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  1. I have that programme on my iphone aswell... havent come across a cache yet where i have needed it thought.... What it does is that it allows you to evaluate the sum of the letters in a word. For example take "geocaching is fun" the cache might say that you have to use the total value of the word based on a=1 b=2 c=3, etc g=7 e=5 o=15 so you end up with 7+5+15....etc the total value of the characters is 141 the sum of the digit is 6 reducing it down to a single digit is 6 now if the cache said a=26, b=25, c=24 g=20 e=22 o=12 so you end up with 20+22+12....etc the total value of the characters is 264 the sum of the digit is 12 reducing it down to a single digit is 3 now if you take the letter value based on a mobile(cell) phone abc=2 def=3, etc g=4 e=3 o=6 so you end up with 4+3+6....etc the total value of the characters is 65 the sum of the digit is 11 reducing it down to a single digit is 2 the programme allows you to quickly type in sentence and evaluate it...... handy little tool i reakon, especially if you have a long sentence to calculate and don't have a calculator or the time to calculate it.
  2. If you just highlight the co-ordinates for example as below and right click copy and then paste them into the google maps search or google earth search you should end up at a location. S 37° 49.510 E 144° 43.171 for google maps and google earth make sure you get the front letter S or N if this is not there is will cause and error, you can leave the degree symbol in there it doesnt have an effect. I just tested this in both google earth and maps.google.com and it worked.
  3. I find this sort of thing interesting, and when i finally decide to hide a cache i will probably do some sort of puzzle type cache like this. In answer to your question, it would depend, does it have a theme? I like the idea of a trail of clues... like the Da Vinci Code.... that ended up with them opening the cryptex in Westminster Abby after solving the newton puzzle..... It would depend on how hard or easy you want to make it. One puzzle that is here in Melbourne is you have to travel to various locations. at each point is a letter that makes up a word..... and leads onto other tasks (i have seen the cache listing it is on my to do list) the one location i have seen here the letter is stuck to a tree. it is actually in plain view... but most people dont notice it you could do similar. Select five locations, hide 5 wooden/metal letters, not in any particular order (especially if they form a word) and they have to go to the locations and find the letter to solve the code and the letters could be in plain sight i reakon most people wouldnt notice. if you didn't want to hide letters, use signs or plaques. again using 5 locations in a sign you might say if it is a street sign, the forth letter. if it is a plaque, you might say the tenth letter of the third line. just a couple of quick suggestions.
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