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  1. I keep my coins in an archived (unpublished cache) just to keep them separate from TB's and coins I have picked up along the way. However I never ever put anything in that cache that I don't own. If it is a traveler I keep it in my personal visible inventory as a reminder to move it. It is quite full at the moment, but starting tomorrow these travelers will be dropped at various locations in Arizona.
  2. I have an archived cache I keep my coins in. It is also home to my traveling dolphin who jumps in and out of the treasure chest to attend events or just plain travel. For me, doing it this way keeps my coins separate form those that actually want to travel.
  3. Me too, sort of. I did an upload earlier today and I have 3 caches in New Hampshire, I have never even been to New Hampshire let alone cached there. All 3 of those were caches found last Labor Day Weekend in Virginia. I also have a cache in Washington State, which is a cache I found here in NC and is still in NC. Not too concerned, but just thought I would throw that out, I am sure it will get sorted out. PinkD
  4. Edit: ...and I am continuing with my intention from the start of not making it a "for-pay" site. The only fee to you will continue to be that you need to be a Premium Member at GC.com because you need to be able to download the PQ that INATN needs. I am very happy to hear that. I love your site!
  5. As would I, there is no email to contact him, so if anyone knows how, please PM me, or if you are reading this Dave, please PM me.
  6. I have no idea what this game is, or how you play benchmark bingo, but I guess I am IN too. I guess there is a link someplace that has the details.
  7. Sorry we didin't have time to get out to see that on Sunday, we had a pretty full day. I would love to see it though.
  8. Well, has anyone placed a 1K memorial cache for you yet? Or planning for a 2K cache? I'm thinking FTF gift.. I am not exactly dead.... but, to answer your question NO. I am going to hit 2k tomorrow sometime....North Raleigh area, if you want to join us let me know and I will send you the details, leaving my place about (9:15 am plan for the entire day, I'm driving). you know how to reach me, but I would not recommend the cell. I have about 29 on the list including a couple of puzzle caches that have been solved and one that we would love to put you to work on....(think Mother in Peril, but far easier).
  9. I am not real into the coins, but since I do some minor benchmarking I think it might be cool (depending on the finished product specifications) and I can find someone local to get it for me (I won't use Paypal or Ebay), but am always happy to pay a local who will use those services for one.
  10. Does this mean you will be making personalized Benchmarks for your Geocaching/Benchmarking friends??
  11. This was most definitely a 5/5 event while some nameless individual was trying to reassure the EMT folks he was indeed fine, I was being swept out to sea by the strong current. I am just happy the man who owned the property where the boat launch I was able to get to was understanding about my being there. When all was said and done I was 1 mile down river. Lets see, strong current, white capes, wind, cargo ship, YEP this was a 5/5. I would do this again in a heartbeat.
  12. Squeeze De Grape is a really cute one, I enjoyed it. I just did Big Pointy Teeth a couple of days ago, and that one was adorable. As Dave said Bond Park would be a nice place for long walks. I had just about finished when 4 more were added, I still need to do those. PM me if you have any specific questions. PinkD
  13. Not sure if this will answer your question but..... I asked something similar recently, but all I really cared about was getting the info into GSAK so I could load them into my GPS. I got all sorts of wonderful suggestions and help, but could not make any of that work (user error). What I wound up doing was going to a benchmark page and clicking on the LOC file and it sent hundreds of them to me in a GPX file then I dropped that file into GSAK. It is pretty simple, but got me what I wanted. I am sure you can manipulate them to some extent in GSAK but I don't really know how to do that either. Hope this helps a little. PinkD
  14. Sort of getting there. I have EasyGPS sitting on my desktop I have 6 different county files sitting on my desktop Now to figure out how to drop them into the .dat file
  15. Thank you. It just so happens I know BlueCherry in Fayetteville, her cache has one.
  16. Thank you. So to save me from reading a million pages. Are these coins being virtually dropped in various caches then the owners claim them?
  17. How can a Dolphin get one of those cool coins??
  18. I downloaded the EasyGPS no problem, it was the BMPGX program I aborted. It did not seem to have a windows installer, maybe it does and I just didn't take it far enough. I have Windows XP
  19. Is BMGPX hard to download. I started the process but it indicated I needed to extract some files, and after looking at the Read Me it appears I need to be familiar with the command prompts (which I am not). Most anything I load or down load is quite intuitive and the program does it all for me. I did install the Easy GPS
  20. That is sort of what I did with the 852 points I downloaded this morning (which was not my intention, it just happened). I really only wanted about 10-12. I copied them over to another data base then deleted what I didn't want, leaving the ones I printed out the pages for. The only difference is I just copied the data base over to accomplish my task. I will probably leave the 852 where they are, but not load them into my GPS. I understand about "chasing rabbits" happens to me with GeoCaching all the time. Thanks ArtMan, hope you enjoyed your time in Raleigh. All I can say is PFF has been very helpful to me! I will look closer at EasyGPS when I get home. Thanks
  21. Now I am more confused then before. I just want to know how to get there and the coordinates into my GPS without doing it manually. Mostly I just find ones other people have already found and post photos so I can find them. Although I did find one in Pittsboro, NC that no one had logged, and it was just on a corner out in the open. I usually print out the page anyway so I have the written information. I don't use GSAK for anything but getting the coordinates into my GPS.
  22. I have seen that option on the side, I never tried checking the boxes since I had no idea where it would send the information. I could try that and just have a blank GSAK database open. I also saw there was a tool Easy GPS that will work with the .loc files, that I might be able to download. I guess my question was more how to deal with those .loc files and get them where I need them. Thanks. EDIT UPDATE I just tried checking the box and sending the .loc file. Well it did go to GSAK into the correct data base (I already learned by trial and error to be sure you have it set to the correct data base or it will to to whatever is open). I checked off several benchmarks, and sent it. Instead of sending just the ones I requested it sent 852 or something like that. Oh well, I can isolate the ones I want and go from there. At least it works.
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