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  1. Congratz to ALL the GSA finders. Let's hope for a V2, what great fun and great stories. Thanks GSA for making it possible. Agent #182 reporting for duty!
  2. Lets not forget those who gave of themselves this holiday season. Though a geocoin arguably has little meaning to a non cacher I can't help but believe that a coin/letter/card or just a simple note might none-the-less raise their spirits and help heal their broken and battered bodies and minds just a bit faster knowing they are being thought of. A Recovering American soldier c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center 6900 Georgia Avenue,NW Washington, D.C. 20307-5001
  3. Oh great pumpkin where are you? I scooped your kin out with love and tenderness. I remove your seed to propagate your blood line next season. I light your relatives candle nightly, and pass out candy to little ones who come to see your wonder. Milwaukee is frosty and the season is ripe for an honored visit. . . . . . hint hint.
  4. Very nice. Gotta love that black nickel. Email sent
  5. Cute and a great coin idea GJ. Congratz to all the recipients
  6. What Dave said (and showed) so well . . . . it is so sad a bad apple can spoil the whole barrel. Hopefully you have a change of heart and be motivated by the smiles and cheers and follow through with your original plan and continue to do this VERY nice thing for the community. If it is or will be over thanks for the memories. I am sure I speak for the masses when I say "You are top shelf in my book".
  7. Congratz to all those who were blessed by The Great GeoPumpkin!! pssst . . . . over here Oh Hollowed Halloween Great One . . . .
  8. Thankful G.W. Bush's term is gonna be over soon!
  9. This is how I got our team name - My first name is Jim and my wifes is Sally so I mixed them up and slapped them back together and got jAY miLLS. Notice that my name is lower case and wifes is uppercase, this way we maintain our individuality in a sense but come together as a team also. Maybe you could take a similar approach depending on the number of people in your family by using the first letter of everyones name and do something with it like make all the name letters upper case and add vowels as needed in lower case to make the name you want.
  10. Unless of course the OP obtains permission from Groundspeak.
  11. Congrats to all the latest folks who have been bitten.
  12. God: for sending me DeafHunt to help me work on my patience and tolerance DeafHunt: For teaching me patience and tolerance. I still have a ways to go but you have come along way. Keep up the good work. It is nice to see your growth in the forums.
  13. . . . continuing the nominations: PennyPacker: Who is helpoing me get back to Guatemala. You know what I mean and no we ain't there yet but sure trying Thanks. AuntieNae and TheTapps: They go hand in hand. For all the work they do locally to educate the public in general as well as newcomers with geocaching workshops. Good Job! Also congratz on your engagement. AccordianGal: What a gal indeed. Giving up your seat at MWGB definitely warrants a nomination Thanks. Hope to see you at the WGA picnic. 3BlindEyes: Mal is a great guy! Haven't talked to Ursula that I know of. Thanks for getting things started for me in OZ. I enjoy our talks and emails and wish you weren't on the other side of the planet because it would be a real treat for me to me you both someday. Previously mentioned and listed in no particular order: CinemaBoxers Vegas Gamblers Woletrap LB4T PengoFamily Momma Cache SouthBayDay Avroair Flutershy: errrr I mean Fluttershy Sweetlife BRoKenW Tsunrisebey Tadpole Parents of Sam Nolefan9399 UOTracker DresselDragon 57Chevy Damenace GPX Navigators D@nim@l Dhenninger Nielsenc Nero M10B Glenn721 You have all touched me in some way. Thanks! To Be Continued . . . .
  14. I am sure there are others that I haven't thought of but these for sure: Unknown Soldier Tombstone Justice Garmin Grand openning (of course) Any Version of Moun10Bike Volunteer And of course the mystery coins I don't have; GCF, Leprachaun, GeoCoinBug, etc . . . probably easier to say the ones I do have GSA, ECB, and Binary
  15. Email the owner and see what course of action he/she would prefer.
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