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  1. You should be able to build a pocket query for this. Check out the options near the bottom of the page.
  2. Hey guys, So I have these neat little hide-a-key containers that I was tipped off about. I bought a bunch of them because I like the design but sadly, the magnets just don't stay glued on. I was just wondering if anyone can suggest a good glue that will hold up to the elements. Thanks in advance.
  3. lekogm

    Pocket Query

    Yeah, about 30 minutes ago I told it to run a pocket query and nothing is happening. Not gonna lie, this is really frustrating.
  4. lekogm

    Pocket Query

    i actually have had and still have problems with pocket queries on occasion. most of the time they come right to me, but other times they cant take from 5 to 15 minutes to actually run. I just always knock it off as the server is busy or a million people are in line before me on the que.
  5. One of the main reasons why I became a premium member was for the pocket query with and ebook. While the GPX file is grand and I like how GSAK can send it to my GPSr the way I want it. I like the format of the ebook and would love to be able to search one file instead of scrolling through a list of gpx files.
  6. the thing that's bothering me right now is actually coming up with an approximate number of cachers that might come and finding an appropriate place to go and have a large group of people. i don't want to plan on 20 people showing up and going somewhere that can't handle 50. you know what i mean? i think i'm just going to make an event for the end of september and post the coords for times square and see how many people say they'll attend and then update the coords to a somewhere that can handle that many people and a few extra. what do you guys think of that?
  7. This is true. It's hard to hide a container in any urban area. This still doesn't mean that there can't be a caching group.
  8. For a place as big as New York City, I'm actually suprised that there isn't already a caching organization of some kind. I was out with buttaskotch today and we were talking about how there should be a NYC group. There are 32 users/families/teams attending the proto picnic (GC13FKG) as of right now in 20 days. Why don't we all figure out how to keep getting at least 32 people together every month somewhere in the city and create a community. It's probably a lot better than just seeing text on a computer screen. What do you guys think?
  9. Hey all, I've recently relocated to manhattan and none of my friends here are really interested in caching so I thought I would see if anyone here might be interested in getting a new friend to go cache with. I'm thinking about going this Saturday and it would be great if someone might want to go then. So um yeah..... anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
  10. I don't mind buying maps later, but something with a basemap would be nice. Also if I need to spend more money to get what I'd like, I wouldn't be opposed to it. I just would like to spend no more than $130 if possible.
  11. Hey all, I am looking to buy a GPS unit and I was wondering if anyone knew of a few that would work with Google Earth? I have a bunch of items listed there and would like to import them easily to a GPS unit. I also want to be able to export waypoints I set with my GPS unit to google earth. It'd also be nice if the unit had street maps so that I could use it for directions to places if I get lost, and if it was waterproof so I could use it while kayaking. I'd like to spend no more than $130. Can anyone give me some suggestions or point me in the right place? Thanks
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