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  1. First, I want to remind everyone that Mystery Coins are not the usual gifted coin and are in a class by themselves and should not be bunched in with other gifted coins. This should be obvious. Second, I recall a comment made by a recent seller of a batch of mystery coins that they were moving away from non-trackables which doesn't indicate a "need" for money to me and personally raised bright red flags. That being said, if in fact a genuine need did arise where there was a need for "fast" cash then why a week long auction. I just feel there was a right way of doing this and a wrong way. The path chosen was misguided and disrespectful to all the mystery coin givers in MY humble opinion. Third, GSA I am pleased you are reconsidering doing a V2. I hope this becomes a reality and more smiles will emerge and new stories will be told. Peace
  2. Very nice. Congratulations to all the finders.
  3. I have to say this saddens me greatly. This is another example of the chilling effect of EBaying a mystery coin that I referred to in another post and runs counter to the "Spirit" in which mystery coins are intended. Again I will state, if you (not any 1 person in particular) decide you don't want your mystery coin(s) any longer give it(them) away to someone anonymously and keep the spirit of the coin(s) intact. GSA, I understand your decision 100%. I applaud your efforts and your mystery coin in particular will always have a special meaning for me as it was the first mystery coin I had the privilege to own, in fact was one of the first coins period I possessed. Thank you very much for the memories. Peace
  4. I think the distinction was made from the start. When I started this thread the Ebayer in question had 24 non-trackable coins up for sale. I only addressed the 6 mystery coins they listed. My view on mystery coins is by now well documented in this thread. As for the other 18 coins listed, some or maybe all of which were trade only coins that were never available for sale is another discussion entirely as far as I am concerned. I have dropped unactivated coins in caches myself as you described, and yes they are intended as trade even or trade up items just to add a bit of excitement to the hunt.
  5. Nope, I believe they all could have, not sure on that though. I know some of the ones that have though. I just know there are 6 Mystery coins up for sale by an Ebayer right now which are mentioned in a prior post.
  6. It is great that a few of the Mystery givers are weighing in on the topic.
  7. EXACTLY, I recall that as well. That is the chilling effect that I mentioned in a prior post that "can" result from Ebay sales of Mystery Coins. I really hate to repeat myself but I will if thats what it takes to get my message heard - I feel very strongly that Mystery Coins are undeniably in a special category of gifted coins made and distributed purely in the "spirit" of giving. I have the utmost respect for those Mystery folks who give back to the community with such a bold gesture. When mystery coins show up on Ebay the "spirit" in which it was given is compromised and the community is potentially hurt as a result. If you (not any particular person) decide you don't want your mystery coin any longer, be a mystery coin giver yourself and pass it along anonymously to someone who will accept it and cherish it with the spirit in which it is intended.
  8. Thank you for keeping this discussion civil on a topic that stirs strong feelings.
  9. Actually the keyword as I see is the "Spirit" in which it was given.
  10. I think I speak for the majority when I say we appreciate not only your generosity but the generosity of all the mystery coin givers. I hope your new coin as well as any future mystery coin will be received with the spirit it was intended and treated accordingly. These mystery coins are "very special gifts" that should NOT be put on Ebay when the recipient determines they no longer want to possess it. As I stated earlier, in this case it should simply and anonymously be passed on to another recipient to keep the spirit the coin represents alive. Of course this is just my opinion. Peace
  11. The whole point that I am trying to make with this thread is that Ebaying mystery coins erodes the very spirit in which they are given. They were given freely to the lucky recipients to bring a smile to there face and hopefully make their day. My bottom line is that if an individual has no desire to keep these mystery coins I would suggest that they simply and freely pass it along anonymously to someone else to keep the intended spirit of the act intact. Lets keep these mystery coins special, not just another commodity to be put on ebay at someone elses expense. Again I will point out that I am only talking about MYSTERY COINS, not personal coins gifted, or those coins that were available as trade only which as far as i am concerned in a completely separate argument. Of course as a disclaimer i will state this is only my opinion.
  12. First I want to point out that as the OP I made no mention of any ordinary gifted coins or coins that were available by trade only. I posted to specifically address the issue of multiple mystery coins currently being sold on Ebay. To recapitulate: I feel (and this is JUST my opinion) that it is disrespectful and a slap in the face to the mystery coin givers who spent hundreds of dollars just to make these coins, not to mention the mailers and the postage required to distribute them, all out of the kindness of their heart to bring a little joy to ALL of us in our little corner of the world. I could be wrong, but I can't help but believe that Ebay sales of mystery coins has the potential of having a chilling effect on current and/or future mystery coin givers. I understand hard times can settle in on us at times and the gods know I have had my share. That being said I personally would NEVER sell a mystery coin, I would pass it along in the spirit is was intended. As for gifted personal coins and trade only personal coins that were addressed after the fact I will let others argue the pros and cons of that.
  13. NOTHING but bills, OH BTW, I got tired of getting AARP notices so I joined lol Now if anyone wishes to fill my box with coins just let me know lol
  14. I disagree about opening the thread to bash someone and to suggest otherwise is presumptuous. I would have opened this topic regardless of who the seller was. I feel it is disrespectful and a slap in the face to the mystery coin givers who put out hundreds,maybe a thousand dollars to make these coins then spend how much money on mailers and postage to distribute those coins all out of the kindness of their heart. Had it been personal I would have expanded my comments beyond the scope of mystery coins that are currently listed. Peace
  15. TO: GeoPumpkin - Geocoin Bug - Binary Banned from Forum - GeoLeprechaun - GSA - GCF - or anyone considering making a mystery coin ~ Please don't allow these actions to make you feel unappreciated. You are appreciated more then you will ever know by 99% of the Geo Coin Community.
  16. Exploiting the kindness of Mystery Coin givers just spoils it for the rest. GOOD JOB!!!
  17. Put some dread locks on that lion ROAR!
  18. My wife is watching so i will say a nice night in a first class hotel that has a hot tub . . . . . ...........................ok she is gone now . . . . . ohhh family friendly pffft nevermind
  19. NOTHING! I stood at the door waiting in eager anticipation of any sign of geo mail and the mailman walked right by without so much as a wave. Would have even welcomed another AARP invitation but at least there was no bills.
  20. 3 wooden nickels from Moose-r-us , Thanks Mike and Melanie
  21. Look what I got back from 0R0B0RUS today! Ain't they purty! Fantastic job Alan!
  22. Congratz to both recipients. Thanks for the cointest.
  23. Not a coin but this might help . . .
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