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  1. Odd. Geocaching Live is mentioned on the Garmin 65s product page as well as the help about it. However, no mention of this in the manual for it. Here's the product page I refer to: https://buy.garmin.com/en-ZA/ZA/p/715072/pn/010-02451-12
  2. I read somewhere that the 65s supports geocaching live (download caches on the fly via Garmin Connect on your mobile) like the 66s? Can anybody confirm that? Thanks.
  3. I picked up quite a few finds during the lock down period, but suspect a lot of them were simply logs created on the wrong date, given that the official app doesn't allow one to change the date. Or maybe it's people playing dumb and simply logging on the wrong date to fill daily calendars, ie. being aspris. Here's all finds in South Africa since the lock down started: Project-GC.
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