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  1. n8turgrl, the neighbor is going to let me shoot his new crossbow tonight. Just to let me vent my frustrations. I've moved past the Wii stage and need something more real.
  2. Trade ya. All I got was a bunch of bills.
  3. What is the longest some of you are willing to wait? Just curious.
  4. That sounds all good. thanks for the update. I missed this thread. I need to remember to make bookmarks. lol
  5. Updates and information are priority one for me. While I don't expect an update every day a once a week, "We checked on things and they are progressing 'xyz' " would be great. Particularly if the delivery date is overshot. Otherwise the void of silence is one that makes me very nervous and less likely to do business with an individual again in the future.
  6. Hmmm, sounds like some coins are going to need to be hitting mailboxes soon lest complaints get filed. I'd never known this had it not been posted here.
  7. We feel your pain. We've got some coins tied up with 'the mint' being blamed for the issues. It is frustrating.
  8. Wow, I almost thought we missed out on a really cool coin. Looks like we all missed out. Seems to be a lot of troubles with mints lately. We do look forward to this coin if it is produced in the future.
  9. Given that signature items are a part of the game one would think there would be a forum section for it. It would take less time to add the section than constantly locking or moving topics about them. Just my two cents as a forum operator. If there is a section here I'll be dipped if I can find it.
  10. We use clear plastic address labels from Staples for laser printers. They work great and we can design our own as needed. Can't beat the price.
  11. Got an overdue phone bill and a few path tags. The path tags as great as they were didn't make up for the fact the post office somehow managed to botch getting this months phone bill to us resulting in a double bill for next month.
  12. I've picked up the green container above and use it. Works great and cost very little.
  13. Had bills in ours today. Didn't check it yesterday.
  14. Trust me I can feel your pain on this part of it. Some days I'm mad (at the mint) and others I forget I even have some coming at this point.
  15. This is especially true if you merely want to have your say, but don't want anyone to disagree with you. I don't worry about disagreements. I have my opinions and occasionally share them. The other person can either accept them or smoke them.
  16. Call it what you like but I see no sense in logging a find on a cache you have placed no matter who or what justification you try to do to make yourself sleep better at night. From what I have seen the ones that do it and justify it do so only to pump their numbers. I've often asked myself how someone could claim a find on something they already knew where it was placed exactly because they placed it. Then again, for someone who really isn't concerned about their own numbers like ourselves, we don't feel the need to artificially pump up our numbers so others around us should feel some sense of awe or "wow look what they've accomplished." Some folks need that though to feel better about themselves I suppose and you'll have that in everything in life. I wouldn't lose a wink of sleep if the code was altered to prevent owners from claiming a find on their own cache. Not goign to lose any if it stays either. If they claim their own you can see for yourself who's really 'honest.'
  17. I've done the same thing. I work in tourism and have found it useful to mark some places of interest around these parts for guests.
  18. We have one named Junk In The Trunk (GC14JHF) and haven't had too many issues with it. The only nearby neighbor asked about it and it was explained to him to which he responded, "I thought that's what it was." His yard is a full .1 mile away and the same with other surrounding neighbors so even with a bad bounce given the open area there should be no issues. If the person reads or looks at the page they will see enough description and images to place them where they need to be. It's also hour restricted so if someone reads the descriptions they have enough sense to know when and when they cannot do it. Thus far kids seem to love it because we stock it well and regularly. We don't use it as a tb hotel but it is large enough to handle most oversized tb's that might come along. To my knowledge we've only seen one cacher drive up, turn around, and leave. It's a pity because if they actually gave it a shot they wouldn't have been left disappointed. Thus far the only issues with the cache itself include people taking the huge pencil we have to sign the big log book, not closing the aptly large ziplock bags, and worse yet not closing the 'lock and lock' portion of the lid they have to open in order to take off the lid. (Regular cache issues that happen everywhere) Then you have the regular trade a quarter for a big swag item or worse yet a paper clip. We do encourage photo's but nothing yet.
  19. I don't sweat the Gamin people. I have a GPS 315, eXplorist 200, and eXplorist 400(upgraded to European software). All of them work perfectly and have had no repair issues. The 400 I use has the upgraded Euro software and American basemap and never goes wonky. I like the way it's setup now with the extra screens. I'd gladly take another 400 or even a 500 for the wife since she likes to use it so much. Mounts and accesories can be found on eBay all without the self righteous attitude of some snot nose kid behind the counter. All in all I'd say it's a great unit. You want to throw out a Magellen in the trash send it my way whether it works or not. We put up a geocaching display in the local library every summer fro awareness. Not going to put one of my working units in there now am I. lol In regards to the Triton though. I still wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. As far as the Colorado if you can't get the bloody thing wet for fear of water getting in it what is the point? In it' case a 20 foot pole. The things get dropped, sometimes in water. It rains. It should at least be able to keep out water as good as a cheap ten dollar digital watch. Seriously, you want to get rid of your junk Maggi GPS I'm game. As for the Maggi bashers, ignore them.
  20. I can verify that everything work on the Nuvi 350. Took it for a test spin today and it told me nearby caches were coming up.
  21. We have a 350 and I can say the colors work great. The loader works really well also. We don't know about the proximity alerts since we haven't gone out yet. Possible next week we will be able to try the feature out.
  22. Wow, this is bad news. I've always hoped a mystery coiner would come down here to Amish Country but if people keep hocking their gifts on ebay I fear the trend will continue that people not gift out coins.
  23. Originally, before this macro, we loaded 500 into favorites. But, yes, we couldn't save anything into favorites after that.
  24. We've tried this macro and love it. Our only regret is that we don't know if there are any nearby caches as they don't show as dots or anything. We've been going to the listings themselves and looking for the closest ones available.
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