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  1. I find it arrogant anyone would require only one particular language used in any log. It's a tad ironic that it's an American as well since a goodly portion of those same Americans go into a foreign country and get upset when the waiter, server, or menu or what have you they get doesn't speak English. I know this from personal experience and as such feel it reflects poorly on the American culture as a whole. Frankly I don't care what language any of my caches are logged in as long as the visit took place and the log is signed.


    My advice in this situation is simply this. Know that you were there and had a great time with the benefit of a real smilie. Leave the cache owner to whatever narrow mindedness is his or hers and simply ignore the rest of their caches and continue to have fun. Just my two bits.

  2. Just my two bits on lamp post caches are this. Given the staggering number of people that use cross walk signals attached to metal poles, electrified, I see a much greater chance and likelihood that one of those types of poles would fail over a lamp post that doesn't see much action on a daily basis. As for panels or box's the fact you would need to 'pry' or use tools should be a hint to walk away. Bottom line is you can't legislate, guideline, or make a rule for stupid.


    When you are using a crosswalk button (even one that is malfunctioning) you are not removing the cover and exposing the wires inside to potentially being touched. You are doing that when you remove the access panel on a lamp post.


    As for panels or boxes the fact that you would need to pry or use tool to open them some of the caches listed in this search tell the finder that a screwdriver is needed to open the cache. Also in the What's in your geocaching bag topic screwdrivers and other tools using for prying are often listed. An Inctructables on how to geocache states "Other people have hidden Geocache boxes under roofs and inside metal poles that require a screwdriver to get out."


    Last I checked crosswalk poles are still made of metal with even more repetitive use by even greater numbers of individuals on a daily basis over lap poles. It stands to reason there is a far greater chance of an electric shock given the numbers. As a general rule in our group we avoid caches that require tools to access them. It tends to cut down on dangerous situations immensely. That and common sense. Something that all the guidelines, rules, and regulations can't provide to a individual lacking such.

  3. Just my two bits on lamp post caches are this. Given the staggering number of people that use cross walk signals attached to metal poles, electrified, I see a much greater chance and likelihood that one of those types of poles would fail over a lamp post that doesn't see much action on a daily basis. As for panels or box's the fact you would need to 'pry' or use tools should be a hint to walk away. Bottom line is you can't legislate, guideline, or make a rule for stupid.

  4. About two months back I was asked about a coin that had strange markings and a tracking code on it. At the time I didn't physically see the coin because the people that were holding it didn't have it on hand.


    Their story to me was an interesting one to say the least. This particular coin was described to me as being found on the side of the road State Route 241 just outside of Millersburg, Ohio. It was found by two teenage girls that were walking on the side of the road to a place near another geocache. Noticing the glimmer of gold on the road they quickly picked it up, pocketed their new found treasure and went on about their journey. Once they arrived home they showed their mother this odd coin they had found earlier in the day. Their mother, having heard of the crazy antics of Sileny Jizda, called us up and asked us what we thought this thing was. After hearing the vague description of it we became excited that a possible geocoin had been rescued. It was not to be though as this coins journey took another unexpected turn.


    The new holders of this lost jewel had to move. In the process they lost it and searched high and low for something that was accidentally found to begin with. Some two months later, today, our friends called us with cheerful news. They had found the coin again! With a more detailed description of the coin and a tracking number in hand we looked up the information to discover that it is indeed a geocoin.


    It is our pleasure to make note that this long lost coin has come back to the geocaching world. Once we have taken delivery of this coin in the upcoming week we will verify its Found status complete with pictures as it is said to have some surface damage. At any rate a happy story to report.




    As described the coin is this one...



    The Tracking Number is Not Real

  5. I don't see any issue at all as to why the names of mints cannot be divulged. Any individual that would want to make a business of coin making with a mint would still need to go through the necessary steps to become on a good relationship and dealings with a mint to make the same deals. The only real potential issue I see is the new competition aspect of the situation and folks not wanting to give information based on that reason alone. Otherwise, saying they do business with a particular mint because they like their work I don't see why there would be an issue.

  6. We've received all the coins we have ordered. Only one instance of it taking a very long time and bad/lack of communication. If we have communication with the dealer/maker we are much more understanding and are quite reasonable.

  7. We've lost more bugs and coins on this side of the pond than the other. I would say the assertion made above is actually quite accurate. It's a shame though. Could be a ton of caches overseas are actually multi's though too. lol

  8. How about trying to stay on topic.


    Asking for a list of bad mints and sellers is actually quite on topic and has been asked for by a great number of people on these forums numerous times. It's not an unreasonable request. In fact, it could be considered good business practice considering the codes are bought from Groundspeak.


    If you still have issues with a group project that was delayed by the mint for a couple weeks longer than was expected while they were busy doing the Olympic's pins, in which case you got 100% of your coins, feel free to take that up on those boards, or even start a new on topic thread. If you are just trying to stir the pot because you have nothing better to do, then I can't help you there.


    A 'couple weeks'? You're kidding right? If you only knew how much of a hairs breath some were ready to turn someone into PayPal you wouldn't be puffing your chest up right now. BTW how's that auction coming along? Inquiring minds would like to know.


    You won't see a list here on bad buyers as GC wants to stay as far out of this side of the buisnes so they won't have to assume any liability.


    Translation "We got our money you figure out how to get yours when it hits the fan." A list doesn't place them in any liability whatsoever. It gives the community at large an idea whom to avoid doing business with and helps those that are new to this hobby from getting hosed. It places them on higher ground and in a better light and doesn't make folks that do get hosed feel like they've been taken by more than a questionable coin dealer or mint manufacturer.


    The only recourse the community has is do to what I and others have been doing for years, and that is give honest feedback through the forums.


    Something some folks, seem to take issue with even in their 'own forums.' Why force someone new to have to dig through years of forum topics on a message board to find the answers they seek? That seems a bit counter productive if you ask me. It seems lately there have been quite a few instances of people getting ripped off. I guess those poor suckers should have dug through what, 8 years of topics, to make sure? You should be a comedian. There is no reason to keep things quiet only for more unsuspecting people to get ripped off. BTW How's that auction coming along? Inquiring minds want to know.


    Bottom line, and our advice to folks is keep your emails, pm's, receipts, and all correspondence. And put them out here. If TPTB won't do it I don't see why a topic couldn't be made similar to the other mile long topics here titled "Buyer Beware: Coin Dealers" and folks only add the name of the company, mint, person, and coin they've been burned by in dealings. It might not be pinned but at the rate people get burned around here it would at least float on the first page for the majority of the time.

  9. OK I'll be the bad guy and call it how I see it.


    I'm not defending the guy either but the phrase 'pot meet kettle' come to mind here. We don't normally buy coins from anyone not listed in the forums as reliable but our experience this year has taught us to me more careful in the future. If the mints are the issue I'd like to see the list of the mystical mints that are bad for doing business with. If it's bad coin dealers I'd like to see a list of bad coin dealers. Enough of this "we got our money for the codes it's on the buyer" beware mantra.


    Nothing sours people to a hobby worse than bad business dealings, keep it clean and everyone informed.

  10. I'm still getting the...




    The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.


    ...message from them from several computers in different locations. If I do a Google search for what I need and go to the page I want within the site all is good. Click on the main page logo and it goes back to the error page again. I've cleared the cache and such on both Firefox and Explorer but still no luck. I had no problem at all viewing it the night before.

  11. I mentioned to you in the email to try Pat Catan's, Lego. They have a whole whack of emm usually IF I haven't been by and talked the wife into getting them. If you go to the one in Wooster I can probably even tell you what aisle they are on. As you saw first hand they are plenty strong. You'll also note when I used the glue I actually coated the entire bottom of the cache. The particular one you found has been in the wild like that for a year now. I experimented with duct tape and found it iffy at best. Once the tape dries and curls you get one heck of a mess.

  12. I wanted to send a special thanks out to Landsharkz for this project. We just received our reprinted guitars in the mail today and they look awesome. This was really a great project from beginning to end and we look forward to whatever is coming in the future from you guys.


    Yall get two thumbs up from us. bigok.gif:ph34r:

  13. We usually get two of an item that we place on a tb tag. The copy tag goes on the second item and we keep it for ourselves. It's not the exact same one out in the wild but we do get to keep a part of it. Our Svitava (Czech Republic) Green Jeep Travel Bug didn't seem to last very long at all. It appears to have been hoarded by some Jeep happy cacher and despite emailing the owner of the cache we have no real reason to believe it or the cache is even still there at all. We even attached a realistic looking drivers license laminated travel card as well but apparently it looked too cool to keep moving. The other jeep we intended to release to travel to Texas has not been released for this reason. Apparently if you attach a tag to a cinder block you get better life out of it. A little creativity though and it's good as gone.


    As for coins we pick up two when we make a purchase. One for keeps and one for release. We're still a little apprehensive on releasing some for the same reasons above. We've thought about sending out proxies instead, and we've found our share, but decided against it because of people like mentioned previously making 'graveyards' for things they deem 'unworthy' of travel.


    It's a shame there are some that feel they have to make a personal judgment that will ruin the game for so many others.



  14. I'd like to see some sort of ranking system employed for coin makers. It would certainly take the guess work out of whom one would work with and purchase from. I know in the past there have been issues with people getting burned on different coin mintings like the Babushka Coin of ChunkyNL fame. Perhaps a rating system similar to the pathtags or even eBay with a Groundspeak approved or backed listing would keep the first time interested coin buyer aware of the choices. I know from experience more than several sellers and makers I'd give a big thumbs up too for a job well done. Maybe the same with the mints could be done as well for those that wish to have coins made if that would even be possible. It would send a loud and clear message for certain that people are watching and using others experiences to help make their decisions and perhaps improvements would be made on their ends.

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