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  1. It appears all doubt has been removed as to the attitude of one of the individuals I've mentioned earlier in the thread. It will affect future decisions made in this household I can assure you.
  2. LOL, you're getting alot of exercise
  3. LOL, you're getting alot of exercise
  4. After looking at the actual page in question I'm still pressed to find anything offensive or pressing any agenda. Funny, I thought liberals, conservatives, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, could equally support the troops considering a soldier represents no political leaning, only the status of protector. Can't seem to find one mention of a speed limit clause in any of the rules or restrictions of placing a cache either. This certainly puts two individuals in a different light that I previously viewed them. I certainly will take this event into consideration in future dealings.
  5. I see nothing wrong at all with supporting our fighting men and women in this country. Regardless of the wars they fight and the political junk that causes them they are our protectors. It's no different than any cache dedicated to the police, fire departments, or other similar types. Personal opinion as to whether or not a cache is acceptable to a finder as a suitable or worthy cache should be their opinion only and have no bearing on it's placement or description. Otherwise, they had better put a "No military" clause to the rules and restrictions for placing a cache. If not it allows too much subjectivity for the reviewer in my opinion.
  6. We use GSAK and the macro for iPods with our iPod Classic. Works really well we think. We don't normally do more than 20 caches in a day and most are nothing more than TNLNSL so there is no real 'remembering' anything there. The memorable caches will stay with you for the day. If not take a small notepad to jot things on.
  7. If a power trail is nothing more than a series of caches located 529' apart why not just raise the distance amount? It seems to me more than anything it's subjective and opinion based, not a hard set rule. Raise the distance required and call it done so there is no ambiguity. In my particular area there are not many hides at all. In fact I placed a good portion of them. Complaining about only one cacher making placements is pointless when there may only be a few in the area that actually want to place them to begin with. Raise the distance.
  8. It's funny in my experience the ones that say the numbers don't matter are the biggest numbers chasers and multi log events for temp caches that don't meet gc.com guidelines. Using their logic one could and should be just as correct in multi logging a multi for each stage.
  9. Got a couple of country sticker CZ and USA coins today. Woot!
  10. I'd get any of the Canon A series cameras that are on sale. They usually run between $100-$150, take great photo's, reliable as heck and take SD cards. I've worn the heck out of ours in the past year with over 3,000 shots so far and it's still ticking.
  11. I'm counting the days now. I had forgot.
  12. Sounds like all the mints are running behind.
  13. Speak your mind, Captain, no ruffled feathers on my part. I do realize there are two groups of people when it comes to purchases. You have the Testers and the Users. I swing between the two in those regards. I don't mind beta testing different things. That's why I'm signed up as an HP product tester. I also beta test various software on a regular basis. A few days ago I jumped into the IE v8.0 beta bandwagon to test the new version of IE. So far it's a rough road going not being able to get much of anything working. Doesn't other me because I opted for it and expected it. That leads into the other group, Users. Users want to be able to purchase an item and go on the good faith that the product has been tested completely by folks like myself. They know there will be a few bumps on initial release but the things that both the Garmin and Magellan units are setting out should have been caught in beta programs. It seems to me the two groups got into a who's going to release it first fight that has given both a black eye. Had I been given a pre release unit from either company I'd worked the ever loving he double toothpicks out of it and as a result listed the bugs, and errors. I can't see how using your customers to beta test and shake out the bugs though is a good thing. Of the things you've listed those items were most likely 80-90% usable in their initial release state. These gps units though didn't fit that bill nor did they stack up to their claims of advertising. That being the case I can see where some feel legal action would be needed. In regards to both companies handling of the situations I'd give Garmin a 4/5 while Magellan is 2.5/5 respectively. As a Magellan user I was hot to trot up to the counter up until a day after the release and the problems were getting posted. I was set to get the 1500/2000 to replace my aging 400 eXplorist. At present though I can't justify spending almost $500 on a beta unit. Test it for free and shake out the bugs then send the unit back and purchase the finished product yes. But not a purchase to test program. The trade off is free time working the units for finding the issues. Magellan and Garmin would be best advised to use such a program. Other tech companies do it and it works well. Some even allow the tester to keep the test units or exchange them for a working production model. I'm sure Garmin and Magellan would find many many willing participants in GC.com. However, they are banking on the fact that some people will pay for an incomplete product and pay beta test products accepting the bugs to be on the cutting edge in their neighborhood. I'm not a pay beta tester. Because there are though we can continue to expect inferior untested products on our shelves.
  14. Got ours ordered. The wife said what to get ahead of time so I was set. Added to cart, went to check out, had a hiccup but everything worked out.
  15. It appears to me the OP has a legitimate gripe about the Triton. Reading his other posts here he seems to have stayed on top of the ball in regards to updates and I found his reviews and others very useful in deciding whether or not to purchase a new Magellan or not. I don't think it is entirely unreasonable to expect something you pay a good amount of money for to work correctly out of the box either. Imagine purchasing a new tv only to find out you can watch it you just can't put it on channel 45 because it'll turn everything green including the channels that worked fine before. Think about being told an update will come out soon to correct the tint problem only to find out when you update it that it fixed the tint problem only to cause you lose channels 2-15. It seems to me that he had reasonable expectations that his Triton would work as advertised. It's also not unreasonable to ask if any other users intend to seek legal action be it through his State AG, BBB, or other avenues. Fortunately, for myself and others, looking at Magellan and Garmin over their snafu's with their respective units we didn't spend the money to find out we bought a bunch of issues and problems. I would also think that of the 361 members of TritonForums they only represent a drop in the bucket of actual Triton owners that know of the forum very existence. Most individuals are going to call Magellan for help and unless Magellan is directing individuals to that forum for tech support there are a lot of unhappy Triton owners out there asking if legal action is the right way to go. I know as it stands right now Garmin is looking really good and that's coming from a lifelong multi-unit Magellan owner. Censorship and some of the 'fanboy' reactions here isn't making Magellan look much better either and is holding more weight in my future purchase decision more so than a lawsuit.
  16. Those are really cool. We're looking forward to seeing them soon. They're almost too cute to set free. lol
  17. Wow, my mailman will be mad. Got some other coins that's supposed to ship that date also I think.
  18. I must be missing something here. I can't seem to get it to work correctly with my 350.
  19. Thanks, I was just wondering because of geo.error's posts about the shipping date. lol
  20. The 25th is on Tuesday. Am I missing something or is my calendar incorrect/
  21. Everything is going up but my paycheck. Looks like it's time to start speaking with my wallet and not purchasing much. Bush thinks that the $1200 we'll be getting will go into the economy he's got a surprise coming.
  22. This was our first time ordering through a project like this, other than the Nerds order at the same time, and I do have to say it has been a painless and enjoyable experience in dealing with Landsharkz.
  23. Sent an email and replied to very quickly. I wouldn't have noticed hadn't I read the forum here of the mixup. Thanks Landsharkz.
  24. The wife and I have worked up several ideas for a series of 5 coins, maybe more later, based on a real life product. However, because of lack of artistic ability, lack of money, selling them, and questions about copyright we've held off. I could sketch an idea on paper for them and scan but the copyright makes me wonder even though it would be different yet familiar. Shame.
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