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  1. We must have the most boring centroid of all! S 45° 03.376 E 117° 00.004 is somewhere about a 1000 miles South of Perth in the Indian or is that Southern ocean . Maybe its time to drop caching as a a hobby and take up fishing, DEEP sea fishing
  2. The size preference and conflict of the cachers…… While caching in Oz we came across hundreds of micro caches and proportionally few regulars (and by for the most really large ones as well). We were also fortunate in attending a couple of Event Caches and had discussions with cachers with a find rating from 50 finds up to 4,000+ finds. Some cachers (especially the ones with large numbers) prefer a cunning micro in the forest rather than a regular cache. This made us think, why (most of the times) does cachers complain about micro caches. What is the benefit of a regular cache other than an easier find due to the size? When you hide a regular cache you add nice swag, but this soon deteriorate to nothing but junk (a padlock without a key or a broken toy, which was hijacked from a kid’s toy box before the days caching, will be swapped for nice swag) which change the option of “trading “ into “filling up” (all the time) . Trade up or trade equal is seldom observed and Geocoins or TBs will be dropped and swag will be removed. In the end you are left with a cache and no swag worth trading – which is nothing other than giant micro . We enjoy caching independent of the cache size, but this opens the floor for discussion if a micro is really so unworthy?
  3. I have noticed that this is a “very hot” topic, but on a lighter note….. Do you know what the best part about Alzheimer's disease is?? 1) You can hide your own easter eggs; 2) You can meet a new friend everyday; and 3) You can hide your own easter eggs
  4. Congratulations Carbon Hunter on your 300 finds, always nice to achieve a mile stone at an event.
  5. Hi David The file size and date seems to be ok. I have installed the previous version and it works 100%. I can understand the frustration trying to duplicate the error without success. If you can do that you can put the issue to bed. If there is any thing I can do on my side to assist, specific system configurations that might lead to the issue, etc just let me know. Ivan
  6. Thanx for the feedback and the link!!!!! I will have a look at the file size, etc and revert back.
  7. Hi, Not 100% where this topic must go, but seeing that it is a builder technical issue here it goes. I have installed the latest Wherigo Builder (alpha) 18/04/2008, but when I need to open a *lur file it gives me a ZonesEngine.dll and the program is not configured correctly. This problem might be fixed if you reinstall the program. I have done this a couple of times without any success. It gives me the same error if I try to open a new test file that I have created using the builder. Some previous topics mentioned that they installed the previous version of the builder. Where can I obtain the previous version if that will fix the issue? Your assistance with the error will be appreciated.
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