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  1. Misschien kan je zien welke caches ze gevonden hebben en welke datum in de gps? (Hangt van het type af en de gebruiker) En daar bij de logs kijken welk team die heeft gedaan op betreffende datum.

    En natuurlijk even een melding op de cachepagina van de route waar je hem gevonden hebt...


    Maar kijk vooral eerst of er caches in staan en of hij dus wel van een geocacher is :-)

  2. In the field I use the Garmin 62ST to find caches. But, I always used TomTom to navigate in my car. I had all the caches in TomTom as several pois (thanx to GSAK export macro). And I could enter the coordinates directly as destination. But... now I have a new car-naviagition from the brand "Navigon". It doesn't understand the dd mm.mmm system of coordinates, only dd mm ss and xx.xxxx


    Someone here who has experience with the Navigon 70/71 or similar navigation? How do you enter the caches quickly and how do you create the pois for this equipment?


    Dutch greetings.

  3. With regular PQ,s, they can be configured to be sent to an alternate email. Is there a way to do that with the "my finds" PQ? I'm not seeing it. Can someone offer a suggestion?


    As far as I now... No there isn't... but my solution is to make a filter in you're mailprogram... that's the way I do it... outlook receives the mail, detect it's the found PQ and then sends it out to another mailadres.


    PQ Founds -> Outlook.... filter say -> send to alternate email.


    I hope you understand what I mean...

  4. Als alle scriptjes en programma'tjes die ik gebruikte straks zo aangepast zijn dat ze weer werken... dan vind ik het wel ok allemaal. Ik ga er vanuit dat het "onder de motorkap" veel nut zal hebben gehad om de zaak aan te passen. Nou, als we dat voordeel hebben... en alles werkt straks weer... dan is het toch ok voor mij. En ach, er zal zo hier en daar nog wel wat bijgeschaafd worden.


    Alleen... dat "mine trackables" nu vervangen is door "your"... :rolleyes: tja, dat vind ik dan wel weer vervelend, want het moeten wel "mijn" trackables blijven hoor!!! Ook al mogen jullie ze verplaatsen :anibad:


    The queue does not exist ....



    I am still waiting... when will this be fixed??? I really used this wap-site often. Especially when I am in another country and I have to pay a lot for data on my cellphone.

  6. I have the same troubles... today I had the error after pressing SUBMIT... The log was ok, but the 2 coins I put in the cache where not logged into the cache...

    The first reason I use the WAP site is to log the trackables immedately in the cache, because in the Netherlands many caches will be logged several times a day...

    And the second reason is that when I am in a another country then my own, I use the WAP site because of the low DATA-usage (no images or other stuff) of internet, because I have to pay every!! MB of mobile-data when I have crossed the border.


    So, I hope that the WAP site will work well soon... without the bugs. It worked fine in the past...

  7. I am in the process of picking up a HTC Touch PRO™ through Sprint. Does anyone know if this unit has the ability to actually use the Wherigo player? I do know it comes with Windows Mobile 6.1.


    Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


    It works on my default HTC Touch Pro. But... because of the high resolution of the phone... some parts of the text at the bottom line is hard to see. Only the upper half of the textline. But it's not a major problem for me... I found already 2 Wherigo's with it. I guess there will come an update in future for phone's with a higher resolution like this one.


    (I am using an external GPS because the GPS inside isn't working well for me.)

  8. Sorry to hear that your TB has gone missing here in CZ.


    I can help you communicating with Czech cachers, or post a Missing TB thread in the forum at Czech geocaching site - please contact me so I don't bother the same cachers who replied to your inquires already.


    According to the cache logs:

    Oct 1, Delfini and smith777 say: "there is only a plush toy left from the TB"

    Oct 10, petr1868: "there are no tags in the cache but the plush toy was there"

    Oct 25, odobenus reports in English that Husky is not there.


    Thank you, I have wrote you a PM!


    PS if someone has the plush toy from my TB, ofcourse I love to have it back, even without the tag.

  9. Hi there,


    One of my TB's is missing. At this moment I think to know who retrieved it out of the cache. Another team told me that they met a team called "Kalath" from Czech at the cache, who took out "a fluffy animal". it happened at the same day the TB was put inside the cache. But that team still hasn't logged the cache or the TB. They don't respond on my English messages.


    So... who knows that team? Or who can send them a message in Czech with the question that they have to log the TB (and cache) and have to put the TB in another cache as soon as possible?


    TB: Grövelsjön Husky, it's a white/grey fluffy dog. For pictures of the TB, use this trackingnumber: TB20XP9


    Last seen in cache: GCYAKF, Go to Varhost


    Put in there on 20th septemer 2008.

    (I already had a good contact with the team the put it there inside, you don't have to contact them.)


    The visit of the team "Kalath" that has not logged still: 20th september 2008


    Please, I want my dog travelling again. Who can help me?


    (PS I also understand German and Dutch)



    Travel Wolf

    (The Netherlands)

  10. Hi there,


    I tried to post this on the Danish forum from www.geocaching.dk, but I never receive an activation mail for that forum. I tried to send the "administration" of that forum an email, but they don't respond on it.


    Ok, what's my problem? One of my trackables is picked up by a Danish team. They just did 1 cache in june... took my trackable out that cache and logged it as retrieved. So far so good...

    But they haven't done any cache since that time... the last time they visited geocaching.com is on 9 august, the profile said! I really want to let that team know that my trackable has to travel again!


    There team name is: missachicka

    I, ofcourse, send them a message several time, but no response at all.


    I am Dutch and did everything in English, just like this message, because I don't speak Danish.


    This is the trackable TB1G5R1 of mine.


    My questions:

    So, is there a Danish person who can ask on the Danish forum (in Danish) if someone knows this team "missachicka"?

    Is there a Danish person who can send the team a message in the Danish language?


    I hope someone can help me.


    Travel Wolf

    (with a space inbetween!)

  11. Thats a nice coin! The cat just looks like the one I've seen last summer!! :ph34r:

    You can't see any nails on the coin neither... so this must be a nice cat on the coin... :cry:


    Dutch greetings to the owner...


    hmmm... I am a little bit jalous now... maybe I must have my own coin too... it's great to have one... next time I meat a designer, I have to discuss it with him/her.

  12. Hi there,


    I used <IFRAME> at my profile page to have my statistics updated easely, automatic by a script. But now everything within the <IFRAME> isn't show up anymore. ;)

    Does Geocaching.com profile page not longer support the HTML-tag <IFRAME> ?


    Dutch greetings.

  13. Yes please re-instate this. The small maps that repalce it are meaning less and having all the travels on a single image is much better.


    Indeed, I always ignore the small maps and go rght for the big one.


    In fact what we really need is a fully scrolable gmaps map...


    Agreed. The little maps are pretty useless. I always enjoyed seeing a TB's complete travels.


    Bring back the old map, please!!


    I agree also! I really miss the old maps! :P My friends and I always looked at the old maps, because that's the easiest way to watch them travelling! Please bring us back the map!


    Dutch greetings.

  14. I like the map-feature. I couldn't find it... the reason... my new TB had not moved because it is brand new, so as long as the distance = 0 it doesn't show the view-map line. :laughing:


    I think those maps are great!


    Travel Wolf

    (the Netherlands)

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