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  1. yeah. i am cheap and haven't paid for premium membership yet so i use a FREE pdf printing software to print the cache pages to paper and to my laptop.


    When i am planning a caching day, i take a binder full of papers and review the page before i leave the Jeep to go on the hunt.


    If a am just out doing business and have time to drop by a cache, then usually i have my laptop with me. if i need it i can pull it up on the screen.


    if it is real spontaneous, i just don't worry about it and go out. and that seems to work almost just as well.

  2. geocaches present - only on the minimal side, it is not necessarily better to have a huge amount of caches available, but you have to have enought to keep you busy. quality is better then quantity


    geocachers active - again quality not quantity

  3. *no i am not bumping my topic* this is a legit update


    I went out this weekend and took some scouts on their first time caching. we went to a couple of caches that happened to be owned by THE particular cacher that prompted me to start this thread. Quality was the key - you were right. I fear that these scouts will never get into caching, partly because of these low quality hides.


    clear plastic containers, contatining 2 or 3 items (some advertising the cacher's business), hidden in bushes, just off the road. The thought that maybe the cacher tossed the caches from his truck window was brought up. It was very sad.


    Both of these were near ghost towns and could have been GREAT caches, but sadly they were not.


    When i emailed the cacher to express my dissapointment, all he reaplied was "Cool places huh? thanks for visiting the caches."

  4. Wow, you guys know your stuff. i am gonna have to learn more about this.


    68-eldo, i checked that out and your right in both accounts, the coordinate are at 40 and 112 and the plat records were pretty cool.


    and Geo Trailbleazer, i went to that link and submitted the waymark we'll see if it gets approved


    submitted waymark


    thanks for all your help!

  5. that is a valid point. but you can't blame that on the challenge itself. "she or (whomever)" would have eventually placed the chache anyways.


    what one of shoudl have done at the begingin of the challenge is posted a link the the hiding guidlines so as to help the new comers out. that would have been a good idea.


    bad caches are going to happen, I went to 4 of them this weekend, 2 of those were placed by a cacher in my area that has been cacheing for a few YEARS and has over 200 hides. you would think that he would know how to place a cache, but these were horrible. so again you can't blame it on the challenge.

  6. I found this benchmark (or what i believe is a benchmark) by chance this weekend. i have tried to find it on the database and gone through the "Me first" thread but i can't seem to find this guy. I could just be doing something wrong, this is the first bench mark for me.


    Can anyone help?


    It is un Utah, I believe Toole county or Juab county (it is near the line), and i think zip code 84626


    Here is the Photo



  7. Rockin, first i think you might be giving "an office full of trained employees" a little too much credit - but that is a side note.


    The real issue here is that Sneaky Pete presented a challenge; a mature group would have said things like "That is a great idea, but let us add the stipulation that the cache must meet a high level of quality and ......etc." thus adding the challenge and making a good experience for all involved.


    Instead we get comments like: "You may need to resume your intake of medication" which, by the way, is much more socially irresponsible then placing a bad cache.

  8. To those who look down on challenges, I would suggest studying a little organizational behavior. Those who have, the leaders in the field, will agree that any organization can be strengthened if challenges are given as part of a tean effort to accomplish something. I believe that is what this challenge is - an oppurtunity to get a few more caches out there for the benefit of the community. That is of course, assuming that the caches themselves are designed to be benefitial, and that all of the nay-sayers and negative attitudes do not cut the good intention off at the knees.


    a bad attitude spreads like a plague - and has about the same effect.

  9. Pro - you can use it as a weapon if needed


    Con - try to find one for sale that doesn't have rust on it - i dare you

    I'll take that dare. If you need some pretty, non-rusted cans, just pm me. I can ship them out from here (ozarks)


    oh, and the biggest con - bomb squad. :rolleyes:


    Well thanks for the offer. It looks like i may be the only one with this problem. Maybe my local supplier get all the dreggs.


    so how about a new con - and we'll see if i am the only one with this problem too: They all STINK inside, at least when the have been closed for a while.

  10. It is Ok Red, someday you will see the light and return from your sinfull wanderings!


    just as a side not, my wife is from montana - me from Wyoming.


    I like 4 wheelers, but the option of no heat sucks in the winter, and it is even harder to make out in the back seat of a 4 wheeler than in the back seat of a Jeep! Oh, and the four wheeler doesn't have the option of attaching my 2 year old's car seat.


    And i have purposely kept my jeep 'small', and i have been lots of places that pickups couldn't make it - but that is just my experience.


    So i guess it is a matter of a fellas situation.

  11. In my experience, Dealers are a rip off, unless you want to keep your factory warranty in tact. If the warranty is over or has been canceled by another modification, then go to a local 4X4 shop and have them do it. You'll get more choices of products and better prices.

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