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  1. I am in the process of placing one - thus the reason for building and modifying it. Its built around a story created by my 9yo and my wife and will be a night cache - or evening cache although you could do it in the day I guess but will be much harder as it will incorporate the use of Firetacks and need a flashlight Wanted to have room for trade items as that is essential to the storyline so modified it to allow for that If interrested in one let me know and Ill send pictures so you can see the makeup and all
  2. I built a modified one (actually a couple of them from the materials bought. Its larger and compartmentalized to be able to hold trade items. 4" diameter and modified to be a bit more sturdy. I have a couple that Ill sell and can make more if there is interrest out there. Let me know
  3. Correct me if Im wrong BUT wasnt yesterday April 1st.....APRIL FOOLS DAY....Rick Astley Video.....Nuff said (unless Im totally wrong at which point Oh well.....)
  4. Summit County here - for those in the area (NE Ohio) check out all the locals on geochums.com GREAT place to meet the locals
  5. Have a friend that has expressed interrest in buying my Explorist 400 and extras but I dont think that it will really pan out so thought Id see if there would be any interrest here Heres what I have Magellan Explorist 400 with latest and last firmware update in great shape and working condition but showing a bit of normal use wear Windshield mount Bike mount usb data/charge cable with power adapter sd card - think its a 256 meg (might be 512 though) Mapsend Direct route North america and canada software All original box, manuals and software Not sure of a reasonable going price although Id guess in the ballpark of $150-$200 for the lot based on what I paid and the current ebay prices If interrested reply here with a reasonable offer and if things do not pan out on this end on Sat then its yours Thanks
  6. There is a 2008 firmware update for the CX (probably the HCX also) I have had no issues witht his update on my CX
  7. However if you have a standard basemap that has some topo features you CAN check elevation w/out the barometer. My Explorist 400 does it (although I use detailed maps from mapsource direct route) on mine and it does NOT have barometer altimeter Most basemaps and detailed maps (ie topo or road) have elevations built in and will give a general calculation of highest, lowest rise, fall etc
  8. nope thats not what theya re going for. heck on Ebay best offer price for a lightly used model is nothing under 129.00
  9. I grabbed on on Ebay for about 20.00 a couple of months ago and use it all the time and LOVE it
  10. If you are still seeking someone in the New Philly I can help you out. Fuinny that I used to live and work in Philly. Spent near 4 years at Bethanna in Southampton and also worked at Norristown State Hospital Now live about 1/2 hour North of new Philly and a Caching buddy here completed this leg for another Philly cacher last month. I thought about posting a general message on the cache page but notice your occupation (spent 9 years as a Christian Counselor for abused kids in LA, Louisville, KY and Philly) and thought it may fit! Let me know!
  11. I use my Sony Clie NX80 and use cachemate. I DL all the caches from my PQ and convert them w/ cachemate and use that In conjunction with mapopolis on my clie I can "map" each cache w/ the cachemate mapopolis conduit I also have an explorist 400 that has a cache companion on the sesktop so I also just pull out my PQ and use the desktop companion to transfer all the caches in my GPX querry to my 400 and then go from there. It to gives me the description and hints and other pertinant info listed right on the GPSr
  12. Which answers the question about whether anyone who has responded to this question is a PLAT member....obviously NOT or they would all be dead
  13. Im new! less than a week and have only looked for 3 and found 2 caches with my wife and 7YO son. What I found so far that works best is to run a PQ that will list out 200 caches w/ in a 5 mile radius of my house (there are a couple thousand w/ in 10 miles) have then sent as a gpx format AND mobi pocket (just for the look) I use the software that came w/ my magellen (geocache manager) and drop them all in there (it has all info on the query page here including hints decoded and logs (I choose the last 5) and then send it to my unit. Whole process takes only 5 min MAX. I sync the gpx file onto my Clie and import it with cachemate. (again all info needed from the query page) then I sort them by distance from my home and pick what we want to look for. Cachemate allows me to MAP the waypoint direct to mapopolis and they show as nice little red marks on the map. I can pull up my geocache POI on my magellan and hot go to and it tekes me right there. still learning the ins and outs of using the diff nav screens to get to the exact spot but that will come in time and all the excellent help found here
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