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  1. We got our cookie goodness in the mail today. They are really awesome coins. The one we opened up to look at closer, unfortunately, became unpinned and now looks like a real Oreo cookie al-la twist and lick. We haven't decided yet what to do with it. Leave it be and display as it is (twist and lick) or liquid steel the thing back together. We thought it would have been a cool idea for a magnet to go with the twist and lick theme. LOL Just thought I would let you guys know though to be careful with this one. Now, I just have to try not to eat the bloody thing.



  2. I did remove the log. I checked the sequence of numbers increasing by one each time and that is how I found out the guy was logging the coins by guessing. All the logs had the same note for the discovery.

  3. Just got a hit on a coin in my collection from a very odd part of the world.


    Profile for User: Os M&M

    Discovered It 04/07/2011 Os M&M discovered it Visit Log

    see it online


    We don't have sure if this is alowed.


    But thanks any way =)


    Greeting from Portugal =)


    Since it's been sitting in my living room since we bought it I found this a tad odd. I checked their other recent coin discoveries and see that they are simply going down the list of trackable numbers in sequence. If you get any odd logs on yours you may want to double check. It seems this person is icon hunting.

  4. Wow there are some people that are really wound up tight. Reminds me of the customer I overheard in the store tonight. Swore everyone was asking for her ID in stores because she's a democrat. Speaking as someone married to a minority, my wife doesn't get wound in a knot when someone refers to her by her nationality. It's a fact what and where she is from.


    Relax. Chill. Nothing is wrong with descriptors used in writing to describe a situation.

  5. Just ran a PQ today that emailed multiple copies. Tried to load it tin GSAK and found out it loaded 19,708 individual cache records with Waypointe as the name and the coords of basically 0 by 0. Put it in the middle of nothing. Just thought you guys should know. It happened yesterday as well.

  6. Actually from what I've read recently there has been some strict enforcement by Groundspeak representatives in regards to not allowing the mention of the pathtags being allowed in listing, logs, etc. Frankly, I find it both ridiculous and childish that they would disallow discussion of something that is at this point commonly used and passed around as a collectible and swag.

    I've not seen any evidence of that here. Pathtags are commonly mentioned in the cache description page and in logs. As long as you're not requiring people to visit th pathtags site or force them to track your pathtags, or advertise the pathtags website, I don't see what right they have to disallow mention of the tags (other than the fact that this is a privately held company and is in sole control of the data).


    If you just mention pathtags without encouraging people to make their own or give the URL I don't think Groundspeak has a good reason to disallow mention of it. Groundspeak apparently takes its "no spam" policy rather seriously - a local cacher was chastised for advertising his geocaching event in his logs.


    Edit to add : "Left my pathtag, visit xxxx to make one of your own!" will probably get classed as spam. "Left my new pathtag, hope you like it" should be fine. BTW my avatar is from my pathtag.


    I would point out the thread in the other forum where enforcement was brought up and what is presently being done but it would probably be deleted. If you have a membership in said forum as you would since your avatar is from your tag you should be able to find the thread easily. It's a rather lenghty one and details the experience of some cachers that have had bad experiences mentioning the tags on cache pages. From what I understood they were not advertising for anyone to make a purchase on the site.

  7. Actually from what I've read recently there has been some strict enforcement by Groundspeak representatives in regards to not allowing the mention of the pathtags being allowed in listing, logs, etc. Frankly, I find it both ridiculous and childish that they would disallow discussion of something that is at this point commonly used and passed around as a collectible and swag. Not only that it does promote the hobby of geocaching in an affordable way. In comparison to your average swag and McToy I'd rather find or trade one of those because the cost is lower. My suggestion has always been in the realm of business if they feel threatened by pathtags make an either more reasonably affordable alternative or work hand in hand with the guys. I can tell something is going on because of the advent of Cachkinz or whatever basically amounts to as a colorful Travelbug tag. While interesting with the amount of theft that goes on at this point they are priced to high. Pathtags, not so much. Their prices, whether trackable or not, are more appealing to me.


    At the moment it seems that it is in certain areas which goes to the problem of equal and level enforcement which I have found to also be a problem. Which further leads into the unwritten rules or guidelines as they refer to them. While some may feel it worthwhile it has taken a lot of the enjoyment out of the hobby for our family from when we first started. There are also some local issues as well that have taken some of the pleasure out of this thing we once loved as well. For that we cannot justify the cost regardless of how 'small' it may be to some or how much more others may be willing to pay for the service. Since the new purchase we've made for our vehicle GPS we've become more interested in a different aspect of gps hunting that doesn't involve all the political bickering and constant guessing that Groundspeak has seem to have become. While we plan to stay involved in a limited degree it just isn't enjoyable anymore to the point of paying for the service.

  8. We're actually up for renewal soon. We' are also evaluating where our expenditures. With the brew ha ha over certain things that go on including not being able to mention the dreaded "p" word here, in caches descriptions or logs, we're erring on saving the money. On average when we do go caching we don't do more than 25 in a day as it is so loading them one click at a time won't bother me much.

  9. If I were a nosey neighbor that just called the police and told someone to get away from my property even though I knew they were on public property I would use the "But we've had break-ins recently" excuse to cover my arse. It's a nice, neat, catch all to give you a polite get the he double toothpicks out of here warning that has the appearance of teeth should the law get involved. I've read often the "break-in" excuse. It's become so common I have more reason to doubt it than believe it.


    A neighboring county in our area is attempting to make a rails to trails deal. The farmers in the area that don't like it have tried every twist in the book to shut it down from potential terrorism to high crime stats to prevent it. In the end they just don't want it going through their perceived idea of their property and I wouldn't be surprised to see the cops get called out there and complaints lodged every time they can get away with it just so they can prove a point.

  10. ... They charged him for taking an officer from his line of duty I don't see how that can be a legal charge. The main point in all of this is an officer miss using his power due to his embarassment for his over reaction...


    In this case it was most likely an overzealous rookie pumped up from watching 24 reruns sent on an 'urgent' donut run at he behest of his superiors. He didn't get to pull out his gun and yell, "Put the cache down!! Put the cache down NOW!!"


    Now everyone take two shots of your favorite beverage.

  11. I don't get the whole "Interference with the duties of a public servant" charge. Short of him trying to clean the egg off his face for trying to hook a guy for doing nothing and cooperating the cop was grasping at straws to try and burn the guy. At the least the cop needs a reprimand if the cacher complied with what he was required.

  12. We got the dream catcher coins as soon as we could after seeing one in the wild. We thought they were awesome. The boss has approved purchase of some of these guys since they would go so well together. We are certainly looking forward to the finished product.

  13. We've got one near us that I feel is commercial but they approved it so who am I to complain? The cache is full of business brochures and the like. A recent article in our local paper about the business placing the cache said they thought it was a great way to market to a younger crowd to get them interested in the business as well. If that isn't outright admitting the cache was placed for a commercial venture or gain I don't know what is. It's still active, we found it after two go's at it, and the reviewer seems to let it float. Who am I to argue the rules. They are the ones that don't get paid to approve or deny them.

    There has always been a very big difference between promoting a business in the online listing in any way (very akin to advertising) and any object you or any individual places in the physical cache itself.


    That is true. However, when they openly and freely admitted that it was placed with the primary purpose of bringing in new business (aka commercial) I have to wonder. They've also tried shopping out to Ghost Hunters as well in order to try and garner extra attention to the business. As I said though if the Frog is cool with it fine. I'm just not going to be all that shocked to see more pop up like that in my area.

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