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  1. Sweet bob that's a large area! I'll be honest in saying that I wondered about several things that would have been affected by the quake. To have those thoughts is not insensitive in my opinion either. It's human nature to wonder what effects and how far reaching disasters reach.
  2. I believe the answer is, quite simply, because that is how they choose to play the game. Why do you log multiple 'attended' logs on the same event? Because that is how you choose to play the game. Why do I not log any 'attended' logs on an event? Because that is how I choose to play the game. michelle Interesting concept of a 'game'. Too bad that same concept couldn't be applied to a hockey game. Perhaps then if they played how they felt they should choose the game hockey would have more fights, more goals, and I wouldn't have had stayed up half the night watching Dallas win a few weeks ago. That is what separates a 'game' from a 'hobby'. Some view their statistics as a measuring stick against other cachers always striving to be on the top of the pile. Others that don't really care about the numbers or making numbers runs and multi logging use the feature for themselves. If it were a true 'game' in the sense of the word the 'rules' or 'guidelines' would be equally enforced for all. Some bring up board games and such as justification. However, that falls flat when one considers the competitions that revolve around those very same games are restricted with rules all follow in the competition. Which has always made me wonder if it's really not about the numbers and it obviously isn't really a game in the truest sense of the word why have the stats plastered public as if it were a game. It makes no sense at all.
  3. People are quick to say it's not about the numbers. Take out the options of double dipping and multi logging temp caches at events and you'll see them change their tune real fast. Best thing you can do is keep yourself honest and to heck with the rest. It's not like you get first place for this game and they are only cheating themselves really.
  4. What I find more irritating is a cacher in such a hurry they don't bother to read anything but the coords for a cache. Then when they get to the cache they break the hide or container trying to get to the log book and don't mention anything about it in the logs. Then again it is all about the numbers.
  5. Just checked though all of ours and had two with paint spots. Both cleaned off with a little rub. Noticed what I attributed as part of process with the laser engravings. Wiped them down and they came clean. Two had paint color goofs in the strings area where you would pick the guitar. All in all they look great. We'll just release the errors in the wild since they'll most likely get bounced around in a cache or two. We'll certainly order more if there is a 2009 version.
  6. We've been pickin and grinnin all day long over here. They look awesome!
  7. We placed the order so far back the wife and i can't remember if we got our request for the US and CAD guitar in or not. We look forward to getting the coins though they look great.
  8. We got ours today they look great. The wife really loves them.
  9. All paid up. It's an early anniversary gift for my very tolerant wife. lol
  10. Got a lawnmower in one of our caches. Fun for kids.
  11. We have a Library themed cache and the real Librarians actually love the guy. They actually make sure he is standing doing his duty at the front of the library. A few times we had to remove him for maintenance and some of the librarians that didn't know about it actually called us at home worried he may have been stolen concerned for his safety. He was actually stolen once but that has been rectified. The Librarian (GC1254G)
  12. I'm working on several pathtags myself. With the cost of them they have a good feel, quality weight, and the cost is very minimal in comparison to other things. It's also more personal. Will they get yanked the next cacher out. Most likely. Will that same cacher replace it with something good or junky? Who knows. I'm not the one that has to go to sleep at night knowing I cleaned out my cars floorboard into a cache.
  13. With enough chedda you too can have your commercial listing approved.
  14. The coins that were 2 glitter colors swirled seemed to come out without being able to see an actual swirl. The mint does the swirl colors by hand, so they probably put down the first color and then sprinkled the second color over it as the "swirl". I can see that your coin has 2 different colors, but they are not separated. Ahh, I'm understanding what you are saying but we had a pms color and glitter. We thought that there would have been a noticeable difference between the two. We've never ordered a coin before this one and a few of the others and we we thinking the difference would have been similar to a GeoJelly that was given to us with a similar application. No worries though. Live and learn.
  15. Any news is good news I spose. lol
  16. WOW, that has to be a heap of swirl in there. Maybe from the looks of things we didn't get our swirl after all unless it matched so close we can't tell? Cute little buggers.
  17. OK I know this is off topic... I just noticed where you live. I was raised right up North from you in Wooster until I was 15. LOL, even futher off topic. I was raised in Texas just south of Houston. The wife is born and bred Czech. We moved up here about 5 years. I know, why?
  18. Went to the post office today and noticed a bunch of nerds hanging out at the mailbox. Tossed emm in the trunk and ran home. **Edited to add. The wife counted up all the nerds and the count came up to 28 regular (version 2) and 1 of the Mystery Nerd. Minus the one donated nerd it looks like we are missing one regular nerd from the order? BTW the little buggers are danged cute.
  19. Those look really cool. The wife likes them alot. I see a request in your future form us. lol
  20. That's odd. We normally lock coords once, then go beck the next day with a different GPS and see where we land. Guess you could say we do our own beta testing.
  21. Sounds like the hider is throwing his friends a bone so to speak. I like my friends but they would still have to find any cache I hid just like any other. Sounds like it's about the numbers to me.
  22. What is the Centris coin, when did it come out and is it still available? Those are cool.
  23. I don't see any problem at all listing the caches on multiple sites. Then again I don't work for any of them so there is no conflict of interest in my opinion. If one has a problem with the other it's a management issue not a player issue. There is nothing wrong with healthy competition between groups providing the same services in my mind either. The winners are the users/customers because of improving services. If a place can't improve and decides to rest on their laurals or feel they are 'so good' you can either use them or tells the users/customers to pound sand if they don't like it they are setting themselves up as a company soon to no longer be big in the business.
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