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  1. Thank you all for your help - I would never have sorted that out without your help Keith
  2. I see now that I can delete blocks with nominated icons but I only have one icon type. I am organising a walk for folk with Parkinsons and to add a bit of interest I thought I would introduce them to Geocaching. I have downloaded details of 6 caches and what I want to do is to clear out all the caches on the Etrex except for the 6 new ones. The problem now is that everything has the same icon, including the new ones
  3. Hi Bernard, Thanks for responding so quickly. When I press Find then Waypoints it brings up a screen that lets you enter a waypoint name (showing the alphabet matrix at the bottom of the screen). i.e. it doesn't offer a delete option Have I configured my etrex incorrectly somewhere Keith
  4. I have a Garmin Etrex Vista HCx and an iMAC. Is there any way to delete a whole bunch of waypoints off the Etrex. I've installed BaseCamp on the MAC but I can't see where/how to delete stuff en-block. Is there some other software that I should be using?
  5. Hi T.D.M.22 Many apologies but I have changed my primary email address so didn't get your email. I have been in and edited my profile so if you wish you should be able to get an email to me now. Regards
  6. Hello Huntleigh, that script works great and I get the OS option amongst others (which is brilliant) so I guess that proves my Greasemonkey installation is working OK. What I am really after is to be able to print a map which shows the Cache icon and its Geocache reference no. Do you know of one that does that?
  7. Are you talking about a Greasemonkey script? To run a Greasemonkey script on FF you must, of course, install the Greasemonkey plug-in first. Thank you T.D.M.22 and Huntleigh for responding. Firstly, TDM22 - by putting the name of the script I am having difficulties with as the topic thread name I had rather hoped it was obvious which script I was talking about or is this a generic name for a whole host of scripts? Huntleigh - I have the Greasemonkey plug-in installed and I believe active but I have only just installed it as it was a pre-requisite to running the GC Google Map enhancement script. If you look at http://www.lildevil.org/greasemonkey/geocaching-google-map-enhancements you will see that the main options are for premium members but here and elsewhere I thought non premium members could get the site name alongside the site icon which is what I wanted, plus I expected to see the premium members filter panel showing even though I cannot make use of them
  8. Is this script only available to premium members? I am running Firefox 15.0.1 on an iMAC running OS X 10.6.8 I followed the instructions on how to instal the script but I don't get the option to select what gets printed on my maps
  9. [What I would recommend instead is that you become familiar with the Map screen on your GPS. Once you have loaded a few caches on there, you can zoom in and out on the map to see where the caches are, and click on them to get the details.] I have downloaded and installed the UK GMAPSUPP file and uploaded it to the 4gb SD card I have put into my Etrex. I have uploaded about 30 locations but none of the show on the map except the one that appears when I enter a waypoint to be searched for and its name is provided if I move the pointer onto it The fact that the current one displays on the map tells me they are all on the system somewhere and I am guessing I have not got a particular setting correct but I can't spot which one. Can anyone spot what I have done wrong.
  10. Thank you for coming back so quickly. I've just demonstrated my newbie status by forgetting to mention that I use a MAC, not a PC. Is there a MAC version of the S/W you mentioned or an equivalent
  11. I am a newbie. I have worked out how to download sites and store them on my Garmin Etrex Vista HCx but how can I print an area map (say 2 mile radius from home) that shows not only the icon locations but gives the waypoint name. Is it possible to somehow get the waypoint names to display on the Garmin screen and is it possible to get the hints onto the Garmin so that I can work without paper
  12. Whilst trying to solve a problem with my Garmin Etrex Vista HCx I took current location readings on a TOM TOM and an Audi A6 on-board GPS. All three were slightly different and it set me to wondering how far each 1/1000th of a minute actually represents at the UK's latitude/longitude?
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