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  1. I am primarily a Geocacher but have a growing interest in Benchmarks. I run PQ's and dump them into GSAK and load them into my Garmin. GSAK has a ton more functionality, but that is all I pretty much use it for loading caches into my unit quickly. I saw the thread about benchmark files, but I am not sure I followed the technical part. Bottom line is there a way to load the benchmarks right into my Garmin or run the PQ. I see there are .Loc files but to be honest I have no idea what they are or how to use them. I guess I can load stuff by hand, but it is quite time consuming and subject to human error. Any suggestions from the experienced? Responses in remedial tech are greatly appreciated Thanks, PinkD
  2. Someplace on the coin there is probably a number, might need a magnifying glass to see it though. That is the number you need to use.
  3. Having met SEH, I really like what she came up with. Oops... missed the scuba part of your request... here's what I have so far: No worries on the scuba... I like the picture because it looks more like a female but is there anyway to cut back on the hair just a bit? Maybe about shoulder length...
  4. You might want to look at the caches in the area, and see who the active cachers are, then contact them directly to ask, my guess is they will be most helpful. Good luck
  5. I am not taking part in the race, other then grabbing one of the racers and moving it on. I would like to say and thank Dflye and Creacher for all their hard work on the NC Event, they did an awesome job and we had a huge turnout. Way to go guys!
  6. I tried the baby powder trick on 2 benchmarks, one yesterday and one today. I like it, it seems to work well. I used a small paint bursh (for trim) to brush off the excess. http://img.geocaching.com/benchmark/lg/8ad...210d6d51793.jpg http://img.geocaching.com/benchmark/lg/b2d...1261cd263f9.jpg
  7. Nahhh, not at all. Try SCUBA diving . . . $70-140 - Mask and Snorkel $100-800 - Wet Suit $40-100 - Fins $200-900 - Boyancy Compensator $450-900 - Tank and Regulator $50-100 - Weight Belt $60-200Gear Bag $370-1250 - Guages, Dive Computer, Knife, Light Of course, there's classes to get started and trips to someplace warm, like Cancun, etc. etc. Or try hunting, fishing, Geocaching is pretty inexpensive! JohnTee My vote is with John, Geocaching costs far less then my diving habit. The good thing is once I am at my diving spot I can look for nearby caches too. I am going to Aruba next year for diving, but there are also 15 or so caches there. Now I doubt I would fly to Aruba for caching, but it will be a nice bonus while I am there. Also for the record the numbers he quoted are conservative, the costs an go much higher. Geocaching is a bargain by comparison even with the cost of gas.
  8. My understanding is that WAAS does not work when in battery saver mode. I can confirm this. I could never great accuracy on my CSX, I would be standing next to someone with the exact same model and they would have 5' of accuracy and I would have 14 or something else. I compared settings and changed my battery saver mode to OFF from ON and all of a sudden I had better accuracy and satellites I had no idea I even could access.
  9. Thank you! You can never have too many dolphins This is a very helpful thread!
  10. can you please explain what you mean? I am pretty new at this. Thank you
  11. Hmmm interesting idea, wonder if a nut pick would work too? I am still pretty new at this and most everything I have found has been easy.
  12. Wow what very nice photos, some are even amazing. So many neat ideas in this forum. Today was my first visit here and I have already come away with 2 wonderful ideas. This is a really interesting forum. Hello to all!
  13. PinkDolphin


    Just grab it and maybe log it in and out of the cache or just grab it and move it along.
  14. Baby Powder and Corn Starch what cool ideas, I like that. Today I was trying to photograph a benchmark and it was so grimy it was hard to read. Does anyone ever use water to clean them off as well? (Maybe a silly question, if it is sorry)
  15. Thank you all for your reply. I am almost ready to make the purchase, I would buy from an authorized on line dealer. I have gone out caching with others who have the car units that "talks to you" and they are so awesome I can see lots of value in it for me even when not caching. (I have been known to get lost driving home from work if I have to take an alternate route).
  16. Faye Have you purchased your unit yet and if so how do you like it. I am considering a refurbished unit for my car and am a bit nervous about it. I usually only buy new and have never bought a used or refurbished anything. However in this case it seems more practical to go with the refurbished. All the comments in this thread have been positive, anyone else care to chime in? Thanks PinkDolphin
  17. That's the one! I knew I would get a quick reply here. Thank you very much. Pinkd
  18. Can someone please tell me the name of the cache in New Orleans that is located on the top of a building. You need to go into the lobby and say to the receptionist "take me to the cache" or something like that. I don't recall the name of this one. Then the building engineer comes down and takes you to the monster sized container filled with TB's? Thanks in advance. PinkD
  19. Hi everyone. I didn't see an actual Intros section, so I thought this would be a good place to start. I first heard about Geocaching a couple of years ago and had planned to try it, but the event was cancelled so I never had the opportunity to give it a try. I don't own a GPS or even know how to use one for that matter, but am interested in seeing what this is all about, sure sounds like fun. Would love to know more about Geocaching and meet others who know the ropes and don't mind a newbie around.
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