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  1. RFJ silver coin Team Fireboy Pathtag TFTT Jodi
  2. Very nice to see the smiles, and a big congratulations to all the finders!
  3. This is not directed at any one person. Lets just all relax and give this person a bit of a break. They admitted they were pretty new to this and they certainly don't know the lay of that land in the forums with just 8 posts (all in this thread). No one is born with knowledge and with guidance I believe they now get the idea that they are lucky recipients of a nice coin. Lets be gentle. Just my geocoins worth . . .
  4. A bump, and a big thanks to Kelly for doing these benefit auctions for Dustin's family. And a thanks to tsun as well for her auction.
  5. Congratz to all the finders of the Jedi mystery coin
  6. WOWZA!!! Can I ask what is the name of the coin in the top left corner? And, I have to add the Beer Stein (what is the name and how can i get one????) to my Heart's desire list!!!!! OH, and I got my Sock Monkey yesterday!! Yahoo!! The beer stein is The Tapps personal. I think he is open to trades
  7. CONGRATULATIONS 007BigD and SweetPea! Welcome to the world Emerald Jeanne! Probably already said for a geonick but given the newbs name . . . Little Gem
  8. Holy Cow Dave! The time has finally come . . . . CONGRATULATIONS to you and Sweetpea. I hope the newb cacher enters the world with no complications for either Sweetpea or the baby. Gender neutral: 007SweetP or 007SweetD
  9. Like others here I would love to trade for one for these.
  10. Footprints aside. . . . I love caching in the winter and the snow for several reasons. It is quieter with all the muggles huddled indoors, no bees or spiders to deal with and I hate both, no poisonous plants to contend with, and the woods are open so you can see wild life easier and can pause -sometimes for a remarkably long time - and enjoy the caching experience more fully. To each his own I guess.
  11. I am so saddened by this news. Kelly, send me your address through my profile and I will send you one of my personals to auction to benefit the family in memory of my son Jamie who passed away 1/28/1986 at the age of 3. The pain this family is experiencing right now is deeply felt by me and I will have a good thought for them that they know they are not alone in their grief.
  12. Well I got to say my jAY miLLS 2007 personal is quite good looking but then I am partial
  13. Seeking German Reviewer Coin for antique gold jAY miLLS 2007
  14. As a way of giving back to the community that has enriched my geocaching experience so much I will donate a polished gold XLE jAY miLLS 2007 rAsTa HeArT personal (only 10 were made) to the GCF committee to auction to help offset GCF 08 expenses. It is in the mail today LeNore. Good luck. Peace
  15. How bout something with a "small" hole that could be used to accommodate a ring for a chain for a necklace, bracelet etc. Have a wearable coin. Of course this is dependent on size of the product too but might work well with a micro.
  16. I like the idea of baby turtles (micros) that have been mentioned several times. Maybe as a set of 3 or so
  17. Its the geocoin tax that has driven prices up!
  18. I wonder if prices stay up for longer than 4 hours if we shouldn't seek medical attention immediately!
  19. George W. has screwed up everything else, why not geocoin prices too
  20. 1 XLE jAY miLLS 2007 rAsTa HeArT for 1 ticket to the NFC Championship game in Green Bay. Ok Ok so my chances are all but impossible but one can try GO PACKERS!
  21. Don't know how this will go over but here goes anyway . . . . I am looking for a Mega Generic, ANY metal, will trade 3 jAY miLLS 2007 personals (antique gold; antique nickel; antique copper) OR 1 jAY miLLS 2007 XLE (only 10 made)
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