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  1. I use [reference to unauthorized application removed by moderator] and it works great. It is free. I used it today on my Motorola Droid. It shows you a list of nearby caches. You can also post a find from your phone.
  2. When I find a cache I just go in like I am changing the name and put an f at the end of the cache name. That when I get home I can see which ones were found.
  3. jasongross


    I love my triton 2000! I have not printed a single cache log since I got it. I have many great pics and vids of my kids out with me. I dont cache all the time. But I do hike every time I have a free hour or four.
  4. I registered last year as well. Just reregistered it with another email and username and it worked. So there is a work around for it. Thanks for the info!!!!
  5. I am not sure of the official limit, but I have heard of others saying that once you reach around 2000 it started to cause some issues. Personally I have a triton 2000 and I just delete and re-add caches when I am going to be in a new area. It really dont take too long. If you already have the files with the caches ready on your pc. I can delete and re-add up to 500 caches for a particular area in about 7 minutes. I hope this helps.
  6. I use a magellan triton 2000 totally paperless all you need is a premium membership.
  7. I have no desire to find hundreds in one day. Not a knock against the ones that do it just dont interest me. I love caching. I have been doing it for several years. The enjoyment for me is not stressing if I find or not. I usually take my son he is four he is good for about one hour of caching then I have to get some ice cream and find a playground. I am yet to even break a hundred.
  8. "stupid double post and stupid woodpeckers" Thanks boogleman best laugh I have had in a while!!!
  9. under my heart was placed in april of 2007. Still going strong. I think this cache will last as long as the structure is there.
  10. Sounds like your calling. I think you may be right. I've been thinking on this idea since I last posted. An ammo box would work out perfectly for DVDs. I think waiting until spring time would be best. Now, it's going to be hard to wait so long! Take the cd you want to put in the cache. Make a copy for you to keep. Put the original in the cache to trade. That way you are not distributing pirated copies. Put those directions on the cache description as well. Sounds like a good idea. Keep us posted.
  11. Having played thousands of competitive basketball games in my life, I have had this issue. No matter what type of shoe or socks I have tried I have had a cycle of toenail loss. It is always the the toe beside my big toe on each foot. It is caused by that toe actually being longer than my big toe. So it constantly make contact with the toe of my shoes. It starts with mild pain. Thne the nail turns black with lots of pressure under the nail and lots of pain. Then results in a dead nail with a new one growing underneath. The process generally takes about two months and goes in a cycle. Since my knee replacement due to military injury though, my b-ball has slacked off so now it happens maybe twice a year.
  12. I have a triton 2000 I like it now that I have learned how to make custom maps for it. For a beginner probably not a good idea. After tweaking mine it works great. After the new firmware update a few days ago the bugs are gone. At release this thing was a pos. Now mine is a great geocaching tool. Actually paperless with the unit alone. You can do turn by turn. But you have to mod it pretty heavily. Then you can install igo which is a turn by turn program. I have to say Magellen released a horrible series here. But with the help of the folks at tritonforums.com it turns out to be an awesome unit. If I had not found those folks mine would have been taken back after two days.
  13. I have a triton 2000 and I love it. I know not many people do but it works for me. I get hints, long and short descriptions, spoiler pictures and logs. The accuracy is better than what I had before which was just a garmin etrex legend. It was a good unit had a great life. The thing I like about my triton is my ability to make custom maps to meet my needs im sure you can do it for other units as well.
  14. hey couldnt find this answer anywhere else i was just wandering do military memebers get a discount for premium memebership. if so i would be interested. thanks very much and semper fi.
  15. i would love to see a pic of the pack jasonbishopgross@charter.net being a former i would like to try some army gear. i have a alice pack large and the new molle pack.
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