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  1. I seriously have to stop clicking that Russian link when I see it here or block it altogether. Every time I go to it I get a security message about an exploit being downloaded there.
  2. We've got one big enough for the ball bug. It's located in Millersburg, OH. If it's of any interest to you. It's a drive and drop cache. GC14JHF
  3. Happens all the time with our. Nothing odd about emm other than they are different. We're also not in a cache every .1 environment.
  4. Aluminum pill containers. Can get emm at WallyMart for a few bucks. All aluminum construction with an o-ring.
  5. I've used Magellan since 2000 when I started out with a GPS315. Since then we added a eXplorist 200 and a 400 to the stable. I've got all the accessories I've needed for them ranging from window mounts, belt clips, batteries, cables, and whatnot. The 315 still works great as do the others. Strange I'd be a fluke of luck with three separate units three separate times. I don't doubt customer service horror stories though. You get that when you ship that sort of job overseas to a bunch of people looking at a computer screen with pre-typed question/answers. One thing I have seen, and have been told, by several stores when looking for Magellan product is that they don't carry it not because of customer service issues but because that is what they contract to carry. Several in our area only exclusively carry Garmin and do not hesitate to bash any other receiver on the market. More times than not sales associates outright lie why a particular product isn't released yet. It's the same catagory I put the 'not here because of missing parts in the box' reasoning. Being a well informed consumer it comes across to me as nothing more than cockiness and arrogance as well as trying to get me to purchase a higher priced unit with the same features as any other gps manufacturer. I'll agree the "it's out/no it ain't" game is tiring. When the time comes to make our next purchase I'll be taking that into account. I'll also be taking into account any extra expense I'll have to make in accesories. I use SD cards for cameras, recorders, and present gps units. To go out and purchase something that uses something I'd have to get adapter for and futz with (microSD) isn't worth my time right now. Not having to have the latest and greatest to be able to show something off is nice. I use stuff until it breaks or doesn't meet my needs. Our GPS 315 makes a great speedometer in the car with it's large display. The 200 we use because we picked it up cheap for geocaching and the wife wanted one. Picked up the 400 for the streets and maps. Now the 315 sits in the car doing it's original job. At present as interesting as the Triton sounds we won't be jumping out and picking up a beta model. If there are legitimate problems with the receiver they need to be addressed prior to shipping. I see nothing wrong with that. How many times did they kick back Halo 3? Exactly my point. They as manufacturers would be better off not announcing a product ready to ship or a potential ship date until everything is adequate for the consumer. otherwise it only creates bad attitudes towards the product.
  6. Looks like we must have missed out on the coins this go round. Shame. We had a cache in my wife's hometown picked out to drop it in.
  7. Well, they've lost my potential sale. I'm not waiting any longer.
  8. An error I came across while searching for nearby caches. 1. Tried Both Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 7.0.5730.11 2. No other topic found. 3. Error on searching for cache by lat long location. Worked as of last night 10:00 pm EST URL Page Link: Error page problem location. (This reply was started as a new topic but was merged into this topic by moderator.)
  9. We are planning on caching in the Czech Republic in a few weeks. The European Basemap this thing loads has exactly what on it? The link I used above also caused my antivirus to go hog nuts and had to remove something the page loaded. So I'm not going there again. Edited to add... Just did the update on the eXplorist 400 we are planning to take overseas. I looked for any real detail in Europe and didn't find much at all if any. Is there any Magellan software out there that does add any detail for the central European region?
  10. We use a iPod for paperless and it works great. Wish I knew about it earlier.
  11. We use a 400 with a sd card. I don't hassle with the cable since my laptop has a sd slot. My computer also has an sd slot. GSAK is configured to dump straight to it every time with the push of one button. No problems here at all. The funniest part about the people I've seen that hate the 500 that own one is they won't cut lose of it for less than $150-$175. Must not hate it too much.
  12. It's a good thing my wife is good at math since most of the ones there have algebra and trig involved in the area's we're headed to.
  13. Depends on where you are. We're looking to go to the Czech Republic and it seems they like multi's. The work to figure out the puzzles are much more difficult compared to ours here as well.
  14. They were not up long. I bookmarked the presale page and checked every day. Didn't get the email and when I did the first time it was too late. Ours (3)came in yesterday and they look great.
  15. Got three iCache coins in today. Glad I bookmarked the presale page now.
  16. Well carp! We were hoping to find this one soon. People that make threats like that need to be strung up by their particulars.
  17. I find these guys a refreshing and amusing addition to this forum. It's certainly a break form the "I hate the xyz cache types" and "I don't like the xyz feature" threads.
  18. I'd like to get one of these coins. As a former Whartonian from the great state of Texas though I live in Ohio I still claim Texas as my home. There is no greater place on this earth. I hope to be counted in the group that has one of these fine pieces.
  19. You are looking for http://www.speedtrap.org for the website. It still exists and is quite useful in avoiding over-zealous officers looking for a few tickets for their next performance review.
  20. We're getting the same problem here. All other web sites we're visiting seem to work fine though.
  21. I wonder how they would like to play, 'Be a Wired Prankster' and hide every mag they put out under the storeroom shelves for 6 months. Bet they wouldn't.
  22. Except that one of the most critically important gauges is obscured from view: Engine coolant temperature. It would be real easy to run the engine hot and ruin the car if a leak were to occur. Save $600 not replacing the odometer / speedometer but have a warped engine block cost you $3500 to fix/ replace because you could not see the engine heating up, not a good idea if you ask me. If you must use this method at least put it over the tachometer where you can at least "hear" what revs the engine is up to. Edited for typo We used it in a 1989 Ford Mustang. Velcro on the unit and an unobstructed portion of the dash (fog light switch area). All the other functional gauges were visible. The $3500 could easily have replaced the engine and the transmission, I've looked. There is much to be said for a 5.0 that isn't computered out the wazoo like most cars these days.
  23. We bought our first GPS to use as a speedometer. The bloody speedo would have cost $600 for the repair. The GPS was $150.
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