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  1. This is a simple winter twig ident leaflet that is good for beginers. My link Personally I hate the hint when it says "behind the plant with a girls name" and you are surrounded by Ivy, Hazel and Holly. Behind the Hedera, Corylus or Ilex is much better.
  2. Sorry Moose Mob back on topic now. How about a paid reviewer to deal with problems and can lead cachers in the UK with support and back up of volunteer reviewers?
  3. Yes that's very true but the caches are owned by the person you hides them and we pay Groundspeak to access where they are and to download their apps onto smart phones etc to be able to find the caches hidden by others. Another option would be to start charging people to upload their caches to Groundspeak to pay the reviewers to review them. It may make people think twice before sticking a nano on a bin too.
  4. How do people know what Groundspeak can or can not afford? Are the accounts in the public domain? Volunteers do a great job as reviewers but mainly in this country volunteers help charity's i.e. National Trust, English Heritage, Oxfam, Cancer research etc. How many people donate time at the local B&Q, Tesco or Amazon? All companies that people pay for goods or use of their services. Why is Groundspeak different? Don't get me wrong I think the reviewers do a great job and I am not sure if full time paid reviewers would be beneficial or not but are Groundspeak taking advantage of peoples willingness to help the Geocaching community?
  5. Leather brashers brought for £90 reduced from £150 at a place called Kenmar camping 4 years ago. Great boots, waterproof and hard wearing. My advice would be to avoid sports direct and try millets or blacks, some great savings at the moment on boots. I was in there this weekend and brought a decent pair of hitecs for 1/2 price. Karrimore are not what they used to be. I had a pair of walking shoes from them and they lasted only 3 months in summer.
  6. I think its a great torch and ideal for the odd night cache. Friends have seen mine and brought one - great for walking to the pub too.
  7. Make sure you have the co ords or Pocket Qury downloaded before you head out searching - you may think you have but its always worth checking...... Take time to write a decent log when you get home.
  8. Thats not too bad. I have had worse days with a decent GPS and a few years experience under my belt. I am sure some cachers don't bother to log their DNF's because they don't like owning up to not finding an easy cache.
  9. Got any good tips for removing red wine from a keyboard and screen? :lol: :lol: Phone your ISP and ask for tech support, they get that problem all the time. Try puring white wine over it to wash it off.
  10. Just looked at the website myself - makes sense to me and I have never attended an event, mega or anything else to do with geocaching. Why bother to redo a website that you have no interest in? You bored at work this weekend?
  11. Knowing the cost of repairing stone walls and lime mortor walls I would put a N/A log on and email the owner. "Guidelines" are there for a reason. Moving a small lose stone can cost the wall owner a lot of money to replace. Also I would question if the owner of the wall knows the cache is there?
  12. I read the guidelines years ago but I must of missed that bit in all the other stuff.
  13. And so by placing a cache we are at the same risk. Does that mean we should stop putting them out and remove the ones we have out there just in case?
  14. This may seem silly, or sentimental perhaps, but that would feel like I was "stealing" the listing. That is when I will be forced into a decision. What happens if the CO has stopped caching, you get bored or move away and the cache falls into a poor state again. The reviewers remove it from the listing and it becomes geo-litter because the owner no longer cares or for whatever reason is no longer able to collect the container.
  15. Reviewers dont get time to do much caching - they are too busy reviewing all the new caches people place from what I can gather. All areas of the country seem to have FTF hunters who get up in the middle of the night to find a new cache before someone else does. The fun is to find the cache before someone else and sign the virgin log.
  16. Do you mean like this log I did a few weeks ago. TB visiting Cache It would not fit so I logged a visit and took a picture to show them together.
  17. Inexperienced cacher - 6 finds and 6 hides! If the Cache owner wishes to delete the log then that it up to them.
  18. If people always hide the biggest container the location would take then this would certainly reduce the amount of micros and nanos out there. Nanos and Micros are fine when you can't hide anything bigger and I have found some very good ones over the years but also some poor ones. There are quite a lot of nanos hidden around my area which are cleverly hidden but been a rural area I would perfer more bigger caches.
  19. Pips patch and a naughty Monkey GCZ832 A great walk and good cache with loads of treasure at the end. We really enjoyed it and a must if visiting the Lymington area.
  20. No. Thats why they came up with "Challenges". It is still listed has a Traditional but they look like a new cahcer with 66 finds so maybe a helpful email would be helpful?
  21. I would go to Canada for the wildlife and great scenery. Wife would go to Australia for the sun and the sea.
  22. Last year we had 3 nests in the garden all year, this year we have had 12 nests so far. While out caching we have seen 2 nests in rabbit holes near caches for the 1st time in 4 years of caching. One was very active and large and the noise was very alarming.
  23. Fagus sylvatica to be precise! Yes but its still not Castanea sativa although they are in the same plant family. ...meaning the Fagaceae family? Until the botanists get bored and DNA test it to find it is more closly related to a catcus.....
  24. Fagus sylvatica to be precise! Yes but its still not Castanea sativa although they are in the same plant family.
  25. In the top of my trusty swiss army knife.
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