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  1. Hi


    We are from Auckland, New Zealand and will be going to LA (Anahiem) for a week in Sept. Is there any geo caching shops in L.A?


    Im rather keen to pick up some bits and pieces.



  2. I downloaded EasyGPS and GPXView to download caches to my PDA. If I add a single cache , the read out has a different style of Cord's. How can i change this?




    If I search and try and save a "group" of caches and upload them to the pda, I cant access them..... the pda just sort of trys to opens it, but doesnt, can anyone help please?



  3. I dont seem to be getting a notification when a new cache is listed near me - should i change a setting somewhere?


    Go to THIS LINK and set-up your notifications. Many people have reported problems with Yahoo, so if you are using yahoo, many people recommend switching to Gmail (free service from Google).

    thank you

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