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  1. I toyed with the idea of posting this in here, and decided for, as it's not so scary as the big wide forum :D


    After becoming a premium member recently, I was wondering if it's possible to view member only caches by themselves, as it is possible to view single cache types in both list and map view, but there is no option for member only caches.. Any clues?



  2. oi leave horses alone lol. Generally a horse owner will not put their horse in a field with a right of way if they are unsure about it's temerament. The only time to be wary of a mare is when her foal is around, the foal being infinately curious, and the mare wanting you to get out out out of my field now! By nature, handled horses are always afraid to hurt people, and when they come charging over it's usually because they want to know if you've got any treats!!

  3. Me and a friend were chased on sunday by an angry looking herd through a feild, and before they got to around 10 feet we had hopped the fence! Of course they were probably just curious, though I wasn't prepared to risk it. Made the rest of the way round the outside [:)]

  4. I use my Tom Tom (Or Juan Juan, as it is in southern american spanish language) To get to cache parking, or if parking is not specified, I input the cache coords, leave it in car mode, and it will take me as close as I can get on the road, which is usually the best place! From then on, it's the trusty blootoof GPSr and Tungsten Palm.

  5. But with a name like yours............ apart from making a unique stamp, you may find you need to buy more than one just for the I's and O's....


    Haha! Although our screen name is 2 letters, each with 8 characters, so I was thinking of having it written on two lines!





    Mouse that's brilliant! Just the kind of thing I'm after, although less mousey!

  6. 01001101011101010111001101110100001000000110001001100101001000000111010001110010







    Haha true! Luckily we don't!



    Yes, I'm wondering if I could just put 01... and people would realise who it is!!

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