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  1. I guess I'll post it as a micro, but then again I created the rusty nut/bolt micro and that is much smaller. Maybe a nano class should be recognized. Thanks for the input...
  2. After being out of geocaching for a few years, deciding to get back at it after retiring. It seems that, and honestly I didn't re-read the rules, I merely scanned them thinking "nope, don't see any big changes, cept for the website looks different. I'm good to go!!!" Well after setting a few caches of varying sizes out and discovering new areas and finds, I had a fellow geocacher get a FTF but commented that the film canister with two pins as gifts or trade items inside along with the log, was a micro. I had listed it as a small because it is big enough for pathtags, small geocoins and pins. I guess what I'm getting at is. Should I change description to read micro or would it in good geocaching etiquette to leave it as it is.
  3. I believe folks just are too lazy to geocache responsibly. Therefore in my opinion, there should be a button for dropping off wayward trackables. That way at least they will be put back in the system and have a location the owners can check.
  4. Holy cow man!!! I just got back into geocaching after a 4 year hiatus. I am now retired and going for it again. problem I see with trackables, is nobody seems to drop them off... Well they drop them off but don't log that they have dropped them off. I guess its the way people do things now, half a**ed. I think there should be a drop off button for wayward trackables so they can easily be put back into the system...
  5. Boy oh boy, I am kind of new at this (35 finds, a few can not finds & 2 hides) although I live in the desert I carry a back pack with a still camera, a digital video camera, cell phone, multi tool knife (leatherman), my log book, spare baggies (large & small), trinkets for trading, several pens & pencils, drinking water, Maybe a beer (for celebrating that hard to fing cache), headlamp type flashlight, mirror (for day time reflective lighting) and walking staff for snake protection mostly. Oh yeah, and of course my GPS. Geeze, that pack gets heavy at times! too much ya think?
  6. Yeah, I kind of jumped the gun in that I got on forums & posted my question and then I started looking at other posts. sorry Thanx, Cabokalz Desert ant
  7. Being new to geocaching (turned-on to Geocaching 01/13/07) and imediatley purchasing GPS, starting geocaching on my own as soon as UPS dropped package on my front porch. My concern is, normally how long does one retain or hold captive a discovered and retrieved Travel Bug? The reason I ask is that I'm about to travel to the east coast from the west coast and would like to take said TB with. But trip isn't for a month. Any problems here? Thanx, Cabokalz
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