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  1. You can go to the main page and where it says recaculate distance hit the arrow and it will give you the option to mark the item missing.
  2. Hope you feel better soon, but you can always kill time by making new cache containers.
  3. My 6 yr old Daughter goes for any toy trinket that catches her eye, it doesn't matter if it is considered a "boy" thing. She likes cars, toy critters and the like. Other than finding something for the kids, I like seeing unusual things. We mostly have swag items for kids since we do this mostly as a family.
  4. Just to see if I can make it work sharing some that aren't upload at logs as they may be spoilers....
  5. Thanks for the replies. I am going to check on it as it is away from here, but close enough where I could place a new cache if need be and do maintance...if it looks like people are still finding it, I will do more research into other sites. I will have to make another trip through the area in about a month so I can decide then as to what to do with it. I just don't know
  6. Ok I know of an archived listing that the container is prob still there as the owner hasn't been around...is it proper to go and remove this container ? I hate to think about leaving something that people are not looking for and it just be "trash". The owner hasn't signed in since may of 2006. edited to add it was only one of those gladware conts to begin with, when we found it it was soaking wet with an inch of water in it.
  7. Of course I am weirder than most give me credit for I want to thank you for making get up off my hindend and uploading some long pictures lol.
  8. We always try to take pictures to share with the log, I admit though sometimes it takes me a while to get them uploaded and added to the log though. I love looking at pictures and sometimes feel like others my think i am weird cause I will share several.
  9. Hope you had a great day! I have been at work all night so I have been up just working ha!
  10. Joni I tried to send you an email at first it said service unavailable then when i did get the screen up I got an application error.... our email is our user's name at hotmail.com if you didn't get the email. I guess the website here is having troubles.
  11. OH my! How shocking, I was just rechecking this thread and saw that Pengofamily had posted it before me, didn't see it was at the exact same time how weird! Joni this is our first coin ever! And a story about it for you. Just the other day when you posted the thread about them being made I told my husband how I wish I could get one because us dispatchers are always joking that our units expect us to read minds. So we sometimes get smart and say things like "Let me check my Crystal ball" or "sorry my Crystal ball is broken at them moment" emailing with addy and calling my partner in crime to tell her the good news! Thanks again One of my fav songs is Jaded! But love them all around.
  12. Not good at jokes, just sitting here reading these cointests because until after Christmas I won't be able to afford any to buy myself lol. And listening to my 6 yr old telling me about her day at school. It has only been back for a week today and she is really enjoying her year in 1st grade. We had a really high heat index here and I am beginning to wander about the bus ride when she got off the bus her backpack was very very (berry hey it is a Strawberry shortcake one) warm. enough rambling Happy Birthday hope you have a totally enjoyable one!
  13. I am a little confused, I have noticed one of these coins logged in a cache...so is that one that belongs to GSA? there for belonging with this or is this game only for unactivated ones found?
  14. It is The Burton Family Vacation it already has done it's job of tracking our 2007 vacation and now is ready for it's lifetime goal as you can see it is a bit untidy with all the logs from our vacation. edited to include... I forgot to say Thank you!!!
  15. Thanks I don't want to remove the miles just wanted to clean up the logs to make them look neater.
  16. Congrats, I have two that where published last week in RC and still haven't had their FTF yet?
  17. Well, I for one think it's a good thing that there are so many event caches in Kentucky! I am glad too I just wish some where closer than a 2 hour drive for me
  18. After being woke up by the whiney dog this early am, I was laying in bed trying to fall back asleep, all the while thinking. I thought maybe I should just find a book to read (finished the one I was reading prior to bedtime) and that is when it hit me. I don't keep many of my books usually give to other readers or even (gasp) throw them away. What about a cache (would have to be 5 gal bucket size) that it's theme would be to trade out books? Has this been done before? I have seen DVD and CD ones but not books, yet. I know there would be a slight problem with moisture but if you offered ziplocks to store new books in and keep them that way would it work? Would it be best to hide it urban somewhere or in the woods.... Just an idea.
  19. I used a TB to log our miliage on a vacation. If I go back and deleted those logs with the TB still have the miliage? I just was wondering about tiding up the log page now that it is set free on the world on it's own. Thanks RCDispatchersx2
  20. My youngun just picked out that Hummer hotwheel at the local store the other day to play with, that is a cute idea! Here is one of ours...and i just figured out that I don't have a picture of my other one bummer! This one has just started it's journey. 9-1-1 Everyday Heros TB
  21. I don't know how many others do this but if I have helped move a TB or coin along I like to add it to my watch page just to see where it goes after we have had a hold of it. So that may explain some of your watchers. RCDispatchersx2
  22. Thanks for sharing it at least made me realise I am not the only one that can make a mistake. The page is done and up and running, published and waiting on it's FTF, I am excited about this one as it is a challenge and looking forward to what people have to say about it. Thanks again for the help.
  23. Thanks, didn't realize couldn't correct them over a set distance like that. I have disabled it and will contact the reviewer.
  24. I just got a cache published and when I was proofing it for a final time, I noticed it typoed the cords now it won't let me fix them. It gives the error * Coordinate Errors, Help?!!! It is off by a 1/2 mile or more.
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