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  1. Do you have the design set already or would we need to join the group in order to view it?
  2. We're certainly interested as well. The little ones were really cute and we had one given to us by a cacher friend we met at work one week.
  3. Those are some great pics. I should have used a tripod but I shot without one, through the bedroom window. I had it set to 15 seconds, ISO 100, f-8.0. I forgot where the manual focus was. DUH! Double tap MF/Macro button. I feel swooft.
  4. Jose is more laid back more than an ironing board. That puppet rocks. lol
  5. Is there a place to order those from? I've looked at the website and didn't find anything.
  6. LOL, I think we have a spare in our large cache. Just be wary of the guy that likes to leave live rodents in caches. I'd be scared to see what he'd leave in ours.
  7. Taken today from our house. Used a Canon A540 on manual settings.
  8. We were wondering if anyone knew of a way, place, or contact to get a couple of 'dummy' or non working display hand held GPS units for a library display? Last year we used our working units but I never was really that comfortable in using them for that purpose. We feel that the fake realistic plastic type units used in store like wal-Mart and such. We checked the usual places and came up empty. We're even interested in broken, non-working units as well. Age is not an issue. Any suggestions or offers?
  9. Confirming our order is correct and good to go. Looks great. Thanks.
  10. Haven't seen our preview yet for our colors. Hope it pops up soon. lol
  11. I think a few DNF's shouldn't be cause for a disable. Even a long time between finds doesn't mean much really. We ran out to check our caches after one DNF at first until we realized we should just wait for a few more. Personally, we wait for three DNF's before checking it out unless we already have a scheduled check run planned. One DNF/maintenance request had us hoppin' for a few weeks wondering about the state of the cache. Came to discover the cacher looking for it actually found an old log book and bag from a previous hide in the area ours was in. Somehow we missed it when checking the area because it was hidden in a tree. The cacher missed finding our cache by literally 20' because of it.
  12. Placed our order just now. Looking forward to seeing the results.
  13. I talked it over with the wife and she seems keenly interested in purchasing a set of these. We'll put in our order as soon as we pick some colors. I hope in the next two days.
  14. We would be interested as well depending on price and minimum amount required.
  15. Phew! It's a good thing I knew I was in a GPS forum here and not something else. Am I the only one who kinda' chuckled after reading this one? I was actually wondering the same thing reading through the whole topic. All the lubricant, stiff units, and not .... well you get the picture.
  16. Looks to me like magnets in the popped off part perform the 'switch' action. Similar to a rechargeable toothbrush I imagine?
  17. We met Ratjumper a while back and he gave us one of these fine coins. We would be interested as well in joining in.
  18. It's the incorrect english-czech translation of "Crazy Horse." I came up with it while the wife was gone and used the dictionary we have here. Stupid me I forgot about grammar. Thus it's actually "Crazy Ride." Which fits too I guess when people see what I drive like.
  19. Hell is a noun. dadgum is an adjective, ironically enough, both used in the Bible in most Sunday sermons by preachers of all people. Wasn't aware using either would be construed as 'gratuitous cussing'. Have you watched tv lately? Far worse than anything I've said here. Will take note of your offense of it's use though. It seems we've reached a point in this country where TSA officials and the like are watching too much MacGyver and finding ways of making it difficult for the average person to go anywhere without being probed, poked, handled, or violated in some way by a person that makes barely above minimum wage. Even before the batteries they've tossed in 'behavior analysts' at checkout lines to see who might be behaving like a terrorist. Get a little miffed and make the wrong facial expression and pow, you're getting poked and probed. Today the story gets out if you have a laptop and you're coming to the US from another country be prepared to get yanked for the sake of being a potential child pornographer and having your laptop probed as well. Think it's not a big deal? Tell that to the grandmother that was arrested for having naked photo's of her grandchildren. People in this country are too easily conned into giving up their privacy and freedoms for temporary security. Probe your laptop, Sir? Grandmother arrested. Our trip did go off without a hitch with the exception of a few near misses. Near misses that could have resulted in the missed connection of a plane had we had an overzealous Barney-like TSA officer wanting to give us a closer rub. Next trip out we'll most likely have what we need waiting overseas and forgo any potential hassle. Walking through the metal detector trying to hold what up covers what remains of my butt while keeping a steady eye on my belongings was a chore I choose not to repeat anytime soon. All our future in country travel will be by car. Out of country we'll just keep required belongs overseas. The filter woks on the one variation. Perhaps a filter for the other?
  20. I knew about this Dec. 20 when we returned from Europe. I was ticked with having to pay $1.25 per regular standard battery in Czech so I thought well *Satan's Place* I'll just take extra next time. That's when I found the notice on the TSA site. Well *Satan's Place*, just ship emm. Nope, mailing them is illegal as well. *Condemned to live without A/C with Saddam* if you do and *Condemned to live without A/C with Saddam* if you don't. Next thing you know we'll be required to wear government approved one use only spandex body suites to fly. **Corrected offending text to something more politically correct**
  21. Judging from the past logs of the cache in question I would have posted some concern a long time ago. Used needles, propho(a heck you know), and such is not a place I dare tread.
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