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  1. Ok, this post is multi-purpose. First, thank you very much for the trade offers, I appreciate it. I really wan't looking for anything special although I did get some offers that were on my seeking list that I'd love to have :) Again I appreciate all the offers and instead of writing each person individually, I'll just post here.


    I contemplated whether or not I should post this but I think sometimes a little recognition is in order. I have decided to not trade the coin but instead give it away to someone who made me a trade offer.


    The person who will be receiving the coin is "LJ", at least that's what I call her :) She has been collecting my coins since I first started designing them. She's always been very supportive of me and I have always appreciated it (many of you support me and thank you!). I met LJ at GCF in Pittsburgh but didn't get a chance to really sit down and chat for a long time. Anyhow, I knew she had a collection of my coins going and I had seen her beautiful display case (madeby her hubby) of Crake's coins. About a month or 2 ago she had posted in one of my coin threads (I think the ETO) a beautiful display case (that her hubby built) for her "tsun" collection. I considered that a huge honor cause I know how much she loves her Crake coins. I thought the display case was gorgeous but as I looked over her coins, I didn't remember seeing anything that was a "tsun" edition (I could have missed it) and at that point I decided that my next "tsun" edition that LJ would be surprised with one :) Then came the opportunity to get my blue-gemmed Raiders coin back. LJ came in with a late interest letter and it was then I decided that I wanted her to have the special edition for her beautiful display case.


    So LJ, I want to say 'Thank You' for your support these past 2-1/2 years. I hope you enjoy the coin.


    tsun :D


    Back in 1980 I was approcahed by Steve Spielberg and Harrison Ford about a coin I had designed. They were making a movie (maybe you've heard of it?) called; Raiders of the Lost Ark. It went on to become very popular. Anyhow, they had seen this coin I had made and asked me if they could use the artwork for the movie. Of course I told them, yes but requested they change the artwork a bit. They removed the ammo box and changed the wording and a portion of the design. In the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark, it was known as the Staff of Ra. Had I known how popular the movie was going to be, pretty much a cult following, I would have asked for more royalties :) The movie came out in 1981 and my design was pretty much immortalized on the silver screen. :D


    In 2007 I decided to turn my design into a geocoin but made it nontrackable. I traded about half the coins and have used the rest for placing in caches. The geocoin is 2", 3D both sides, and 2 cutouts. I glued all the gems in myself. I've seen other companies try to catch the flavor of Indiana Jones after my design but let's be honest, you can't beat tsun's Staff of Ra - Raiders of the Lost Cache geocoin :D This coins was traded back to me (thanks Kelly) and I'm going to offer it up for trade. It is only 1 of 10 made with the blue gem. So it has taken 2 years for one to become available. My only request although I can't enforce it, is that you don't sell these on ebay and if you find that you want to get rid of it, please contact me to trade back for it or just leave it in a cache or trade it.


    Ok, I'll give this a few days for any of you who may be interested to make some trade offers. Again this is nontrackable but just remember that Steven and Harrison sought me out for this design :(




    Beautiful! Nuff said.

  2. I would have preferred a "fundraiser" for a grass roots group struggling to stay above ground organization for the cause rather than this commercialized org. that has no trouble "raising funds" but nice coin anyway and a good cause.

  3. I hope a vendor(s) picks this idea up. I believe this coin would be in great demand and sell well as I mentioned earlier. If I could I would do this myself but I am a lowly non-profit employee who can not afford to fund this project on my meager income. I hope someone picks up this idea and makes it a reality.



  4. I have a nice coin idea but lack the skills and the means to bring it to fruition. The coin would be a general "In Memorium" coin with no leaning toward a specific religion, animal or person. This coin could be used for any loss and/or memory of a pet, relative, friend, or even a group of people i.e. 9/11. The specifics of the entity to be honored could be put on the coins page.


    Anyway, I believe a coin like this would sell well as we all have endured a loss or two and this would be a nice tribute. It could easily be re-minted as needed which would make it a good stock item if a vendor would be interested in the idea (hint hint). I know for myself I would purchase a few to honor several special people in my life that I have lost over the years.


    As for the design, I don't have a clue but I think something simple would be good but will leave that to those who possess those skills.


    Would anyone else be interested in seeing a coin like this made?



  5. ****UPDATE****


    First I am UOTrackers Brae I'm just no longer a UOTracker...


    I received this update from Oakcoins this week...






    The coins are finished and will likely be announced through Oakcoins in the next week or two!! The "Artist Editions" if you still call them that, I'm way out of the loop, are on their way to me now, however I no longer keep a "Store". My versions will be available for sale and I believe I have a list already, but if you had wanted one, I will only have 28, 2 of them are special for the March of Dimes auctions, if you wanted one send me an email to wicksworksdesign@gmail.com


    If you have any questions I check my email much more regularly than the message boards here. I hope your as excited as I am to see these coins!




    Nice job AGAIN Jen! Looks great.

  6. coins527cr.jpgcoins529cr.jpg


    Got this in the mail today. It is a beautifully done coin, and of course I am more then a bit partial to lions. Thanks for thinking of me Mystery Dutch Lion, R O A R! Peace.


    And a thanks to CF30 for allowing me to hijack your great photo, hope you don't mind.


    jAY miLLS

  7. Got one of these also a few days ago, its a beautiful ornament. Sally says thanks Jackie for the MistleToad she loves it. Thanks Tadpole and Sweetlife for the thought! You are all Top Shelf Peeps to be sure. Thanks to whom ever took the photo and let me hijack it :)





    And today I got a letter and family photo of "The BigD family". Great to hear from you Dave, you got your self a beautiful family Dave. What a cutie Emerald is. Thanks for thinking of me. You are special to me, have a safe and joyous holiday.


    One Love Brother - Peace.

  8. Today got a Christmas card and a Happy Holidays pathtag from Hedge Hopper & Mustang Joni. I do believe this is the first copper pathtag I have seen. I think it was copper the few seconds I had it in my hand. :D Sally took possession of the lil bugger pretty quickly :D . Happy Holidays back at you Craig and Joni, and may it be a safe one. Thanks. :D




    jAY miLLS - Jim

  9. Mrs. jAY miLLS here for the first time ever - I got exciting mail today. My first pathtag in the mail that was addressed to me that says Maine Caching. Jim says he thinks he knows who that is. I just love those little pathtags they are so cute. Thank you very much for making my day :) .



    Mrs. jAY miLLS


    Made my day too just watching you :) love you.

  10. Mrs. jAY miLLS here for the first time ever - I got exciting mail today. My first pathtag in the mail that was addressed to me that says Maine Caching. Jim says he thinks he knows who that is. I just love those little pathtags they are so cute. Thank you very much for making my day :D .



    Mrs. jAY miLLS

  11. Got a spiffy looking Christmas pathtag (makes Mrs. jAY miLLS the pathtag collector very happy) and a Christmas card from Dhenninger. Thanks Dave :huh: Your definitely top shelf and I wish you a safe and joy filled holiday season. :huh:


    jAY miLLS - Jim and Sally

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