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  1. Location: North Island, New Zealand





    Kyle891 found TheWonderStuff's & Zork V's Whopper Geocache (Ack) (Traditional Cache) at 10/20/2010


    Log Date: 10/20/2010

    This is the second time I've been here but this time it has a rather special story which I'd like to share.


    Being an outdoor instructor I get the great pleasure of teaching and working with children of all ages, shapes and forms. While working at Kokako Lodge this past week with an amazing school group I noticed that one of the girls(Amy) was in a wheelchair. Curious, I asked the lady with Amy who informed me of her having Cerebral Palsy. With it being an outdoor camp with outdoor activities I wondered just how many of them she'd be able to take part in. High ropes and water based activities are the primary ones at the camp so there wasn't much left.


    On Tuesday I was instructing archery and my first group was Amy's, I was excited because I love trying to challenge myself to include everyone no matter who they are. I ran through the brief then had a chat with Amy asking how much pressure she could put on her wrists and how much movement she had where.

    She's a lovely girl full of energy and very keen to try new things, being 12 years of age and limited to a chair is not exactly fun and yet she still manages to smile and laugh every chance she gets.


    After the other kids had finished their shots I asked Amy to move her chair in the best possible position to do archery from a chair. I put her hands under mine and got her to tell me when to do what, how far to pull, where to aim etc. After a few missed shots she got the hang of it and had an absolute blast for the remainder of the session, even joining in the little competition we had set up.


    While we were finishing up I noticed a 10 years Geocaching sticker on the back of her wheelchair so I asked about it. Knowing about this cache, I thought about how accessible it would be in a chair and having convinced myself we could do it I spoke to the teacher in charge and organized that I take Amy and a few friends up the track to get the cache during a lunch break with the help of Mel, a fellow instructor, at some point. Not knowing what this Geocaching was all about and interested to find out, two teachers wanted to come with.


    So on Wednesday at lunch time we swapped Amy into her lighter manual wheelchair and we set off. Once we'd got onto the track I told them all what they were looking for and that I wasn't going to tell them where it was exactly. Everyone was very eager to get into it and we set off. After reaching the junction on the track where it's too far and having not found anything, even I wasn't sure how I had missed it, I mean I'd been there before so I should be the one to know where it was. I asked if anyone had seen anything and all came back with no. We set off back down the track at a slower pace, now keeping my eyes peeled I spotted it rather quickly and showed Mel secretly. The girls continued past it for a while before noticing we'd stopped. they came rushing back along with Amy and had a hard look at the bush.


    Only after they'd spotted it I dragged it out onto the track to show everyone. The look on Amy's face will stay in my memory for a long time. Everyone put their names in the log book and we traded a few items. Put in Alice TB and took out the T-shirt tag.


    Geocahing, with the help of good friends and people who care made all the difference in the end.


    I love my job :yikes:


    The log moved me , glad we brought joy to some young girls,

  2. Yeah, No Clue and Tarot series in Lancaster area are some dense caching. If you just focus on the Tarot series area, a 150+ cache day can be had if you route things well. No Clue and surroundings can net you another 125+ day on the east side of Lancaster.


    The BikeNCache series down there in Newport Beach is a good series for a bike. We did that and nabbed 30 in the series in about 4hrs. That doesn't count some of the ones we had previously found.


    Palm Springs is a good area for high density caching with quality hides. The Wheeler Dealers and the other locals are pretty good at coming up with some creative camo.


    San Dimas/Glendora/Covina area also has a good high density with quality caches. 100+ day shouldn't be a problem up there.


    do you have a link to the tarot series - a cache gc #?

  3. We are coming to LA (staying near Anehiem) for about 8 days, then heading up to San Francisco for 5 days or so.


    We would like to know where there are some good places to pick up a few caches - like here:




    Seems like a nice ride on a bike - and you can hire one there - so thats ago.


    We will have a car.


    Highyl condensed areas.


    Been told Palm springs is a nice place to go, and up to the No Clue series in Palmdale I think.


    Any help would be grand.


    Will hold an event also - a meet and greet in Anehiem.



  4. I just tried to order mine. I can't place an order outside of the US. Anyone know of an alternative place to buy these coins that does international shipping?


    My mate brought me one, and himself one, and we are in New Zealand

  5. Buy a Oregon -



    1. You go out and find the cache. Once you're ready to log the cache on the unit you do the following.


    a. Select Log Attempt b. You select the type of log

    3506973328_ea095ffd83_o.jpg 3506972338_7f19474d8e_o.jpg


    c. Then add a note or find the next cache d. and if needed write a brief note



    This creates a file called \Garmin\geocache_visits.txt on the device.


    2. When you get home, you upload this file to geocaching.com via this page.




    You get a list of all logs



    And when you click on Post Log




  6. Nothing has been decided...and we take all suggestions very seriously.


    However the current EC Masters process is a time consuming one, and making it more complex will add more burden on us when we are trying to make sure that we can manage the influx of new EC as well as meet the EC Masters demands.


    That said, maybe an idea would be to have a panel of volunteers who would like to peer review EC in some system and then award the very best with some kind of recognition on the earthcache.org website?


    I would volunteer for that please


    I’d like to add images and other html to the cache page, does the submittal form recognize html? Also, I’d like to preview the html before it gets published to be sure I didn’t make any mistakes. How do I do this?




    What I do is create a new cache like I would for a trad etc, then I can see the pics etc, then copy/paste into EC submittal form when Im happy with it. Also means I have a back up copy.

  8. I've read here before about cachers seeing other cachers (both hunting the same cache) and getting a kick out of messing with the other guy a little. In other words, they mess with the other guy by appearing to be a pain in the butt muggle. That is until they've had their fun and fess up.


    The other day I saw a lady in her office while she was working. Big plate glass window and a good view of the street. She looked bored....insurance agent with no customers at the time. I got to thinking that if I had an office job like that I'd place a cache out where I could see other geocachers while they hunt, just for personal amusement. Any of you did this kind of cache? You could also make it an exercise in learning stealth techniques of others.


    Done it, but the main prob is that most caching done here is in the weekend, though I did spring one cacher :laughing:

  9. I submitted cords to my reviewer to " Hold" an area for me. It was a cache outside TEAM NZ's HQ( Americas cup - you guys heard of that :laughing: ) and I wanted the cache listed either on the day NZ won, or the Day we lost ( So I could get the correct details in my cache page :laughing: )


    He gave me 2 or 3 weeks I think.


    Also did it on a fire tack night cache I did, where it took me 2 or 3 weeks of setting up the fire tacks, testing etc, last thing I wanted was someone to plop a trad down in that area after all the work I had put into it.


    Common sense in my eyes :laughing:

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