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  1. When I lived in AZ I'd see a rattlesnake almost every time I was down in the desert caching. Since I moved to the south east ive only seen a handful of snakes. Mostly water snakes but I did come across one cottonnouth.
  2. This is Moose and Daisy, this photo was taken in Demming New Mexico at Rock Hound State Park. Moose is the Husky mix on the left. He really loves going geocaching. He often helps me find the caches as he always finds the areas and the trails with the most scents and that usually brings us right to the geocache if we are looking for caches in the woods. Daisy is the Hound mix and prefers a nice spot on the warm couch rather then digging through the undergrowth.
  3. I wish there were more bikeable caches around me. I've done all the ones that are close by. Next week I'm heading to Florida and there is a trail along the ICW that has 17 caches along it. I'm really looking forward to that. Now if I could find a way to recharge my cell phone via a dynamo hub. Then I could cash all day via bike.
  4. I use a few different modes of transport. Here they are starting with my favorite and working down. Bicycle Kayak 2008 Suzuki Vstrom 650 2012 Tacoma 2006 Ford E150
  5. Actually it was sealed in a plastic wrapper and came with a tag labled activation code. I tried to activate it thinking it was an unactivated trackable, but it said this trackable is already owned by someone else.
  6. I didn't save the tracking number but I do have the activation code. Will that work? I can get the tracking number it will just take a few days until I have time to get back to the park where I placed it.
  7. Compared to walmart..yes they are expensive...compared to other high end backpacking stores they are cheap. If you tried to outfit yourself for a camping trip at rei it would be a lot cheaper than doing it at say a Patagonia store or your average boutique outdoor shop.
  8. I just found one of those today...and promptly screwed up logging it...I discovered it instead of logging it.
  9. I found and took a trackable. I logged in on site with my phone but somehow i clicked discovered instead of grabbed it. Is there a way to change that back to grabbed it? In the mean time I dropped it off into one of my own caches but since I discovered it. Its not showing up in the caches inventory...is there a way to remedy this?
  10. Soit sounds like I need to create I mystery cache. My plan is to put parts of the coordinates in the previous 4 caches and you'd have to visit them all to get the entire set of coordinates for the final mystery cache. In terms of the mystery cache page I know I need to enter in an initial set of coordinates. As I understand it these aren't for the mystery cache but somewhere you'd go to find the clue. In my case you'll need to go to 4 other caches in the same park. Is it possible to enter in 4 different set of coordinates. Or will I only be able to enter in one set of coordinates and then put the others in the long description? Also should I be putting down the entire set of coordinates for each stop of just the GC code? Or both?
  11. Thanks for the replies. I thought I didn't tic the enable box last time but I must have. Now to prepare my first mystery cache.
  12. Is there a way to get the GC code before I actually publish and hide a cache? I like to have the log and the container marked with the code before it goes out. I thought I figured it out last week but I ended up getting an email saying my cache had been published. I quickly disabled it as it was sitting on my desk at home.
  13. Thanks for the replies. I often get travel bugs in my caches but wasn't sure if it was bad form to move them along. I'll start with one tomorrow.
  14. Is it bad form to take a travel bug from one of your own caches?
  15. Over the past few months I've created a 5 cache series in a county park. I was thinking of turning this series into a multi. I'd like to put clues to the 6th cache in each of the previous 5 caches. How do I go about doing this? I mean in terms of changes made to the caches on the website.
  16. Find all the caches on my little island. Create caches that are memorable and worth or peoples time.
  17. My favorite way to cache is using my bicycle, riding though the woods, finding the cache, and being able to sit down and read the log and look at the contents of the cache. I really hate caches where you have to be so sneaky that all you you have time for is signing the cache and then rehiding it.
  18. I agree with the OP. As a cache owner I definitely appreciate a decent log. I also try to do the same when signing someone else's log.
  19. My caches are found almost at least every day. They are all urban caches that are easy. I'd like to place some harder ones that reruire a hike those will need to wait until it cools down some.there are still too many mosquitos!!
  20. I find it odd that you have been a member since 2003, yet have only been logging caches since 2011. Does that mean that you joined in 2003, but didn't log any online, or that you joined early, but just recently started to actually hunt caches? Also, I'm glad to see that you have hidden some caches, but 2 of the 3 are micros, the other being a small. I will be the very first to say that a micro isn't necessarily a micro, I do find it a bit odd that you would complain about them. I hear you loud and clear about lame caches. You are hardly alone in feeling the lack of love for peanut butter jars wrapped in electrical tape tossed into a bush behind the strip mall. But you can filter a lot of caches using the difficulty and terrain ratings, and further filter those with the favorite votes. From what you have left, you should be able to read through the logs and galleries to arrive at a few good caches. I guess I wasnt clear. I have no problem with micros. In fact as you've noticed I've placed a few myself. My issue is placement. My goal with my caches is to bring someone to a pretty area that they might have never seen if they weren't caching. I live in an urban area so micros make the most sense. My issue is the huge amount of caches that are in nasty areas that hold no attraction and me wasting my time trying to find them. Yes I've been a member for a while. I had a buddy that was really into geocaching. I wanted to see what it was about I checked out the website. I think back then you had to join the site to access much of the information.
  21. I have no issue with micros..it's the quality or lack of that's got me down.
  22. I guess my problem is that I really only have time to do what's close and they is almost all Micros since I live in a rather urban area. I've also got it in my head to do all the caches on my little island and that also results in lots of micros in empty lots and parking areas. I the opposite problem in Florida last week. I was in the Ocala national forest and there are literally thousands of caches. Most are just poweline micros. It would take ages to sort through and find good caches. I ended up doing none! I guess It comes to research. I need to not just load all the nearby cashes, but find caches that sound interesting then load them into my phone.
  23. With my job I have very little free time. If I'm lucky I get to go caching maybe once a week. Before I go caching I get online and read the cache descriptions. Most of the time they sound fine until you get there and realize you are looking in an empty lot full of garbage, next to the side of a highway. What I'm saying is I'm just really sick of bad caches in bad areas, with absolutely no reasons worth visiting at all. How do you guys screen your caches? What techniques do you use? I'd really like to spend my little free time finding quality caches and not searching abandoned lots full of transients.
  24. It's not at home but it's a place i visit on a monthly basis. It's also along a path my mom walks her dog so she can maintain it in my absence. Not much to maintain with a bison tube and a log. I'll leave her with a few extras if it goes missing.
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