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  1. If a TB is in your cache for a long time, 2 months longer then I would move it on. I have seen some stuck in puzzle caches for over a year waiting for people to move them on. What I don't like is when someone collects a load of TB's caches and then holds on to them before releasing about 5 at once into one of there own caches. Most people will only take one at once meaning yours can be stuck for ages.
  2. Why would you want to take on lots of work, get abuse on the forums, blamed for anything to do with caching in the UK and not get paid for it????
  3. boom boom. I had a tin but I put it down and can't find it now. Maybe with my glass hammer and skyhook.
  4. I cleared most of the local caches so I moved house by 40miles. Now I have lots of new caches to find. The only problem been that there are lots of new caches appearing near to where I used to live.
  5. Wife and I visited a cache today at the top of a local beauty spot, great location and great views. We opened the cache, the wind blow and I ended up running around the top of the hill for 5 mins collecting all the cards that fell out. Just sign the log book and replace has found. I like the ones that people glue into the log book, they last longer and don't blow everywhere.
  6. I have known one cache to be found a day before it was published due to the hider letting the other geocacher have the details and then it was held up been published for 1 day but in the log book the FTF was dated 1 day before been listed on GC.com. It doesn't happen very often and I know there are lots of people who enjoy the FTF challenge but I just felt the above example was a little dishearting for people who play the game in a more traditional way.
  7. "found it, but left alone due to to many people about. even in the rain?" If this is the log in question then email them like others have said and ask did they sign the log? They may have logged it by mistake meaning to do a DNF. It does sometimes happen. Deleting it without checking maybe seen has harsh by them.
  8. This cache has moved twice now and been disabled twice, the number of DNF's is quite high and concerns about hiding in walls raised which I thought was against UK rules? Why wasn't this cache archeived by the reviewers? They must take some responsiblity for the cahes they allow, maybe watch it for the 1st 5 finds? I don't like the idea of 6/50 because you are making it all about the numbers. I have been caching for about 3 years and still only have 760 finds.
  9. The 1st cache I hid was a mirco in a tree on a footpath near to where I worked. I had only found about 20 caches and thought there was nothing wrong with it because I had found lots caches of this nature myself. Once I had done more caches I realised that it was not the best cache and so I did more better cache hides later. I then archeived the 1st cache to make room for a cache series walk or power trail has some would call it. My point been that I only hid what I had found and so the more bad caches out there the more they will be. I always find it interesting that my cache walks or traditonal caches get far more visitors then my multi caches. Always hide a cache that you would like to find and let the diversity of caches continue. I like to think that most of mine are reasonable and well stocked when hidden, even with just a pencil and log in a bag in a micro. I do agree though that some new caches are poor and not in great locations which is a shame, thats why some people now use other cache listing pages.
  10. I have a TB on my car and so does my wife. Mine was logged once outside Guildford hospital but that was ages ago. Then again travelling at 60mph it is hard to write down the tracking number.
  11. Can I ask, how many cache owners sit down with the log book from the cache and cross reference it with the online logs? I must be honest and say I never have. If someone wishs to claim a find without logging then they are only cheating themselves. Not having a pen, ok not a major problem. Seeing the cache 20ft up a tree and not been prepared to climb it, then that is a DNF in my book.
  12. There are lots out there in the garmin range but it all depends on budget and taste. I have a dakota 20 with a colour touch screen and love it. Colour maps, download all the information including hints using pocket queries, small enough to go in your pocket. Easy to use. Others use the oregeon series which is larger and more powerful and do more things. I had a etrex vista which was ok but the dakota gives me true paperless all on one unit. Search the forums for more advice on which GPS and decide on a budget. If you go to an event and get talking to others they may even let you have a look at theirs so you can try before you buy.
  13. Looks good so far. Just added my Wisley Wander series to the queue. Thanks Mrs B for posting the link. Yorkie30
  14. Spot how many cachers spend hours poring over maps looking for those Frankie Howerd-esk place names I am sure that you are near Titty Hill and another hill that makes me laugh very close by begining with C.
  15. I was using IE8 with no add ons. Clicking on the icons on the google map and loging my finds and then moving onto the next. Was locked out for about 45mins. Really not very helpful. Am I only allowed to log so many find in one day now?
  16. Happend to me today, this afternoon. Trying to log a series of caches, not using any add ons or anything just opening, logging and closing. Was locked out for about 45mins. I finally got there in the end but I am not aiming to be super human and don't like the idea of been acused of steeling caches either. I too thought it was a computer virus or something funny with my computer. Only after asking the question on another forum was I pointed here for an answer and the log my problem.
  17. I find that helpful muggles are the best sort to explain what you are doing honestly. The worst sort of muggle is the busy body who doesn't ask what you are doing but just accuses you of either planning to blow up the local village hall, rob the local post office or another crimial act. Excuses I have used in the past are setting up a treasure hunt for the scouts, I dropped my keys and are looking for them etc. The best excuse I gave to one old busy body was that I was from the council looking at access for the HGV's to enter the new building site starting next month and then made my excuses and left. I know I should not of said it but he was accussing me of all sorts of things and was going to call the local police. Made me laugh at the time.
  18. It would put an end to all those damp log books. Yorkie30
  19. And Im guessing that the Garmin doesn't give descriptions or hints either...lol I dont know how to use the Garmin ones but Im assuming I can probably store a load that are in areas I intend to visit. If you are a premium member you can download pocket queries that will let you download up to 500 caches at a time. I.e can be the 500 caches closest to home. Depending on the GPS you can download these to the unit maybe via a program like easygps or gsak. Etex H stores 500 i think. Some have more, the GPS units with a memory card can hold more. The etrex will not give you hints or descriptions, just point you in the right direction and record where you have been. Some do allow you to tick the ones you have found and with the date and time. For what its worth I have a Etrex GPS and a cheap pda loaded with cachemate, navmate and memory map pocket navigator. I keep the PDA in my pocket away from the rain and the GPS around my neck. I started with a basic yellow etrex and worked up over time.
  20. Indeed, an Etrex is the way to go for sure. Regarding paperless though, even with a Garmin 550 running with OS Discoverer maps I have the PDA running Memory map and Cachemate pretty much always in my other pocket. Pocket Navigator is such a joy to use, I've not found anything to better it. J I enjoy using Pocket Navigator too and also use cachemate. I do find that you need to protect the PDA from the elements much more then a GPS unit and the battery life can sometimes let me down on a full days caching. But other people are having the debate about battery life.
  21. My pennies worth: Buy an etrex H or another garmin (I like my legend) GPS, either new or second hand. Use this to find your 1st 100 or so caches. Get fed up of carrying bits of paper so buy a 2nd hand PDA and download cachemate or other software. Then catch the bug, keep looking at better GPS units until you have 3 or 4 and the PDA is then reducant due to you buying a £350 all signing and dancing GPS.
  22. Welcome to Geocaching. I found I posted a lot more pictures when I 1st started then I do now. Yorkie30
  23. If I was to update my user name it would need to be yorkie34. The other option is going for something like "snail speed cacher" to reflect how many caches I haven't found recently. Will I ever reach 660??? Get off your rear and find a cache!!!!
  24. If its not your cache, if its disabled, why are you so upset? Is the cache owner up set too or have they decided to let it be removed?
  25. Thanks PP. Its a very useful bookmark list to have.
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