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  1. Good point Guy, i didn't think of that because my jeep came with sufficient skid plates. I think the wranglers come with an oil pan/trany skid plate - and a pretty heafty one too, but i maybe remembering that wrong.


    Yep, big tires won't do you a bit of good if you tear out your oil pan and lock up your engine.

  2. Today, my wife said "I want to travel." my spontanious reply was "Well find a cache around where you want to go and i'll take you there."


    I wasn't really paying attention, but the long sillence, and slow rev of the car engine made me look up to see a not so happy look on my liitle wife's face.


    I buttered the comment up with stuff about a cache at the base of the Eiffel tower, i think that helped a little.

  3. I am just SO happy to see all the suggestions for JEEPS!


    I drive a 99 Jeep Wrangler TJ. because of lack of cache it only has only a few mods. the most important being a lift (keep it in moderation mine is 2.5) with some good tires. It goes every where i want it to. and some places that once i get there i think "Why am i here?"


    However, my little family has owned Cherokee's, Grand C's, Liberties, and we maybe be seeing a new TrailHawk soon.


    My BIASED opinion is that you should get a jeep! YJ are great if you want cheap. you can fix it on the trail in most cases and parts and mods are sometimes heaper, but they have a greater roll factor then the new wranglers. The newest wrangler's like the 4 door Unlimited are it GREAT for "Party Caching" or carrying more gear.


    Either way, don't let some foolio talk you into spending 10k on mods and new parts, as much as I want ALL of the cool stuff attacehd to my jeep I have to admit that it is just not necessary.

  4. I love finding good stuff, and i wish i had the cash flow to provide such items, but i can't so i tried to trade fair. Actually, usually my 2 year old boy picks the trade, and he doesn't care if it is junk - as long as it is shiny or colorful.


    So in one way i am glad that there are lower cost items to trade. But i really hate finding some dudes broken mother board from his 1995 computer.


    I am placing a cache here soon. it will have a truck load of "lower cost" items in it. but that is part of the theme.


    So i guess i am torn.

  5. Yes and no. A parking lot is a place of public accomodation, else the business could not invite customers. The invatation is automatic and presumed. The world is not yet so strict that I must present my papers at the check station if I'm going to cut across the mall's parking lot to get to where I'm walking. There are legal limits, and some parking lots are posted with city ordinaces etc. I can't set up house in a parking lot. As an aside I think it's pathetic that the laws on the books make the homeless automatily lawbreakers.


    If you are in facilities managment then you should know very well another very real problem. The left hand right hand issue. You may manage a facility for someone who in turn forgets to let you know everthing they are doing that impact what's going on with the facility you manage.


    There have been cases where permission was obtained and it did not change one thing about the outcome of a cache falsely reported as a suspicious object.


    Yes Renegade, you are right that the public usually has a standing invitation to the shopping market lot, but the invitation stands as a means to accommodate travel to the business for participation in the business' services. My point is this: There are so many "No Skateboarding" signs at the entrances of parking lots because a few irresponsible skaters ruined the rep of the entire community. And it would be sad if “No Geocaching” signs started popping up because of the irresponsible few ruining the name of the rest of the community.


    And yes there is the problem of the right and left hand, but I would say that is the exception and not the rule.

  6. Yep. It is all a matter of common since. I am in property/facilities management and if I noticed something attached in such a way to my building (even being a geocacher) i would be pissed.


    And, it may differ from state to state, but my in my experience, parking lots attached to private buisinesses ARE private property. AND the owner of that lot has ultimate responsability for anything that happens on that lot. So they have to watch their liability too.

  7. it is all in the timing and planning man. Don't just take her to the "next nearest" on a list of 500 caches you downloaded last June.


    Instead, have a few caches that you have checked out in the last day or so, and maybe a few that you set up just for her. Use the last few (the ones you set up) to start making her feel special.


    Have something for her in the chache, something that she would like. maybe the last one has a key to a locker in the local train station - and in there is a dozen red roses (real ones), and the cooridinates to another cahce. by now i have supposed that you have not been a GPS hog and have let her use the machine, and that she can by now put in the coordinates and navigate you to the last cache. Her she finds tickets to the Harry Connick Jr concert that night, and a couple coupons for her choice of a second date.


    of course this had better be a MAJOR hot babe AND someone that you actually want to have a relationship with, before you spend all this time on it. Hopefully when it is all over she feels the same way.

  8. That is a horrible event, but a cool way to nab somebody.


    I used to work maintenance, and i company up here put GPS on all their trucks after seeing strange things on time sheets.


    All the employess were aware of the new system, none the less, one guy continued to stop for a "rendevous" about 2pm every day for an hour or so. they could see on the computer his truck sitting out side his "ladies" house everyday for about 5 work days. at which time he was terminated.


    i bet his wife almost terminated him too!

  9. Aahh quite fighting and lets get this figured out.


    Wouldn't it be funny to find that she is real and we have all been talking about her all this time.


    So anyone who know anything about that area, get her on this forum and lets start quizing her. of course it is not a full proof method, but it might be funny. As for my "humble opinion" she isn't real.


    oh, and why wouldn't geocaching.com let this go on. They can now report to any investors that they have hit their 1 million mark. sock puppets or not.

  10. Property management and investment here. great for caching because i don't sign in and out, mostly work for myself, and i do a lot of local travel.


    the other bonus is that all i need is for an investor to say "go across the county and check out this property", then i just cache along the route that and another on the way back and it is great.

  11. Crud Duck, only 120 to go. Yeah, that sucks. i should send one of these guys up to your area for a month - maybe the one that over 250 hides.


    that puts a different spin on things - i haven't even thought about running out of caches.


    thanks for the comment, and by-the-way i wish i had my jeep out caching today instead of sitting at home with a house full of sicklings.


    good luck

  12. none taken neos2, i am new to the game, thus the question - so i can get a better idea of the situtaion from more experineced cachers.


    And i do like your point about being able to see more places to cache as i get better at it. Maybe that is why i was feeling frusterated: it seems to me that a particular person is taking more then their fair share of spots, but maybe i just don't realize how many good spots there are.

  13. just an update,


    i just found this: if you go into the setup menu, then "units", you can change "distance/speed" to yards from statute. that will give you a measurment distance in feet for a while and then it will switch to yards for the longer measurements. that might work for you too.


    let me know how it goes, i'll probably be doing something similar soon enough.

  14. cdmorten,


    keep working with them scouts i have been in the same boat - it is a great experience. I also have the legend cr and i just tried to use it for what you are asking about.


    on the unit i can only get measurements in tenths of miles, which we both know is not good enough for orienteering.


    But! i used the garmin mapsource cd and uploaded the coordinates to my computer. then i used the measuring tool from the software and got this:


    Distance .0928 mi, area 0 sq ft, bearing 79 degrees true, from [other cache]


    .0928 of a mile is (i believe) 489.98 feet. So that is acurate enough for your boys who are taking paces at about 2.5 feet give or take a quarter foot.


    so it looks like the software it the way to go - one problem - it costs $150.


    Whatever happens, i have a request, and i ask this of everyone who works with scouts: Teach them to triangulate - and acurately. A lot of poor fellas don't know about triangultion, then when they get lost they pull out their map and compas and say "ok........now what........"


    Keep up the good work.

  15. i have a Garmin Etrex Legend cr, which i think has been replaced with the CRX.


    but it works great and is easy to use, has a geocaching mode, and you can get some pretty good maps for it. but, as mentioned above, i have a lot of other Brunton gear - and I am a firm beleiver, that if it says "Brunton" on it then it is just plain awesome.


    good luck

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