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  1. Great minds think alike. I picked the same score as you I believe
  2. Now you know I can't do that Steph Bears 17 Vikings 14 Go Packers! Guess that disqualifies me . . .
  3. Received today: POW / MIA Gold - Thanks for the trade Law Enforcement Officer Geocoin Gold - Thanks for the trade Chat Mission received: 2 Nerds Deaf Awareness Coin AC Morpho Butterfly BN March of the Penguin Coin N Couple of Christmas ornaments Misc swag And a Frog filled with candy
  4. A huge thanks all around . . . .
  5. Received VegasGamblers BN personal today, NICE
  6. Just my opinion . . . . . . Looking at the bigger picture it is a sign of the times. It's not JUST coins that have gone up in price, 2 prominent examples that come to mind are energy costs (petro, natural gas, fuel oil etc) or a trip through your local grocer and someone already mentioned the devalued dollar.
  7. Today I got a 2007 BC Kinsol Trestle & Cougar Coin & Certified Geocoin Addict pin Thanks for the trade Helen
  8. Jeez people just go GeoCaching and enjoy yourself and quit worrying about how the next guy/gal plays his/her game. This isn't a race, it isn't a contest, there are no prizes for coming in first or logging the most logs, etc. It appears to me that some peoples lives have become personally disinteresting and realize their own satisfaction of their game is lacking so they turn to the next guy and begin judging how others are playing their game. Who cares?
  9. How do I link my coin list in signature without actually showing the URL. For example I want the link to say "Coin Lists" without showing the URL itself.
  10. Expecting a couple things but my mailbox vigil did not pay off today.
  11. Ok here I go for better or worse breaking my cherry in the trade forum ~ Looking for: Trigo Golden Triangle, Tombstone Justice, Tracking Time - Offer AC or AN jAY miLLS 2007 rAsTa HeArT for each Also looking for: Complete 2006 Military Series; Army, Navy, Marines, Air force, Coast Guard to trade for complete jAY miLLS 2007 rAsTa HeArT set which are the AC, AG, AN and XLE Polished Gold (Only 10 made). I also have a few coins to trade that can been seen through my personal page on my profile.
  12. The first 100 people to send me $10 will have a chance to win $900. I will keep the other $100 as the house take for managing the pool. I say this in jest of course to make a point.
  13. Definitely gambling whether he gives all the coins away or not simply because you have to pay to play. It also doesn't fall into the area of an exchange either. Now if someone has a chance to win without sending in a coin, THAT would be a cointest.
  14. 2006 Military Series; Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard Tombstone Justice Templar South Pointing Chariot Pay It Forward
  15. WOW what a great looking coin Jim. . . .HO HO HO This might help me get into the spirit of the season. Good Job!
  16. Nice of you Tsun thanks for the cointest. Congratz GPX and TB
  17. Did a nite cache err early morning cache
  18. Age ain't nothing but a number . . . of course it would only be someone who is old to proclaim that. Oh Well. Happy Birthday Jim and Tim
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