches? Don't let the b**t**ds get us down. Personally I think the reviewers do a good job and just think how many caches would be out there without their continued help and hard work. Is it not time to put this to bed, thats where I am going now. Yorkie30
  19. I am not sure that writing to her will gain a result. A polite letter from her private secretary if you are lucky to say that the Queen understands ............ etc. I had a similar response a few years ago when about 90 people wrote to her on a completely different matter and we all got a bog standard thank you but go away. I agree it is a great shame and hope that it does not extend further to Windsor etc.
  20. Some fire stations do have a lot of history behind them and I recall doing one not many miles from home that was on a very old fire station building that I never knew existed. Yes it was a micro granted but that was before Waymarking.com and it was a quick cache and dash. Can I join the Sit on the Fence Micro Group? Wife says "Size does matter to her".
  21. It should be on: Postision Format: hdd.mm.mmm and then Map Datum should be WGS84. When it said you are 1/2 mile away was that the arrow pointing to the mark or was it on the basemap if you have one. I find the basemap on my vista is about 1/2mile out putting me leaving iside the M25 when I live on outside of the M25. Hope it helps. Also the North Ref is Mag and the variance is 003W and Angle is degrees.
  22. It should be on: Postision Format: hdd.mm.mmm and then Map Datum should be WGS84. When it said you are 1/2 mile away was that the arrow pointing to the mark or was it on the basemap if you have one. I find the basemap on my vista is about 1/2mile out putting me leaving iside the M25 when I live on outside of the M25. Hope it helps.
  23. Thankyou. I am thinking to maybe up grade at christmas from my etrex vista which I like alot.
  24. I found one in Surrey in a Church Micro this weekend. It was the 1st time I had seen it too.
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