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  1. I finally got around to loading BaseCamp to my Mac Mini. It works fine with my ancient Garmin 60csx. When I bought it, I also got MapSource United States Topo Maps. Is there any way to load them to BaseCamp? I still have the PC I originally installed them on.


    Thanks for any help,


  2. I saw a mini carabiner pen in a cache recently and thought it would be the perfect addition to caching equipment. Since it was the only pen in the cache, I didn't take it. I found the pen on the web, but it's only sold in quantity (150+) as promotional item. Does anyone know if this was a geocaching item and it is still available. Here's one supplier.




  3. Looks great, sure we would use it lots, for paperless Geocaching amongst other things. Looking for opinions from anyone who has used for caching. We have the Garmin 76CS & are quite happy with it. Would like to get rid of paper though so thinking of getting a PDA that will do a variety of things, as long as the caching is good since that is our main consideration. Opinions anyone?


    I just got one to go with my Garmin 60csx. It's a significant improvement to my caching experience. I spent the extra bucks because I planned on using it for other things as well. Get a case for it. I've dropped it twice from my shirt pocket when bending over to look for a cache. No damage, but I may have been lucky. There was a good price on Amazon for it a week or two ago.

  4. I'm fairly new at this, but I've developed two techniques that I think are effective. People watching me might think otherwise. One is to pretend to be listening on a cell phone and occasionally saying a few words. It gives you an excuse to be walking around aimlessly. The other is to take a camera and move around looking for shots. The latter is better on trails as it gives you a reason for being stopped.


    Some sites are just too public. One I tried is in a triangle between three streets which are very busy. The log often mentions that a women comes out of a store and asks if you've found it yet. There's no way you can sneak up on this one.


    Another was in a deserted parking lot that I thought would be inconspicuous. It turned out the a man lived above a storage facility overlooking the lot and saw people looking for it all the time. He came up and asked me what was going on. Fortunately, he thought it was a lot of fun.



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