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  1. The polite email seemed to work, Thanks for your input.
  2. Any ideas on how we should handle this?
  3. I will swap a USA for your Oregon. Opps wrong user ID Dagg
  4. I used my work ship to address thinking the coins would be shipped by the end of Sept. But we bought a new building and will be out on the 15th of Oct. Is there any way to change my ship to address? oops wrong user ID Dagg here
  5. provinces would be nice. Thanks! oops wrong user id Dagg
  6. It's a go Cache page Don't forget to post a note on the cache page if you plan on coming.


    And now we rest
  8. BFL Night in now confirmed . Here are some brief details: Date: Friday April 25th Time - approx 8:30 p.m. Location - T.B.A. A event cache page will be posted later this week, watch for it . Entry fee will be $10 which will go towards prizes. If you want to take part you must email your confirmation to Team Phoenix - we will collect entry fees the night of the event but you must be pre-registered. You will be working in teams of 4. If you want to be on a particular team please give us that info. If you do not have team mates please tell us and we will match you up with other cachers. A fun time is guaranteed for all. For those of you who cannot make it on the 25th we're sorry, we went with the majority. There will be future Team Phoenix events. And lastly - official instructions will be sent to participants by email prior to the event. Don't you love a mystery
  9. A sad turnout for the first one. I hope more of you can come to this one. Co ords will be updated later tonight. Please feel free to post your acceptance. Cache Page
  10. Eroyd....COME GET YOUR LOAFERS! []
  11. I think duck boy has taken it over.
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