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  1. TB tag received from Pengofamily, Thanks Chantal
  2. Got a card and magnet from Fluttershy, welcome home Allie TB Tags from Rockin Roddy and ScoutingWV, thanks a bunch
  3. Hmmmm so many geocoin choices . . . at the moment it would be a Templar and/or a Groundspeak Volunteer
  4. Today received: 2 Rivercity Nerds Set of TB tags Thank You M
  5. I hear ya. It is disheartening when a coin vanishes from the very cache you launch a coin from. You notice I said vanish . . . some are undoubtedly stolen but I bet most are taken by noobs with 6 finds that don't know any better and it ends up at the bottom of a drawer. I started drilling or otherwise defacing my coins to reduce desirability in the eyes of these noobs. I have never released a copy but have moved several. After having a bunch disappear I too may start releasing copies of coins (better to release a copy then nothing at all if you think about it, so long as it is labeled as a copy). Of course then there are the self proclaimed geocache police who take matters into their own hands and arrogantly remove a copy from circulation even if it is labeled as a copy. You know who you are. If you don't want to move a copy, kewl, you get no problem from me, just leave the copy in the cache so the next guy/gal who comes along who may want to discover and/or move it is able too. Why take his/her choice away?
  6. Happy New Year I made a resolution to be more resolute
  7. I want to get several TB's but money is very tight and times are hard so I don't want to buy them if I don't have too. Does anyone trade TB Tags for coins? I have a few jAY miLLS 2007 personals and a couple other coins available found on my profile. Can someone give me advice on how many TB's one can get for a coin like the XLE Polished Gold version of my personal (only 10 made). Thanks for any help you can offer. Happy New Year to everyone! Please be safe.
  8. Good/Bad Karma . . . Thanks for the trade tasia
  9. Very nice thing to do indeed. Glad you had a delightful Christmas Michelle.
  10. Today I received: An Elvish Surprise mystery coin What's in your mailbox? V2
  11. Here I sit on Christmas Eve day. I am feeling a bit down as I always do this time of year when the holidays mess with my peace of mind. I hear the mail box thump and I know the mail has arrived so I go gather the mail and there is a padded envelope from me, to me. Hmmmm, I open it up and out drops the Elvish Surprise mystery coin. The timing of its arrival was perfect and it brought a smile to my face as it drew me out of the Christmas blues I was feeling. Thank you for thinking of me Santa's Caching Clauses. I want you to know it made a huge difference in my day. Happy Holidays.
  12. I had weight loss surgery June 20, 2006 and it was difficult and exhausting for me to do many things. I had developed diabetes, sleep apnea, and other weight related problems. In January of 2007 and more than a few pounds lighter I discovered geocaching. What caching did for me was despite it being the dead of winter it gave me a purpose to get out and gleefully frolic in the snow and ice and bitter wind to look for a mysterious container hidden somewhere in the woods. It was one of the most enjoyable winters I have had since childhood and quite possibly it may have even contributed to saving my life or at least extending it. Happy Holidays to you and yours Jim, thanks for the cointest.
  13. A departure away from color, soooo no paint at all. All metal in Antique Copper, Antique Gold and/or Antique Silver. Ohhh I said this already
  14. I agree with keeping it a simple social meet and greet that someone else mentioned. Don't really have to have an activity as such. You could use a bon type fire outside to socialize around and would be a pretty good fit with the chili that is already planned. You could consider having a chili dump where everyone makes some chili to bring and then mixed "dumped" it in one big pot. "Chili Dump Meet and Greet". Boiling up a few hot dogs might be a good inexpensive alternative eats for children or those that don't like chili. Provide coffee, hot chocolate, maybe some cider to sip while socializing, discovering and trading coins, etc. You can also use the indoors for those that can't tolerate the cold well, don't want to tolerate the cold at all or just to simply warm themselves. You can add some clever cointests throughout the event. Good luck with whatever you decide on Steph I know it will be a success.
  15. Got an unexpected Christmas card from Rivercity & Team Moagy along with a very cute Christmas coin. Thanks Marilyn!!
  16. Another hour and another post . . . Thanks again for the generous cointest
  17. VERSE <--- There is my best Thanks for the cointest.
  18. We will have a good thought for you TnT
  19. Almost game time good luck with your guesses everyone and thanks Steph for the nice diversion
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