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  1. Strange though, unless if my sources are wrong, Slovakia still don't have a souvenir.
  2. Last Souvenir Possibilities China Greece Lithuania Qatar Slovakia
  3. @thelanes To be honest there would not be much point as not many countries use that date format (instead it's 13 (day)-12(month)-14(year).
  4. Hi, thank you for all of your responses . I mainly do urban geocaching, however I sometimes do rural hiking too.
  5. Hi everyone . What is the best GPS that has - European Mapping/International Mapping - Paperless Geocaching - Long battery life - Cheapest
  6. It says on the wiki they are revealing 2 a week until december 22bd. So 6 souvenirs!!
  7. I'm already on them (well not Facebook).
  8. Thank you -CJ-. I don't take it personally of course (I'm just a bit disappointed). I thank you for your offer and Russia is a lovely country from images I see but would there be enough geocachers in the area? If I'm wrong please correct me
  9. On facebook? For Glasgow geocachers: facebook.com/groups/weegieocahers/ Sorry but I'm not on Facebook yet
  10. Hi. I am going to Glasgow on the 29th of November, and I am looking for some groups of geocachers in Glasgow. Anyone point me in the right direction?
  11. Yay! I am going to Glasgow on November 29th for a day trip so a third country to geocache in (I've been in UK before).
  12. The All Nations forum section frequently has posts about Exchange Caches, you might get a better response there. Sorry for the late response. I have to no avail... :-(
  13. Hi. Since I have grasped the basics of it, and I think I would be able for it, would anyone be interested in doing an exchange cache with one in Limerick?
  14. Just wondering will anyone be interested in one with Limerick?
  15. Well, it can be anywhere since Geocaching is in so many places. I'm going to ask my reviewer on geocachingireland now
  16. By that I meant would anyone be interested?
  17. Ah, that one. I've only done one : http://coord.info/GC2PANX Although it says that both parties can log a find, I elected just to log a note as I didn't go to France and didn't sign the log. Haha . I was just reading up on that. I am planning on making one, but I have to find someone who would be interested.
  18. Ok. I think I mean more like having to have a cacher from Amsterdam (or in Amsterdam) to help solve the one in Atlanta and vice-versa?
  19. Hi, I was wondering two things, which I would love an answer to, if anyone could help me 1) What is a foreign exchange geocache between two cities? 2) Is it easy to make one? Thanks so much. I was hoping on getting a friend of mine from New Zealand into it and looking at the Atlana-Amsterdam one, it gave me the idea of it.
  20. Speaking of Addis Ababa Dublin Airport have a new direct (yearly) route to there <3
  21. I know that, I have made caches already
  22. Well there are none of those stores in Ireland I don't think and it's just a pet peeve of me and my parents.
  23. Thanks for all the replies . I thought of a travel bug too but I don't want to buy something off the internet so it isn't an option.
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