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  1. Garmin boned me and I guess I will be trying the Locktite extreme...
  2. So silly question... When is Garmin going to provide another update to fix this mess?
  3. Actually Carroll v. United States (1925) led to what is generally referred to as the motor vehicle exception. An officer is allowed to search a motor vehicle without a warrant provided that they have probable cause to believe that evidence or contraband is in the vehicle. Given that we were running around with flashlights poking around electrical poles and equipment in empty fields I'd say that the cops had probable cause to assume we could be metal thieves making the rounds. bingo
  4. Wouldn't it be the other way around? It is the GAME, hobby, or activity (geocaching) that leads you the the SPORT (hiking to find a cache, racing to be FTF, etc.)? I can't speak for the others but no offense taken here! I guess it all depends on what triggered the activity to your addiction... the idea of exercise or geocaching. I 100% agree with you that there is a separation... Let the blind man see... No offense taken here either. What a can of worms that got opened...
  5. WHATEVER you do, do not try searching the internet to find the difference between a game and a sport. You may find something like this: You're confused because the word GAME has several meanings. You can play a game of sports, but you can't sport a game. To illustrate this, think of the Olympics. They are called the OLYMPIC GAMES. All the competitions are in specific Sports. The GAME is that world-class athletes --all good at different SPORTS --COMPETE for medals, and future endorsements. Pocket Billiards is a sport, and you can play different games [rule sets] within the sport: 8-ball, 9-ball, etc.. [for those that disagree, Pocket Billiards has been declared a Sport by the **Olympic Committee ** Football is a sport, and when you watch it, it's a game of football. Swimming is a sport, and there is no game of Swimming. Even a Swim gathering is not a game, it's a Swim Meet. This is the same for fishing, rollerskating, skiing and similiar activities. In a game you can blame the referee (or the luck of the cards). In a sport, win or lose, you always put forth your best effort. Baseball is the sport, the "World Series" is a Baseball Game. ======================================================================= Game, sport, hobby, or activity? I can see it called 3 out of 4 here. I believe it is the SPORT (hiking, racing, etc.) that lead you to the GAME, hobby, or activity (geocaching). I just can't see why people can't undertand this. Just my two cents... I hope nobody gets offended. PS The story from an earlier post was typed in good fun.
  6. The following names were changed to protect the insane and this is a fictional story and any coincidence is just plain luck: It was a beautiful day with the birds singing from atop the trees. Deep inside the apartment lay Tom Gregory aka "Fascarnam" stretching from his bed. "Ouch... why am I so sore?" Tom had to reflect on his previous day of SPORT and soon realized that the soreness has set in from the activity of geocaching. Flashback... flashback... flashback... Tom was sitting in front of his computer as usual when a "ding" sounded off... "what's that?" asked Tom. A cache has popped up and Tom realized that he wanted to be FTF. All he needed to do was find his defective Colorado and load the cache in. "Where could it be?" Just like every night, Tom realized that it was laying under his pillow next to his issue of "wannabe athlete weekly". As fast as you can say SPORT, Tom was out the door with his extension of his body (gps) on his hip. "To walk, bike, or drive... what to do", asked Tom. The cache might be too far to walk or bike so Tom took out his car keys and walked toward his trusty geocaching mobile with the custom "geocaching" license plates. A quick wipe off of the plates and Tom was in the driver's seat. Pushing the pedal down you can really feel the roar of the cache mobile.... Varooooom!!!! Tom lay his right hand on the dash with his eyes rolling back and reflected the days of caching as you can feel all 145 horsepower roar through his bucket seat. 45 minutes later, Tom regained consciousness and focused on his prize. "Navigate, navigate, navigate"!!! yelled Tom. He was on his way... 100 yards later. "The prize is in sight and nothing will stop me"!!! Being a seasoned cacher, Tom knew where the cache was... the sneaky light post. Tom got out of his car to retrieve his prize when a "muggle" was approaching. "What to do... what to do". Trying not to look suspicous, Tom quickly placed his gps to his ear and looked away from the approaching muggle. "whew... that was a close one but I think I pulled a muscle", said Tom. How was he going to lift the cover off that light post? Tom was not coming this far and going away empty. He quickly reached into his Official CVC Geocache fanny pack and pulled out the drink of the dilusional cacher... "SPORTADE"!!! He needed to be reminded again about his false beliefs. Chug... chug... chug... Just like that, there was a transformation from the dilusional Greg Thomas... Er I mean Tom Gregory to FASCARNAM!!! With one mighty swoop, the cover was lifted and the log was retrieved. "What's that", asked Tom? A bead of sweat had trinkled down his brow. "Am I melting"? Another chug of the drink and Tom quickly took five steps back to the car. "Must have AC... must have AC", said Tom. A short while later, Tom regained consciousness and drove home to log his find. With his gps in hand, Tom fired up his computer and navigated to the cache site. "Oh no", shouted Tom!!! You guessed it... finger cramps. This SPORT is too cruel. Tom looked all over for his SPORTADE. He needed to replenish his body from all the activity to log his prize. His apartment was bare except for the little can of reality sitting in the corner of the living room. The label read "GAMEADE". Could Tom take the chance and try something that was in reason? Would this drink bring him back to reality? Will the cramps go away long enough for him to log his find? Just as Tom was getting ready to take a drink, his doorbell rang... It was his good friend Will of Blind Acres. "Put that drink down", shouted Will!!! Tom put the drink down and Will took a seat at the computer to log Tom's find. "That was a close one and I'm glad I made it in time", said Will. And with that, there was a "ding" coming from Tom's computer. "Another adventure for us to conquer" , said Tom. This cache will try their endurance... 200 yards away!!! And with that, they put there SPORTY capes on. They were out the door to the cachemobile. They lived happily ever after.
  7. Better start an IV and push some meds to clear up the altered level of consciousness on this one too. Run everybody a virus is spreading!!!
  8. If you heart anit racing, then you aren't doing it right. I define a sport as this... If you can do it with a cigerette in your mouth, it's not a sport. Bowling and Golf are therefor not sports. Geocachacing, when properly done, does not have room for such distractions. LOL Riding a tractor is not a sport either... but then again, it's not really farming either... bubnme reaches down for his favorite golf club and slowly sneaks up on a dilusional almond grower...
  9. Oh no!!! Nascarfam is passing out the Koolaid. If you drink it then there is no turning back from the sickness.
  10. This much more serious than I thought... Nascarfam can not separate the two and might suffering from "wannabeathleteitos"... he is in denial or trying to justify exercise to his family doctor (Just kidding G) What you just described would be called hiking (sport) with geocaching (game) to get you there. Don't get me wrong... I enjoy this GAME. It gives me a chance to play with my gps and work on my ninja skills (that would be a hobby).
  11. Rock climbing is the sport... geocaching is the game to get there and not a cover up to justify it as a sport... pretty clear to me. maybe I should strap on my metal detector and call that a sport too...
  12. So you ARE interested in the next GBES Rally!? It will be nice to compete against you. (Geocaching is not just a fun sport, it's an addiction.) Well, 1 out of 2 is correct... I'm not so sure that putting a gps in a race would classify it as a SPORT. The race is the sport. How it is done is the GAME. Back to my 100 meter challenge... the gps stays home along with the silky track shorts... So how would someone know when they're getting close to the end of the 100m (without a warning) and how would they know the've actually found the 100m without their GPSr? You think we work miricles?! No. Behind every good sport, there's the need for a GPSr. LOL A race to the tupperware out in the open by foot (no jeeps or horses allowed)... no time outs or water breaks to the cache... spandex is not allowed but a good set of bifocals is... lol before the gps... there were measuring sticks or we can walk it off... lol
  13. So you ARE interested in the next GBES Rally!? It will be nice to compete against you. (Geocaching is not just a fun sport, it's an addiction.) Well, 1 out of 2 is correct... I'm not so sure that putting a gps in a race would classify it as a SPORT. The race is the sport. How it is done is the GAME. Back to my 100 meter challenge... the gps stays home along with the silky track shorts...
  14. This answers my question about the mount. The regular mount seems to be able to work on the mountain bikes then...
  15. Nice site. I think it would bring other people into this Sport. <div align="center">www.cvgeocachers.com </div> I thought we already discussed this... not a SPORT. If it is, then I will gladly race you 100 meters to the cache after a proper stretch.
  16. What do you mean by Garmin only supplying the large mount by itself? Yeah, I'm unclear on that, too. Seem like this is the large one and this is the standard one Or cheaper large one and cheaper standard one As far as which one you need? I'm assuming large one (1" to 1-1/4" diameter) for mountain bike handlebars and the "standard" for road bike handle bars. Or get the large one and add another layer of sheet rubber for more shock absorption if necessary? Okay... what is the difference between a mountain bike and a road bike? I think I own a mountain bike but now I'm not so sure... lol.
  17. What do you mean by Garmin only supplying the large mount by itself?
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