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  1. Pens, pencil sharper, black tape, spare small log book, spare batteries for GPS, swiss army knife, notebook, stamp, some swaps just in case and any TB's I have. Also hand cleaner gel just in case of something nasty.
  2. What you have there are beech nuts on a beech tree. Sweet Chestnuts are much bigger almost like a golf ball and lots of thin spikes on that hurt what you try and pick them up. They look like smaller conkers.
  3. Just had an email stating: "We are working on splitting out cache finds and challenge completion counts. Both will be displayed on the logs unless you have not found a Challenge. In that case the statistics for Challenges won't be shown. This should be done by the end of the week (August 26) (30517)" Jeremy Admin, Geocaching
  4. You can't access Geocaching.com for one night, log back on and suddenly its all about challenges. Here's a challenge for Groundspeak, remove them from my icon, home page etc and stick them on a different site along with Waymarking etc. What do they have to do with looking for plastic boxes in trees and under bushes? Hate them already.
  5. Interesting question, any volunteers? Average man = 14 stone Average cow = 30 stone + (at say 15mph) I am sure there is a well known mathematical equation for this one! I have never heard of a farmer been biten by his cow but they do kick if you get behind them and farmers have been known to be crushed between two cows or a cow and a wall. When I helped milk cows I was always warned never to get stuck in the herd or between the cows, always watch out for they kick and if the tail goes up move quickly out of the way. I was never told, watch they may bite and have your hand off but you never know.
  6. I have been getting some bits together today to make up some new Geocaches and I was just wandering how much people pay to make up Geocaches. So far I have spent the following: Plastic lock and seal box - £1.25 1 geo cache sticker - 95p 1 notebook for log - 69p 1 pen to write with - 35p 1 stash card - 35p 2 aeroplanes for swaps - 50p 1 yo yo for swaps - 30p 1 toy car for swaps - 40p 1 puncture repair kit for swaps - £1 Total = £5.79 I know that not many people still put swaps inside but I am old fashioned in that way and think a cache should have a few treasures for the kids. I have put together 7 caches today so it soon adds up and I don't want to put out any micros not that I am against them put I live in a rural area and don't really see a need to hide a micro where I can hide a 1L Tupperware. Just wandered what other people pay - I have no idea how much people pay for Ammo cans but it must be more then I pay for the entire contents above.
  7. That's about 4,00000000000 times more expensive than a watertight 35mm film container. And if mine get's muggled I can replace for less than next to nothing. since when have film cannisters been watertight Some digital film canisters, ie SD card holders and the likes, are very much waterproof... not much room for a paper log, but maybe leave the card in so people can electronically leave a blank log on it! Sorry I can't beleive that someone wanting an Ammo Box is been pointed in the direction of a film can or similar. I have not found any to be waterproof even the ones with small rubber seals but I have yet to find a wet ammo box.
  8. Caches already on forestry commission land if they are sold off may need to be removed unless permission is sought from the new owners if you can if out who they are. Could be a big problem in the coming months or years depending how long it takes for the government to convince people to take them on.
  9. Ivy (Hedera) can cause irritation to skin and also to people with asthma in summer due to the dust or fine root hairs that can be given off if disturbed too much. If I had to do a risk assessment at work for people working with it, removing from walls etc then they would need goggles, gloves and a dust mask. Yew (Taxus) can also cause irritation to skin and the berries and leaves are also poisonous if eaten. Many plants can cause problems to different people put its part of the risk of going outside and living life. I have seen someone suffer from the spores of a fern and needed oxygen to help recover by an ambulance crew – it can be very unexpected what some people will react to in nature. If you are not happy walk away - its only another smiley face.
  10. Hi and welcome. Look at some of the local church micros in Guildford by Woking Wanders they are only small containers but easy to find. Also the 2 sidetracked series at both Guildford Train stations are quite easy to find too. There are lots of good larger caches around the surrey area if you can travel. Not sure on events but also worth posting on the SE caching forum too. http://www.secaching.co.uk/forum/viewforum.php?f=1
  11. Wife has 3 or 4 buffs and loves them at this time of year. I stick with my trusty beanie.
  12. I use the Dakota 20 and this was an upgrade from the etrek vista HCx which is very similar. I really enjoy using the Dakota 20, the maps are better (I use OS Maps), touch screen is great, easy to use menus and the paperless is great has is the battery life. Also it is small like the vista so better then carrying the bigger paperless gps units around. The vista was great and I thought it was the bees knees but after playing with the dakota I had to buy one and it has made caching much easier - just download the PQ and run off to find caches.
  13. A scented soap bath bomb that had started to break down in the damp humid cache - it wasn't even in a bag. I had to remove it and clear and clean out the cache before rehiding. It was a very sweet smelling cache though.
  14. I have had a look and it looks very good to me. Lots of easy to read information explaining the different types and what you need for paperless etc. Looks up to date and would be good for anyone planing to buy a new GPS. Thanks.
  15. Which is best OS or Topo I don't know I find OS (like the paper OS map format) much better for walking and for Geocaching. I use OS on a sd card with a dakota 20 and love it. I have had a etrek, a etrek H and a vista which had basic mapping and the free maps which toastertalker does but find the OS maps much better. Like others have said it depends on your budget and how my much you are willing to spend. I upgraded over time and sold my used ones on the web. I brought mine at Cotswolds and got a 10% discount using my National Trust card and some vouchers I was given for a leaving present at work. (Other stores are available and maybe cheaper).
  16. A good source of info on all matters to do with uk geocaching is on this website run by one of the uk reviewers. http://www.follow-the-arrow.co.uk/resources/help.html Very glad you are trying to run already, don't let us put you off.
  17. Caching for longer then a week will help. It's takes a little bit of time but a few things may help. 1) Become a pemium member and set up an email alert for when a new cache is listed near your home. 2) Set up the email alert to your mobile if possible and have your GPS on you so you are ready to go hunting. If you snooze you will lose. 3) Encourage other locals to set caches so you can FTF. Remember not all FTF hunts are positive. Sometimes the co ords are not right, the hints maybe miss leading or the actual container may not be there.
  18. No. +1 I know it is annoying to see a list of caches on your near home list that you have not found for some reason. If they want to make them disappear just add them to their ignore list so they no longer appear when they ask for their cachers near to home.
  19. I think the idea may have come from wardens collecting old tree guard tubes that had blown off trees only to find doormice using them has homes a few years ago. On the likes of Box hill in Surrey the wardens now leave them on the floor of the woods if they have been there a while for the door mice to use. A bit of staw, braken and grass makes a nice cosy home.
  20. It all depends on the cache and if I am sure I can't find it after a good luck. I did one a while back and logged a DNF like the person before me and the person before them. It was part of a walk with the hint "Hidden behind 3rd post from corner" GPS was dead on and I looked behind that post and many others either side. The problem comes when the next cacher to log it states "Easy Find TFTC ....." and then the next few caches log DNF's.
  21. I would be happy to help tidy up some old cache containners if this idea is adopted, a simple email from the local reviewer or from GAGB maybe an idea. I hate the thought of Geolitter. Yorkie30 []
  22. Note they are not labelled TOXIC or HARMFUL like some chemicals. But I am not offering to taste it and let you know what happens.
  23. Do they add to the logs once they are home if they have logged from their mobiles? I know when you get emailed the found log it can be changed later without you knowing unless you check it on the page later. My shortest log ever was 4 words - Full Log to Follow.
  24. I just brought one to see how it works. Hopefully better than a 35mm film canister.
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